V I saw you on Friday l7/4. outside Stockbridge fiin shop. Me suit. you white coat - and again on 24/4 inside. You saw me too. Fancy a drink? Box No U/332/l.

V I saw you iti 'l'esco Metro. Nicolsott Street on Saturday 25 April. You tall. hutiky headturner. wearing tempting tight jeans and blue checked shirt. Me small. foxy chick wearing pitik 'I'-shir't and jeans. Fancy sharing those doughnuts? Box No U/332/2.

V I saw you Pigs in Marchmont. blue cafe and the Traverse bar. Delicious iti black. Always eating. Hearing you talk fondly of cottage cheese. Dinner on Saturday? Pigness and Pigbeast. Box No [1/332/3.

V I saw you Douglas (‘oupland reading. You: sweet. friendly blotide in faded denitnjacket. Me: dude in black poloneck. We spoke briefly. Your boyfriend doesn't deserve you. Talk again. over coffee? Box No U/332/4. V I saw you Carol Atrn iti Boots (l.othian Road. Iidinburgh) and was struck by your soft voice. quiet dignity and ageless beauty. I'd like to fitid otit more about you. Fancy a coffee? Box No U/332/5.

V I saw you Adam II. wearing pilot specs and Hawaiian shirt. You left rue gagging for more. you heartless wench! Ilow about we escape to Hawaii for good and hottest fun. love black stallion. Box No [MHZ/(i.

V I saw you Alison. I’olo Lounge. l8/-I/98 (Saturday). We talked. danced. Where did you go'.’ l.. Box No U/332/7.

O I saw you Pussy (ialore. Bumped into you. (EUL. You squeezed yourself between me and the serials. You: red hair and 'oo/ing'. Me: lens cloth at the ready. l.et's meet to discuss Marc records. Box No [1/332/8. 0 I saw you an. on-site. If I'd known it was uii rei'm'r rather than ('1 liiwttrit. I would have insisted on lunch. Know you tnade a difference vive! Box No [1/332/9.

V I saw you Andrew. before you left Derek livers. Yort

always leave after I have my hair

cut! You know I wouldn't trust anyone else. Please contact C +S. Need to see you soon. Box No U/332/H).

V I saw you Sat l8 April. the Polo Lounge. (ilasgow. We danced and I gave you my number. You wore white jeans. red jacket. You're tall and called Brian or Ryan. Please call. Box No U/332/l l.

V I saw you Bruce at the wedding of the century in

Blair Atholl. Devastatiiigly. you lost at Spoof! I may

not be in room Io anymore. but do get iii touch for more reeling atid viewing of bone structure!! PS. You looked great iii your kilt! Box No [MHZ/l3.

V I saw you Bonnie a SUBLIMF. waitress. you're a fox (or should that be a vixen?) If you're single. I'd sure like to know. . . Box No U/332/l3.

V I saw you groovin' on the dex and having fun iii the ‘Stardust lounge' at VliGAS. You - (Dino?) impeccable 70s stylee with impossible flares. frilly shirt. tacky medallion. kitschy shades and wicked afro wig. Me shy. smallish but perfectly formed. young ‘starlette'. I asked you to play Shirley Bassey tune. you smiled. and then you did. I was too shy to ask for more ~ btit maybe you would care to spend a little little with me??? Box No U/332/l4. V I saw you in the studio next to mine. Me: in paradise with you for five weeks. I ‘look atrocious'. but have lots of atmosphere. like beige. am lazy. crazy and often have silly moods. Circle me for more. iii pink highlighter ink. Box No U/332/l5.

V I saw you with long blond hair. You: 'l'eviot worker. me: sucking toffees. Do you want one? Think your name's Iladge. Get in touch! Box No U/332/lo.

V I saw you pure lapping up cinema. So where's your review? Now you have an address. Box No U/332/I7.

