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April 29 STIRLING lolbooth Theatre 01786 473544 April 30 EAST KILBRIDE Arts Centre 01355 261000 May 1 DUNDEE Rep Theatre 01382 223530 May 2 INVERNESS Eden Court Theatre 01463 234234 May 3 GLASGOW Tron Theatre 0141 552 4267 May 4 ULLAPOOL The Ceilidh Place 01854 612103 May 5 ABERDEEN The Lemon Tree 01224 641122


15, 16 8 17 May Cottier Theatre, GLASGOW 0141 357 3868 & 0141 287 5511 The master of musical mirth, surreal ramblings, fierce intellect and highly shambolic hilarity.

Larger than life - from “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”

PhiilJii itus

tour de force

Only Scottish concert for singer-songwriter

Martyn Joseph

{Sun l9 April ~ 8pm]

Wee Slice Theatre Company presents....

The Odd Couple

..a female version of Neil Simon’s classic

Wed 22 - Sat 25 Aril ~ 8m I

Cottier Theatre


on FROM cornea THEATRE 0l4l 357 3868 (4-8pm only) QWM‘

62 THE LIST 16- 30 Apr 1998


BIOPLAY Andy & Edie


For those who missed it during last year's Edinburgh Festival, Fireraisers theatre company are bringing back their pacey and excellent story of Andy Warhol’s Factory years. This production is longer than the Fringe version, has an additional actor to help make up the 26 roles and comes With more sophisticated set, costumes and audio-Vi5uals.

Although the focus is the beaatrful but lost heiress Edie Sedgwrck, who became one of Warhol's ’superstars’ and died in the process, the show stops short of blaming Warhol for herdeaui

’lt was interesting, because we had people come up to us after the show and say, “I used to think Warhol was a shit and now I like him", says Polly Wiseman who plays Edie as well as co-authoring the show ’But other people come up and say, “I used to think Warhol was nice, now I think he's a complete shit".

'One thing we tried to do was not make any moral Judgements It's very difficult to make one about what Warhol did He never made anyone do anything, he never gave people drugs particularly. But is it worth it to JUSL stand by and let people destroy themselves and film it and be a voyeur7'


/ ' ', Dig your own Warhol: Andy 8: Edie

The script's even-handed enough to please the Warhol Foundation in New York and the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, who have read it and want the group to perform it over there This, together With a recent Arts Council award, means the future is looking more secme for the founyear-old company who say they now have the money to put on a touring production a year for the next three years (Alastair Mabbott) For tour dates, see page 8

FOOTBALL COMEDY Tales Of The Tartan Army

Glasgow: Pavilion Theatre, Tue 21 Apr—Sat 2 May, then touring.

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Soccer to 'em: Tales Of The Tartan Army

Loud-mouthed, pissed-up prats are an integral part of our national sport. But while Our southern neighbours attract contempt wherever they go, the Tartan Army have always prided themselves on their ability to be bosom buddies With their opponents

DOCumenting the highs (are there any?) and lows of following the Scotland football squad, iournalist lan Black's new play adapted from his book of the same name aims to shed light on why grown adults Will

wrllingly and repeatedly be led like lambs to the slaughter.

Kicking off in the streets of Sevrlle minutes before Scotland play Brazrl in the 1982 World Cup, we find a mis-matched rabble of men and women united by their blind devotion and their determination to have a blast Havrng wrtnessed their team get tanned, the cans of Export are cracked open and the Scots, perverse as ever, take to the streets to samba With their Victorious rivals

’To me that is the night football grew up and the Tartan Army began,’ recalls Black. ’We all ended up singing "the best team won" which is totally unheard of in football.’

And so it goes on wrth a whistle- stop tour of yet more glorious white- washings, the occasional wrn and much yellow card-worthy debauchery from the be-kilted lunatrcs in various countries across the globe it's not all lUfl and games tltOugh A few tears are shed over the death of Jock Stern 'the best manager Scotland ever had' ~ and the deprivatiOrr found in MeXico

Author William Mcllvanney may have referred to the supporters as 'ninety minute patriots’, but Black springs to their defence, 'The Tartan Army eXists as an expression of love for the cOuntry we live in and of our culture, which we don't get to express in everyday life '

And while it’s all based on the real- Iife experiences of Black and other fans, the final fling Victory is sheer bloody fiction. Well, it w0u|d make for pretty depressing vrewrng otherwrse