I V I saw you on a tottie trumps 3 card. Phwoarg. factah nine. but i now you are off to ()I.. We will all miss you. l.ove. set square boy. Box No U/33I/l.

V I saw you sleepy P. Take care on your wee trip and if you‘re looking I hope you find yourself...Viva la Siglitliill. Box No U/33 1/2.

V I saw you chef in Laurie's Bar. 3/4/97. You: gorgeous smile and hot legs. me: tall. thin. britpop t—shirt. I liked what I saw! Get in touch for fun. Box No U/33 I/3.

V I saw you Craig. Thu 9 April. outside Broughton Road Tescos. and arranged to meet next day. Did we miss each other'.’ Perhaps I gave Confusing signals'.’ Like to try again'.’ Box No U/33 l/~I.

V I saw you Ashley. first in Archos. Sun 8/3/98. Iiinally understood your name. Then in Reds. Sat 28/3/98. You with brown—haired friend. both times. Never spoke to you in Reds. Mistakel? ('all me. Box No U/33 l/S.

V I saw you Polo l.ounge. 11/4/98. Me: wearing black. dancing with male friends. You: attractive female. short. dark hair. blue hooded top. ('aught you looking wanted to talk. but too sliy‘l RSVP. Box No L733 I/().

O I saw you cure (ji-ai‘i‘iii. Iiaster Sat | 1 April. You in black with straight black hair. two other friends with you 7 one very tall. in white. We smiled and our eyes met more than once. Too shy to ask you out can I have that chance‘.’ Box No [.7331/7.

V I saw you on Airan. where we had a fantastic weekend. Miss you when you're not here I've got that ‘IiL'PA' feeling again. Anyone for strawberries and cream'.’ Box .\'o [,7/331/8.

V I saw you limmanuelle. Bongo Club. 11/4/98. We danced. l mistook incomprehension for disinterest. my mistake. If I'm wrong please write. Box No [.7331/9.

U I saw you in flares 9/4/9s. vou. dark. black leather jacket. IIP worker from (irangeiiiouth Me. blonde. beda/lled. sorry you had to go for train. (timing to (ilasgow soon'.’ Box No


V I saw you at .Iohn Smith and Son hook store. the girl behind the counter with no name. I asked. biit you were more interested in my pink mini shirt. Box .\'o [.733 HI I.

V I saw you w'hoosh past me. Now 1 am stuck at home alone. Will I get you back'.’ Where can I buy a new one'.’ My fury slinging flame. Make sense to you'.’ (iet in touch. Box No [.7331/13.

V I saw you 17 .-\pri|. mouth red head with quri'ky accent at (ilasgow ['ni. Library. You stole my heart when you stole my computerll Box No [7331/14.

V I saw you l.orraine. in Iil Bar. on my birthday... and I've been walking on air ever since. Meet me in l..-\‘.‘ Box No [.7331/15.

0 I saw you girl with guitar and luggage. Waverley Station. 4.45pm. 18/4/98. Waiting for your mother for a lift. Would love to get to know you. Me [all male. average-ish. Box No [.7331/17.

V I saw you l)unfermlme. sunny Saturday afternoon. 18/4/98 around 2pm. You were walking towards me near the biis \[;I[l()11. I was wearing a grey. black and white jersey. We definitely looked and smiled shy lyl Wish w e had stopped to talk. I looked for you but you'd vanished. I‘ll try again this Sat and next same time. same place. l‘ancy meeting for a coffee and a chat'.’ Box No [7331/18.

9 I saw you at Iteiiiy's Fc‘fiitt Bar after I‘rnley ()uaye gig. You: arrogant. Me: sorely disappointed. Box No [7331/19.

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9 I saw your / \(III \IIII and now I want to see you. Phone me. I-i‘anck de l'rance. Box No [7331/20. 0 I saw you (Thai-Iona. Henderson‘s Thistle liar. ('ool and beautiful tlatiiiate slaggetl me for drooling: what can I say you didn‘t serv e nie soup I? Wanna come and play Worktiiates know w ho 1 am 13m No [7331/21.

V I saw you Acid Rainbow Dada Dance You were the most shiny. little rag iii these bookshops of lttetlltx‘l‘lly'. The poetry in your soul sent me spinning in a strange orbit. The sum of your parts is greater than anything under the sun. I will nev er be the same again. Yours forever. Yoshi. Hm No [7331/22.

V I saw you III the St James ()y ster liar. ()K. never mind the bu/Icocks. let's just do some snapsliotz one I-i'iday night. inaybc‘.’ Iiox No [7331/23.

V I saw you at I'inley ()uay'e gig with your pervert cap on. The giil does not deserve you. Box No [7331/24.

V I saw you Sir. You were all I could see. Ila/y m scooter dust and empathogemc hallucination. You were the brightest of shimmering stars III all the (ioan sky. Ileads and hearts play with fiction and fact: so let's not get lost in the author's dark imagination The Bad Seed spat out at last. Your light has filled me to bitiniiiing over. I am renew ed Thank you. l.ov e you to peace and bits. l)ee_ \sxxxxs etc 13t)\ No [7331/25.

. I saw you Sean Ryder lookalike. IIMY. Iiast Kilbi'ide. Bet you are a fag and Miller man. You are top of my hit parade I‘ancy a duet. I'm no frumpy durnpy. (iet III touch. Box No [7331/26.

