As Garbage gear up for the release of their second album and an appearance at T in the Park, cover girl talks soft spots. :"2s Alastair Mabbott


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‘l .\'l{\'liR 'l‘ll()l'(ill'l' that l \sould eontinue to make musie.‘ some“ hat surprisingl). ‘lt \\ as ne\er something I

\lte .stt_\.s.

struggled to do. In some \sa} s. almost out ol~

neeessit). I made elioiees and mm ed in direetions. just h} del'ault. in a mi}. l'\ e heen \er}. \'ei'_\ luek};~

Blink and }oti'll miss her. It‘s Shirle} .\lanson aetuall} setting loot on British soil. l'iol' ttttisl (ll. the Nils and the l-it‘st ltttll~ (ll. the 90s. as eo-\oealist and eo-ke} hoard pla_\ er l'or (‘ioodh_\'e .\lr .\laeken/ie. she nould ha\ e heen lilattered to get arrested. ’l‘hese da_\ .s. though. she ean l‘lip o\ er to MTV in a hotel room praetieall} amuliere in the dexeloped \\ot'ld and see hersell~ staring haek. ()n hea\_\ l‘olttliott.

It \\ as on a 'l‘\' sereen that Buteh \'ig (produeer ol' .\'ir\‘ana's .Vt’i't'rmi/ti/ and Smashing Pumpkins~ Sitinsz Urea/H) sa\\

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H" i, i,“ Jenn“, '(..O'\.. a A" d‘fl'i "i Iunufiimlmfl. 'fift lmsangdi 5‘1Nfibifi‘l: '“thunhn 'Vtuhulr


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her. l.i\ ing in the .»\meriean .\lid-\\'est. he had l‘ormed a hand with his ehums l)uke lirikson and Ste\ e Market. with a \lL‘\\ to making dark. ril'l’mungotis iiitisie. .-\II the} needed was a singer. .\lanson the} liked for her ahilit} ti. .s\\ iteh hetneen \etltleli\ e ttlttl sneering. and to he eom ineing iti hoth. She. at this lime. \\ as looking at the end ol‘ her tnusieal life. After heing a Hume on the lidinhurgh .seene for years. (ioodh_\e .\lr .\laeken/,ie \\ ere submitting to the ohlixion that had heekoned for almost as long.

'I had an ama/ing time \\ ith (iootlh) e .\lr .\laeken/ief Manson insists. limit a \er} _\oung age. \\ e \\ ere traxelling litirope and making reeords and pla_\ing gig alter gig al'ter gig. ()\erall. l haVe nothing hut great memories of the hlast that we had. hut . . . the hreakup ot‘ a hand is ineredihl} painful and extremel} eoinplex. It still hurts me to think about it at times. I don't think the hatid engio_\ed great luek. and I think .\lartin .\lelettlle is one Ul‘ the ttttist talented intisieians he had the luxur} ol‘ \torking \\ ith. So it disturhs me that he hasn‘t had the attention I l‘eel he‘s due.’

Angellish. neither a ne\\ heginning tttit'. \It‘lell). it \laeken/ies side—proieet. htit more of ‘a

struggle to son he .

to It} to keep making reeords‘.

\\ as ahout to end .sotirl} too. hut not hel‘ore the} made the \ ideo that hrought her to the attention ol‘ three singer hunting intisieian/ producers. .\lanson took tip the tiller till it l’ree liligltl lU eome [U see them. and. eoineidentall}. on the da_\ Kurt

(‘ohain died. (‘iarhage “as horn.

‘Studio S\engali manul’aetures hand' seol‘l'ed the pundits. (iarhage

\\ ere looked on as a joke at lirst. hut

hon the laughter stopped \\ hen hit

single lolloued hit single the epoti_\mous dehut alhum spanned

l‘i\ e of the hlighters and the hand

\xent otit and proeeeded to tear it tip


li\ e as \\ ell. Within \\ eeks or their l‘ii'st single. (ioodh_\e .\lr .\1aeken/ie ('l)s \\ ere heing l‘logged oil in reeord shops adorned \xith hastil_\—printed ‘leaturing Shirle} .\lanson l'irom (iarhage‘ stieket's.

Sinee then. Shirle} \lztttstitt l'il‘Ulll (iarhage has married long—time ho}l‘riend liddie. and bought a house iii lidinhurgh \sliieh she‘s hardl} spent long enough in to make a eup ol tea. .-\l‘ter the band‘s \sorld tour. the} took a si\ \seek hreak then i'eeomened and headed for a l‘riend's ‘rathei' palatial’ pad in the San .luan Islands to \\ rite. ller trips haek to Seotland are short. inl'requent atid preeious. and tl\tlttll_\ hookended h} plane journey to Madison. \Viseonsin. \xhet'e home is a hotel and v. here .she and her handmates spent one da} short of a _\ear making on \i'rxi'un 2.0. the l‘olltm-up to their debut. It might make tor a less