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Meet the /'.’7a','da/e /’/(}e<w, tr‘e ates! s< mpttne K)‘,

(nee'wx ks ddr'dedds (:eo'de \I‘,’ Ypu <a:‘ see ‘t at ‘z'st '1a"d, hut phi.» t)‘;,rf.r‘.(1‘"‘ld twe-(er‘tr'eof Ire Art'fla/e Sat 2, i‘a'h [){)."i‘,()'1(‘()i ’..".(‘."M-'1

atI.'a( Zions at May :a/e A Into-day i.1a\,'da‘; (eiehrat'dzw, '.r7a,<:’a/e he'ed (m a~dar<>1.nd ()Iasddz'. (Heep, ‘.'.|i-'1()Ii‘.(‘l eventsat the M)" Theatre, the ()fd

in; trnarket, the B<i."f'()‘.‘.l«il‘(} and the Hm he" thiah;

H <;""<;'\.ts 1".( iade a 8<>/Ia.')e /.i/(’ _S;)e< Ia< u/al' ¢Sat 2,

9 30pm , a s',4a;,'(,’a, Parade and Kai/y szm 3, stattlm; (zedvde Square, H 30am a "ahdedf (h|l(!"e.'1'sav1d ‘ah‘m exemtsaedyam L.S{1(“<i!'();:Sd(I".'II:(‘Si)‘./ ()lasdo‘n. 's a't terrorists, Mm 'nei lav-Bas, I"|( “Hume: a [id/l Raf/e! 3, 3pre

"./7()l,'(/()/(‘ {mes pm e (m and around ()/<}S(]()'.'.’ (nee/y, Sat 2 A: Sun )’ 7.4a;

Erotic Oscar for The Hellfire Club

(15as(;<>\.‘.'s He .‘s'e ( mi) has v.0." the (i‘.‘.<il'(i fr)! Best hue [newt at the amiaai UK E '01 ( Os< ars, "ur‘. : y the lewd imst, a (:sahullty (harxty lite :h<)"th g; fet'sh (:;;i)teatt:"e(1 1H [he [zst's (:ate< r‘asher ser'les I". J<if1l1df'\/,r’(il‘.(i “(iSQO'N’ ‘mrvt s‘aendth to stre'wpi‘ I!1("‘(‘<i!'(‘ p'ahs tdexpar‘d to E(i‘!1i)k.."(}'1d’i(i2\i)(“'(i(‘(”i '\.‘.”e surprised’ says a delighted Heiifvr‘e spokesman “\‘ye though the Tort-a" > ()<‘1."(1(". 1"

10’1" 21"“;

lor‘don ‘.'.()\H(i \.‘.I.". ’as"\,«', hm | thmk the; Mixed as he< ause \.‘.e'r'e x'e'y friendly iher‘e's a new ‘.‘.:de ade- rahde a'id e‘.'<>"§,'().'1e ()(‘iS 0h, ' Some extr‘ezheiy net? 0". the 1‘:(;ht of the Judges' nusrt, t‘.'.'<) Hellfire Hummers hum“; and H‘W‘rxa Ithat's them. «'1 the p!( tare“ dot warmed

[he next Her/I‘e (in!) IS an In / 7.4a), a! Y0 Yo's, Ci/asqoyu

What’s on the up over the next fourteen days.

Event: Funct Steve“:

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(}Ii‘){;:;... .~), w‘tr‘) .Tn‘tr‘ti‘) . xi. Music: Saint Etienne Em. m- Mate,

\i<a(s (' r: t}(()'«>'_,‘h'ts

i)’&‘.i‘..,iui~iv 3/ (MIA/NH.

(Image, fl :3 .’,'a,

Theatre: Passing Places phi?!“ \

n'eei '.<>'est<,r ed, «1' S<<>t. u:

me"! 'e‘.s 1.17 ()7 a"<)t!‘er mad I" I), tl‘ s ‘. H‘e eaur‘r; Is hheie at i(:zi‘k>l;'(;'“s i'a‘.erse ahd 'I‘a'rt "d; is ‘.'.a‘., ‘. a a t()'tt.<)t.s ,<)t:i'ie*. U" (:Is<(>‘.er\,', !<)(1|ased‘.'. See 'e. made Sh ()las<}(;.'.' (-3/ees' [heat/e Sum 21’) In” 3’0, Sim W; 7./7a( Robe/t Alts ( e'We/ 13w

1.) Sat 171’) (,

Filszhe Big Lebowski Me atesf from t"e 'mej, ( hep h'(>t".eis .s a Rd‘,"i‘()t‘(i ( i3<il‘(i'("~")1‘.li‘(()'1‘(‘(2',- trifle! (e'it""(; a'dz'w: a :><>‘.'.. m;

aile‘, Je'i Br'.(1(;es takes the ma U

'(M’ US .m'fi-KLM r\ ‘):(:( M" .i‘!) [).(i!'.

}(),v1ed:)‘,v( ()(H’i"(‘QJIAYSJU’N‘ (mdd'vtah and Ste‘.e Bum e'rx, plus Jt.~a"|he i.'<;()ve an: i ea 0? (we Red Hot Chili Peppers. See FQVIGV-J, page 22. Genera/ release from Fr/ 8 May.

Art: The House In The Woods (hi‘dhddd ‘ea's ahd faetases (()!".(‘()df();1H-l:’](:('1'(;'<)'.'.i!i " a S"‘()'.'.()ii.'('(1('i'7hi"Mimi“),

m u.(: w; Stept‘a" Ba'itemrd aed l'"().'“.(‘:SS(":1°t°t(‘ See ve.‘e.‘., page /‘> ()I'asqdfix ((A, am." Sat 76 7.41;,

Books: Martin Millar Kart \‘(J'u'wedht ereets i.1a"'.e. ( (rm s meets ihe ( pm 2': ths dr'eates! hts<0iie<t1>" f'mv‘ the Sufish‘a'; ‘.'.h(> paved We ‘.‘.a/,' for Ivyhe \‘Jesh See f'(*‘.‘(".'., page ()3 [he (o/z’m fed ’u/‘a/‘txh Liz/far; fps/I‘m Istafe, {9 9‘) [I'm/1M,

TV: EurOpigeon (yt‘aha'w ie 3()‘.'. s ."etaw‘s as F-Jdrtee'r‘ Sdiqeh ‘s().’i(;‘.'."|i('.')(Ht':S".1.fi'(“.‘.()'f'1 .'.":<> Is try/UM} to get v'()'1‘a{\.f:< hai ad ‘Pidedhs I". iii ;'rit' M < ented as the UK e'wtr", ‘d' ti‘e E,m'<;.'s:<;." Sow; Contest 7.1/1 pdhrs e'”,aes See DH“. page 96 8M 2 "flow .1 ".4a/

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