V I saw you 17 May 98 in Polo Lounge. You female with long. dark hair. dark clothes. with an Asiart (possibly) tnale friend. Me: white top. jeans. talking to my friends. Didn't have chance to speak. you left

too early. Please get in touch. Box I 'o U/332/I8.

V I saw you in my welding class. 29 April. I felt like a prince when you gave me you shoes. Can I see cinderella again? Box No ll/J32/l9.

V I saw you in Iceland. 30 April. and then iii (ilasgow Airport. You were celebrating a significant birthday. so

was I. You took my name and number. but I didn't get yours. If you want to survey Iidinburgh. please call me. Box No [MHZ/20.

V I saw you in l.angho|m l.ail'f. Cheesy Pop.

l8 Dec I997. Your mad eyebrow made me propose. You said yes. then ‘dumped' me! The white mouse disagrees. come back to your boy.

Box No U/332/2 l.

O I saw you Paul H. I’umne I’lm'es. also Bite (gutted. obviously!) We passed each other many times on stairs in Ft'asers short. 'l'oo shy to ask if you wanted a drink? Do you? I. Box No U/333/32.

V I saw you in The Shore bar on Wed (i May. Mad hair. dark rimmed glasses.

leather jacket and gorgeous. You were with some other women after your meal. I didn't approach you at the time but wish I had.

Box No [1/332/23.

V I saw you V&(‘. 4/5/98. You: gorgeous waiter. Spanish. dark eyes. beautiful smile. Me: unable to take my eyes off you. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No U/332/24.

V I saw you Harvey. leaving on the train to london. Sat l8/4/98 after giving the four weeks of unadulterated pleasure in lidinburgh. Can‘t wait to see you in the Big Smoke to return the favour. Und doch welch Glueck geliebt zu werden. und lieben. (ioetter. welch ein (ilueck. All my love. Mark xx. Box No [7/332/25.

0 I saw you Georgina. flat- htititiiig in l)undas Street. The room was too small. arid you didn't waiit to waste my time. See you around. you said I'd love to waste more tirtie with you . . . Box No ll/UZ/Zo.

0 I saw you looking for flatshare l/5/98 iii ('louds Accommtxlation Agency's offices. You had short black hair. baseball cap and blue jeans. and were desperate for New Town flatshare. I'm looking for same. but was too shy to suggest cohabitation! Fancy living together for the rest of our lives . . . ? Box No [1/332/27.

V I saw you in September. Patchouli oil. ravens. my tape about l.ucy on the fire escape.

remember? Morris doesn't play - tricks anymore. ('an we be

friends. please. all the same? Box No U/332/38.

V I saw you enticing man iti my dreams. in print. persistently iti my imagination. ()ur desires at least overlap. Ilow can I reach you? Box No [1/332/29.

V I saw you in the Filinhouse. You were definitely lovely and certainly generous of spirit. I was unfortunately admirable and apparently gallant. Fancy a coffee morning? Box No U/333/3l).

V I saw you Jack at Shane's. 8

May. ()ii Friday you shared much with me. to thank you.

please come round for tea. I

didn't get a chance on Saturday. you see. because you were far too blit/ed. 'I'ee lice. Just can't keep up the pace! See you soon. And Bl(i thanks Jack. Box No ll/332/3 I.

V I saw you on a tottie trumps card. Phwoarg. factah nine. but now you are off to ()1. We will all miss you. Love. set square

; boy. Box No U/Hl/I.

' V I saw you sleepy P. Take

care on your wee trip and if

j you'ie looking I hope you find : yourself...Viva la Siglitliill. Box

No li/HI/l.

V I saw you chef in Laurie's

Bar. 3/4/97. You: gorgeous smile

and hot legs. tne: tall. thin. britpopt shirt. I liked what I

saw! (iet in touch for fun. Box No [.733 l/.\.

