One of the hottest tickets on the 1996 Edinburgh Fringe, is a ventriloquist with an edge. Now he's back, and the bad news is, Chuck's coming tOO. Welds: Jonathan Trew

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‘VENTRILOQUISM HAS AN image problem. Let‘s face it. if somebody offered me tickets for a ventriloquist or tickets for a really bad movie. I‘d still take the tickets for the really bad movie. For good reason. ventriloquists , get put in the end-of-the-pier cat- egory. along with jugglers and mime artists. lt's lame. mundane and pedantic stuff. I wouldn‘t blame anyone for thinking like that until they‘d seen my show.‘

Welcome to the vitriolic world of American Ventriloquist David Strassman. This is one performer unliker to be welcomed into the \Vorshipful Socier ()f