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Take That star JASON ORANGE has left the dance routines and screaming teens behind to star in Lynda La Plante’s controversial new TV series. Words: Peter Ross

In the post-Take That cool stakes. Robbie Williams is way out in front. Gary went down to the crossroads at midnight and traded catchy toons for a buff bod: Nice Little Mark kissed the charts goodbye when he reinvented himself as an eco-

folkster; Howard. weighed Vii {:QSE‘. down by his ill-advised gm. gm... dreadlocks. sank without :MH HM trace. But catching tip with tuneful chubster Robbie. new,(hams having knocked back

crooning for acting. comes Jason ()range Take That‘s pock-marked prince.

()range plays Brent Moyer. a shagabout smack addict DJ. in Lynda La Plante's cautionary four-part tale of the perils of online porn and violence. Killer Net. He cites ‘six years with the band’ as acting experience. but for his first acting role. the former

clean-cut heart-throb plays a highly-sexed drug fiend.

What has he got in common with the character?

‘Well. I don‘t take drugs.‘ laughs ()range. the implication being that he actually is a testosterone- cra/ed bed-monster. ‘.\'o. I don‘t have much in common with him. He’s quite violent and I find it difficult to be violent; I‘m quite placid. But I‘ve been practising my left hook!‘

And well he might Orange's first line in Killer Net is ‘You piss off right now or I‘ll smash your fuckin' face through that wall'. It's a far cry from syrupy Take That lyrics.

‘lt wasn‘t a conscious decision to be bad or angry

Uh-oh, here comes stubble: Jason Orange in Killer Net

or menacing.' says ()range. looking every inch the groovy young actor in brown suit. black T—shirt and funky stubble. ‘I just wanted to do something different from what people might expect. I was just waiting for something to come along that wasn‘t a musical. wasn't a soap. and which interested me. This was the first thing that did.‘

L'nexpected this certainly is. but isn‘t there a worry that teenyboppers tuning into Killer Net to ogle Jason will have their minds warped by the drugs. violence. swearing and. frankly. pendulous breasts which characterise the show‘.’

‘The fans are a lot older now. as well. It's two years since the band split. so they‘re about twelve now.‘ he laughs. ‘I think .Mark and Robbie took all the young fans. anyway. I‘ve got the more mature


. it? ‘The programme as offensive as you want to take it. Sure. some people will tune in because of the Take That thing. btit we shouldn't insult people‘s intelligence.

‘I guess it comes down to that argument about how much TV influences people. In comparison to where I'm from. where l was born and raised. a lot of the language used is very tame. We‘re all exposed to that kind of thing. it's out there. I believe that we can't sweep things under the carpet. we can't hide things. we can‘t be scared to experiment or to do and say things on TV because it might influence people.’

Maybe a controversial show is just what‘s needed to kick—start a new life in front of the camera. Make no mistake. ()range thinks he‘s found his calling.

‘I kind of approached the whole project as a hobby.’ he says. ‘But having done this part. I hope it‘s going to be my career. Maybe I'll come back to the music one day. but for now it's the acting. l was addicted straight away.’

Jason ()range: hack for good.


Killer Net begins on Channel 4, Tue 5 May, 10pm. It is released on video shortly after transmission.

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