Desprte savage fundrng cuts, the organrsers of Edrnburgh’s Beltane, the pagan frre festrval held on the eve of Mayday, have promrsed that the show wrll go on. The processron and all-nrght spectacle, held on Calton Hrll, has grown over the last ten years to the extent that 15,000 people attended last year. The organrsers are appealrng for support to keep the tradrtron alive and are lookrng for help, be rt frnanCral or rn the form of resources. If you thrnk you can help keep the home frres burnrng, call the Beltane Offrce on 0131 558 9555.

Beltane takes place Thu 30 Apr. See Extra Time.


Not srnce 1996’s Decodex has Edrnburgh seen sucn werrd dance. Parrs- born drrector, choreographer and dancer Phrlrppe Decoufle has a unrque vrsron for the brzarre, and a unrque abrlrty to stage rt. Now hrs DCA com- pany rs back wrth Sahzaml, descrrbed as ’une fantasmagorre’, and based on a prece performed at the Cannes Frlm Festrval last year. Thrs trme, the werrdness gets werrder than ever as Decoufle rntroduces mrrrors, frlm and vrdeo to leave the audrence bewrtched, bedazzled and bewrldered. Shazam! is at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Thu 30 Apr—Sat 2 May. See Drama & dance listings, page 64 for details.

Where the party is over the next fortnight.

Music: Massive Attack The Brrstol crew rntroduce the world to l/le/xairrire, therr thrrd and possrbly least accessrble album erl strIl make the Top Ten easrly though and should be a swoorrsomely groovy grg

Watc lr out for new srngle 'Teardrop', leaturrng Lr/ Fraser on vocals, rt's rncreclrble Glasgow Barror.'-.ilarrcl, Sat 78 Apr

Film: Happy Together Celebrated Hong Kong maestro Wong Kar-War's latest movre travels to Buenos Arres for the tale of two young men fallrng m and out of love More (lax/lrngly rnventrve than ever See preVrew and revrew, page 24 and 28 Glasgow film Theatre, from Fri 24 Apr

Music: The Mavericks Hard-rot krng country combo who are determrned to bury the rhrnestone cowboys under a more grrtty sound See prev:e\\., page 44 Glasgow Clyde Auditor/rim, Sat 25 Apr

Film: Junk Mail lle's no Postman Pat Roy the postre's more TIT-cely to read your letters be‘ore you do A dark comedy thrrller' from Norway that creates rts own v-xorld as effec trvely as Delicatessen See prevrev. and revrew, page 25 and 28 Edinburgh Cameo, from Fri l7/lpr

Books: Girlfriend In A Coma Douglas Coupland's new book takes rts name from a Smrths song and rs a more mature work than the xertgerst-defrnrng Generation X whrc‘h made hrm famous ln thrs novel, Coupland uses apoca:yr)trc VIsrons to exarrrrne the sprrztual bankruptcy of contemporary soc 'ety See feature and book events, page 10 and 100 Flamingo [I2 99, Fri 20 Apr

Music: Jesus And Mary Chain Back on the road and back on the record label that spawned them, lrm and erlram Rerd crank up the gurtars, let rrp wrth the feedback and get on Wrth the Job of berng surly rconoclasts One to tell your krds about rf you mrssed them frrst trme around See preVIew, page 43 Glasgow Garage, Thu 23 Apr

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