0 I saw you II..\I. Bayoiieite. (‘osy (‘omedy ('afe. 18 April. I'ancy adjusting my woggle'.’ Me. shy. ginger hair. You. a fantasy collie title. Ion No [7331/27.

V I saw you fraggin' lI;I\IlClll These are MY hooters and boo/e_ so S'l‘()l’ I-()I.I.( )\\'l,\'(} Mli or I'll trap you in my lair and ray 1in you tiiitil you beg for mercy' :\lvv.iys..\1ax.\. ..|tilie \\\. I‘Im No [7331/23.

0 I saw you Jackie B t'.’l except I didn‘t. You are the wrong Ms [Iainbridge and I am not (ierry. Weird coincideiices'.’ Hope you had a spanking time in India. 1 did. (iod know s. Portugal was brilliant too. Maybe you'll get to the end of the world some time. I liked your story about the towers.

l.ov e and peace to you. Mister Iinigiiia. Box No [7331/29.

V I saw you saucy pierced boy of (ioigie. four times in one week. Do you always drink in the St James. shop in Scotmid. (ioigie and peruse in Soiiieificld. Dali'y '.’ ()r are you just a stalker.’ Here's hoping . . . Box No [7331/30.

V I saw you Ben. in Po .\'a .\'a, You went to South :‘siiiei'ica

w ithout me. Are you back yet'.’ I‘Io\ No [7331/31.

V I saw you Tuesday 21 .-\[‘l'll. 'I‘SB. Ilow e Street. My friend lost her batik card. You: sparkling eyes and cheeky

smile Me: duiiibstruck with idiotic grin. I‘ll buy dinner. Box No [7331/32

0 I saw you some still of Young British .-\itist. llyposting '(ittltc‘ I‘UI' Help. all (net Princes Stieet on 17 .-\piil. Were those snow flakes in your

hair .’ "’ llox No [7331/33.

V I saw you striding joy-fully with badger in tow. Smiled. talked. ()ur paths should have diverged later. Shall we wait for the next coincidence. or meet by design'.’13ox No [7.3.3 H34.

V I saw you very pretty nurse. in the rain. w aiting for a 23 on 22/4. I was tall. dark and soaking wet. Also reticent about being ‘too forward‘. which explains this . . . Box No [7331/35.

V I saw you l‘ranck at l.uvely in January. Please get in touch. I.aisse moi le plaisir de te rendre tes chewing gum. Box No U/330/l.

V I saw you twice. We spoke for a while. you Iiave awesome eyes. Me: head butted. in need of physio. Meeting with you speeds tip recovery. (‘orifidential coffee soon'.’ Box No [.7330/2.

V I saw you in full greenery at The Iidinburgh International Conference Centre. Calm for the meeting. the case is watertight. Box No U/330/3. V I saw you I want to see you Greek man and cook you me/edakia . . a melanoiiri who is waiting for your letter. Box No [J/330/4.

O I saw you ()0 inc- underground Iiriday afternoon. 27/3. from Buchanan Street to Kelvinbridge. Short. dark hair. black sweater. jeans. Very attractive and on my mind since. Box No U/330/5.

0 I saw you 0635 flight. Edinburgh l.uton 26/3/98 (Easy Jet). You: female. black trousers. silver heeled shoes. Me: green raincoat (female). Iiye contact in toilet. Iitc: drink'.".’ll Box No U/330/6.

V I saw you Siraiiicrytie ['nion. St Patrick‘s Day. You were blonde. l was red intoxicated by your radiant and majestic aura. We danced. l-‘oolishly. I kissed your hand. Dare we tempt fate'.’ Box No U/33()/7.


V I saw you rollerblader swimmer Wed 18 March and regretfully avoided a collision by politely squeezing by. You reappeared from amongst the trees of Ilolyrood Park. I‘ll grab that opportunity next time. Box No U/330/8.

0 I saw you Caffe Latte lunchtime Friday 20 March. You woman with short dark hair. brown eyes. brown shirt with male friend. Me short hair. specs. reading newspaper by window. woman in green shirt. fancy a chat over more pasta‘.’ Box No [7330/9.

O I saw you twice at Waterstone‘s. Saucliieliall Street. You work there. Me yellow fleece. bought Hens 'Ii't'r/i. (‘an't afford to keep buying books just to .see you. You're stunning. come for a drittk'.’ Box No U/330/l0.

O I saw you in IlIt.‘ Hotel Russell (26 March). You from Glasgow btit based in Iidinburgh. Scotsman (in more than one sense of the word). We talked for hours me not very soberly. Did we not swap phone numbers on purpose'.’ Box No [7330/11.

V I saw you David. III (‘zit‘e Kudos on Friday 27 March. You were with your friend Jason. You spoke to two guys. I'm the dark one. Fancy a date'.’ Box No U/330/12.

V I saw you too Dec. Rainbow Angel on the Ilampi bus. shining light into my darkness and filling my heart with your calm presence. I love and adore you. Su. xx Box No U/330/l3.

V I saw you little blonde girl. Dalkeitlr Library 30/3/98 in reference section. Me; girl with short dark hair. blue eyes - I passed you again outside. you're cute. fancy a drink'.’ Box No [7330/14.

V I saw you and paid you into ()ptimo for beer and orange juice. But it's my friend who likes your friend. and he's lovely. Box No ['/330/15.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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