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‘l'x'e aiways ioyeo fish but lll()t.(}.'ll that the bortlons \‘..'l|( n we asuaily seryeo lll seafooo "estataahts are a b2! 'neaore,' explahs Jarr‘es Robb, the (abtalr: ot the venture 'So here, \.‘.'e serve nal‘ l)()lrll(l bort obs of fresh fish and toe ( Listovners (ah (le( :(ie “low they want them brebaretl '

lhe ernbhas's is on s‘rnole preparation vath a <ho<e of (narorllkwl, boa< t‘.(‘(1, bartfr'eo anti brat ker‘ed fillets ot' t'lsh at a set brlte o4 {1250 (()ll‘1)lfl(lll()"8 (ot.l(l hr looe inshes su( n as bla( mm snaoroflsn \.‘.'tl‘. retl iehtr' buree tobbeo mt.h vnanoo ( reme, or boa<hetl hairbt:tn'~.1th artoef hal' pasta and (lawn tentor‘ butter If you’ve taller: "took, me ant: Sl"K(‘l' to: the Idea of eating oar llll'ty ‘renos then Robb and his ( rev. bake or (trill a ‘.‘-.'ho'e fish to" yo: lhe Ytt("‘l. mantles (lepentlmo on what is dVrlilrll)'(‘ "esh H] the r'la'ket that morning, but the ( hol(e ‘.'.'l.| "anoe from the idlltliidl sairnor‘. to more exotr( bla( K Altman sea l)l'(‘d"‘l

Starters, or smari try as the menu has it, l'l( lode a 'obster bisque arm a t-oer brawn (o( Ktall alongside a s(ailob (ey ( he for the more intrepid lhe'e as always a yeqetarlar‘ obt'on on offer and the \‘JIHO lzst ls aval'able by the glass and by the bottle lne only th-nr; smoked at Blollsh is the fish, so sto(k up on your rmotnle bat( hes if you're an ln\.'eterate \.‘.ee(l ao(lr(t Blol'sh is open 7 ’30 10 30pm, lht. Sat are at 10 305m». Jonathan lrevw

Bro/fish, The lr‘urtrrla/‘Aet Gal/er}; 4") Market Street, [til/moron, 226 7843

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Bann’s 5 l1l."°_(" sr::.a~:- 22512‘2 Yotetl best (fieab a'lo < "‘t-a ttlHltM'tt" t)‘, '1 st 'eaoers ifirw Ro'vr.

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The Basement «ate-12a Btt)"'.<)" St'eet 85/ 009/

Restaura"! (tba‘ ‘ooo' at bah-tram owes, sewer: t iObtr. " (o'(>;.""a sorroar‘rtir‘os

The Bookstop Cafe -1 lewof that e 22‘) 5298

Nev. l)()o-<sh()b/<ale “ro'wses l)()()r\‘l)."()‘.‘.Sl'lq, bftls, exterisl‘.e< fifee mer‘tl, smoothies (ll‘.(1(l(“i‘>l‘rl(r\‘s

Common Grounds 2/3 Nth Bank Street 226) 1110 ¥ v »\lt‘(‘l|(<lll-S'.‘,/.(’ (()‘t(=(> ' \‘r/5 , “\‘A? I A.

house OH We l.l()l.l‘(2 loorl se'".e : a~ my [me "law l“()8i (*‘.e".:"r(;s

Cyberia Interr‘et ( ate, 88 rla".()'.e' Street 220111108

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Filmhouse 88lo1r‘a'l Roam 22‘) 5932 FiLMHouss at'ttosr)"e'< (a‘e ba', ser'; "t; great .a we s"a< saiaos, met a s we t)’ a'”. (<il)()t.(( "os lOa'“ t"z "ate Helios Fountain /(lrass~.ue'ket shot) 22‘) /88-1 Mon—Sat 1()<ll‘l-()l)f", Sat" M loath-1100‘1'X((‘tl(*t‘i \Jetletar an (otteefl yuws’é’yfi‘ ll()t.8(‘ serxer; ready mm)

tasty t'oorl .v at

Kaffe Politik 1.;{21/148l‘.l(il("lt‘()lll Road 1169823 m

lisbresso ha" )1.:((‘ ba' lootl sbet la:s a l (ray J

'\"./ort": t'te tv‘rb’

10am 10W”, /(lays KalinkaRI.SSl<i'l‘.'()(1-\rl{)(il'fihlit‘bb Hertoersov‘ Street, le'th lei -l()/ /053 Sbet 'a' ‘«.o(:r;as, lion‘err‘atie food 8 traoltonal 'nt.s( Sa"(lay met !‘ nut“ ll‘.’(‘ "‘oiK fro'n ( otl'ltess Done/e 'o‘.a

everyday speoals - sundayhruncb

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Pancho illas 2-1- :9»-

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Passepartout 2-1 \T'ee'

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La Piazza W199 'sr'a"'l.'. ;- I an

22‘ llSt’)

'st. ° " ,ztz' I \l) “1?le In ' “(2' 1'

Smoke Stack 538‘) 8'0 ratio" Sl't-e‘. 55") £032

fl. ( ' ‘(1 l)t.'(rk > A )J (1‘ ) (1. ) )., > |) I‘ (K A. t ( (1 I. '(“s'rit 'ti'Jt

Tabula Rasa (3:) 'trl‘,"'a'r.(“f ("'at t- .1/3. $1.10 I’ s lat " slant; to' a: ea"

Hill!" \Y/()t.‘.")‘.l. ‘1)!” I",

Back Alley Restaurant 8 its." .t-r‘ latte 1%.} /'.(>‘>

".o' t: (:e < t. s liaoo, llotn, ., "<2

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Balbir's 5‘. ‘.'.est Reqe't’. \t'eet Hi 1080

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Gallery of Modern Art Cafe Qaeer‘ Street 221 M8“.

A'ts Restaurant o‘ t'le Year lha'stl‘a‘,, lrzoa’, ano Satuoa, s ‘rov" f) S‘Oo'w last o'tlers HEW“

No s'l‘o-c "t;

Grassroots 2t) ‘.'.oot: a"(ts Roao

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Star'e-t'ee food, oloartt <;!o<el es,

(“M eie't', treat}, "e ( ".eeses, ".("lts aeo

Si) ( (‘8, '.'."()|(“s()"‘('

(l(l\l) '\‘ '«n l‘

:s' \_‘:\“"{‘.'*“: \-,_..

Le Petit Pain .’ 4“. E-‘_,-.,.t :z, x 3,

Mojo th'tlt’: .).

1:. >'2 :‘rril (1..“ :.‘,'

I‘:""li‘° 0

(1" p. H (1.1' >1”:

x)" 1 “Xi/V, / (1rl.>31..'\'K’

78 St Vincent, f8 ‘5'. ‘. 'I

<1 - I I” ) [‘1 Ir 2-: I: ~,_\ )(1)(:|,).. \12 LIE) t, w 'o<) /()/()

Host '. "r;‘, :t' (w: 'r')°.(:..'<i"'. '.: '(1{1::("!:'(j,,:’ {It} ‘...“>()", [Petit-n91}

Stravaigin 2812mm six-t4

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at'“<;s;> ‘-;-'t The 13th Note K m; Stu-vi

)3 12:38

Ba'r’ta‘e/m'me t' a ,t ‘.t(}<:7""t" () '()(";"t ‘()()(2 °' ' l't (r-t’l

(1.” I Hunt“

Tron Theatre in‘ mutate A .'.'loe of more t"ar‘ (r'ea Hotetl (: asqog'. s best ba' " e.

Reatle's l’o

The Ubiquitous Chip 12 Arm-

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