Bath Plug

It is great to see the long-derelict gap- site between Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall and Queen Street station at last being brought back to life as the new Buchanan Galleries But with so much open space to play wrth, why did the architects and planners have to over- reach themselves and squash Bath Street7

The vast facades of the new emporium look impressive as they rise from the pavements and link up With the Concert Hall But the word 'Galleries' is clearly a travesty. Instead of the light, airy spaces we might associate With the name, hundreds of tons of concrete have been heaped up in a pile that blocks the View up and down Bath Street. The people of Glasgow are yet again treated with disdain and left to pick then way along another dark and dismal tunnel worse than the one that blights Argyle Street. 0. McIntosh Glasgow

Different tracks

I was intrigued to read the rewew of Stephen Duffy's much-delayed new album / Love My Friends, which

@the arches may

appears in Issue 330 of The List On this occaSion, it would appear that the

album is ’bloodless', 'insubstantial' and

’ponderous'. Can this really be the same record that was preVioust reviewed in your pages towards the end of last year [Issue 314], declaring Duffy to be ’absurdly talented' and boasting that the 'glorious' album contained ’the kind of classy English pop that the Britpack would have given their Small Faces box set for'? Tom Warrington


Editor’s rep/y: Yes, Tom same album, different label. And different reviewers with different tastes. Nice to know that someone keeps their back issues of The List just to catch us out.

Screen dilemma

George B. Anderson asks [Issue 330] why every cinema in every town shows the same set of films. American films dominate British screens because the companies who own the Hollywood studios also own the film distribution companies and the cinema (ildlllS which show them. I’ve heard rumours that it’s a case of 'take this crap comedy, or we won't let you show that forthcoming blockbuster’ a bit of a stitch-up for the punters, if you ask me.

Then again, the audiences aren’t much

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help When it Comes down to it, there's still too much of an attitude in this country that Cinema is jUSi an entertaining way to sWitch off your brain. Faced With the choice of an excellent subtitled movie Or a below- average piece of Hollywood gloss, they'll go for the easy option It's our laziness that means we'll keep on being fed the same formula over and over again.

' Helen O’Donnell


Hitting back

Regarding Karen Martin's statement on violence and guns portrayed in the media [Issue 329]. Karen must have been appalled to see her comments on the same page as the advert for Davrd Strassman. The advert, which depicts DaVId With a knife to the throat of a ventriloquism dummy, was

exactly what Karen was

objecting to I found her

comments to be ridit ulous


was jUSi as much vsolent e

and fetishism of violence

bi.‘i0l0 the advent of the media.

Leif Azzopardi


Own goal

* Why is there Such a fuss over a

bunch of Scottish football fans not being able to get tickets for

@the rentrew ferry may

01 O7 08

horse 8r aiiiieloii

james grant acoustic

the World Cup on a phone line? imagine that the World Cup is being played in Scotland (unlikely, I know, but bear with me), and Italy are playing Germany at Ibrox or Celtic Park. The Scots would be Jumping over themselves to get tickets and they wouldn't give a toss if some fervent fan in Rome or Munich, who went to all his country's away games, couldn't get along because all the locals in Glasgow had snapped them up.

It’s totally selfish of the 'Tartan Army' to expect tickets as some kind of God- given right, If the hordes are going to be landing on France‘s doorsteps, then it's the French who should get some sort of compensation, ie first choice of the seats.

Craig Allen Edinburgh

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