V I saw you ('r'aig. Thu 9 April. outside Broughton Road 'l'escos. and arranged to meet next day. Did we miss each other? Perhaps I gave confusing

signals? like to try again? Box

No [733 l/J.

O I saw you Ashley.

first tn Atclios. Sun 8/3/98. I‘tnally understood your name Then in Reds. Sat 28/V98.

Yoti with brown haired

friend. botli Illllt‘s, .\'e\ er spoke to you III Reds. Mistake!!

('all me.

Box No [VIII/5.

V I saw you Polo Lounge.

l l/4/98. Me: wearing black. dancing with tnale friends. You: attractive female. short. dark hair. blue hooded top. Caught you looking - wanted to talk. but too shy! RSVP. Box No U/33 l/().

V I saw you (‘at‘e Graffiti. Faster Sat l 1 April. You in black with straight black hair. two other friends with you one very tall. in white. We stniled and our eyes met more than once. Too shy to ask you out »~ can I have that chance? Box No UB3 l/7.

V I saw you on Arran. where

we had a fantastic weekend.

Miss you when you're not here I've got that 'BUPA' feeling again. Anyone for strawberries and cream? Box No U/331/8. V I saw you meanuelle. Bongo Cltib. l l/4/98. We danced. l mistook incomprehension for disinterest. my mistake. lf l'iii wrong please write. Box No U/33 IN.

V I saw you in flares 9/4/98. you. dark. black leatherjacket. BP worker froin Grangemouth. Me. blonde. bedazzled. sorry you had to go for train. Coming

to (ilasgow soon? Box No

U/B l/l().

V I saw you at John Smith and

Son book store. the girl behind the counter with no name. I asked. btit you were more

' interested in my pirik mini shirt.

Box No U/33 l/l I. V I saw you whooin past me. Now I am stuck at home

' alone. Will I get you back?

Where can I buy a new one? My fury slinging flame.

Make sense to you?

(let in touch.

Box No ti/33i/i3.

V I saw you l7 April. mouth red head with quirky accent at (ilasgow lfni. Library.

You stole my heart when you

stole my computer!! Box No

W.“ l/l-l.

V I saw you girl with guitar and luggage. Waverley Station. 4.45pm. l8/4/98. Waiting for your mother for a lift. Would love to get to know you. Me tall male. average-ish. Box No ll/TT l/l7.


V I saw you Dunfermline. sunny Saturday afternoon. 18/4/98 around 2pm. You were walking towards me near the bus station. I was wearing a grey. black and white jersey. We definitely looked and smiled shyly! Wiin we had stopped to talk. I looked for you but you'd vanished. I'll try again this Sat and next same time. same place. Fancy meeting for a coffee and a chat? Box No

[1/33 I/l8.

V I saw you at Henry's Cellar Bar after Finley Quaye gig. You: arrogant. Me: sorely disappointed. Box No U/331/l9. 0 I saw your I .\'(III' you and now I want to see you. Phone me. Franck de France. Box No UB3 l/2().

V I saw you Charlotta. Henderson's Thistle Bar. Cool and beautiful flattnate slagged me for drooling: what can I say - you didn't serve tne soup?! Wanna come and play? Worktnates know who I am. Box No U/33 1/2 I.

V I saw you Acid Rainbow Dada Dance. You were the most shiny. little rag in these bookshops ol' mediocrity. The poetry in your soul sent me spinning in a strange orbit. The sutn of your parts is greater than anything under the sun. I will never be the same again. Yours forever. Yoshi. Box No

U/33 l/22.

V I saw you in the St James ()yster Bar. ()K. never mind the DUI/COCKS. let‘s just do some snapshotl. one Friday night. maybe? Box No U/33 l/23.

V I saw you Sean Ryder lookalike. IlMV. F.ast Kilbride. Bet you are a fag and Miller man. You are top of my bit parade. Fancy a duet. I‘m no fruinpy dutnpy. Get in touch. Box No [1/33 l/Zf).

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