highlights Cybill

Channel 4, Fri 15 May, 9pm.

Cybill Shepherd returns in a new series as the fortysomething actress leading a life which swings between the absurd and ridiculous Much cooler than Shepherd is the supporting cast of Christine Baranski as best friend Maryann and Alan Rosenburg as lra, Dedee Pfeifer, who plays Cybill’s daughter Rachel, isn't at all hard to look at either

Spin City

Channel 4, Fri 15 May, 9.30pm.

A new series of the political sitcom starring that Peter Pan of film and TV, Michael J Fox In tonight's episode, Fox covers for the Mayor's disappearance to Florida by telling the press that he was helping a friend who had a nervous breakdown

Ardal 0' Hanlon Live

Channel 4, Fri 15 May, 10.30pm.

The irish comic casts off the cassock and gets back to his stand-up roots for this one-off hour-long special O'Hanlon performs at Dublin's Gaier Theatre at the climax of his hugely-successful IOur He's not so daft, you know

Bookmark: Boswell's

Boswell BBCZ, Sat 16 May, 8.10pm.

Scottish author and Journalist Andrew 0' Hagan attempts to take James Boswell out from Dr Samuel Johnson's considerable shadow, O' Hagan »- who wrote The Missmg argues that Boswell was even greater at writing his own story than he was at penning biography Peter Capaldi reads extracts from Boswell's own JOurnal

The Lolita Story

Channel 4, Sat 16 May, 9pm. Lolita

Channel 4, Sat 16 May, 11.50pm. The Lolita Story deals with the Lolita phenomenon from the struggle to get NabokoVs 1955 novel published, through the furore surrounding Kubrick's movie in the early 60s, to the current controversy of Adrian Lyne's remake Kubrick's film, starring James Mason as Humbert Humbert, is also being shown

Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance BBCZ, Sun 17 May, 10.20pm.

'in some ways he was his own worst enemy,’ says Mick Jagger of maverick

106 THELIST 1-t-—281.1ay 1998

film-maker Donald ‘:<i.'“"‘€'; ;"

directed Perforrriai‘ul 1" : 1969, but l: lled “:ii‘se‘t t" t. artistic statement The irranner of his

death eerily, but Soiriehow ine\.'itably,

mirrored the events of his most famous mOVIe This programme illuminates the life and career of a fasc natii‘g and mysterious man

Reputations: Jacques

Cousteau BBCZ, Mon 18 May, 9pm.

The celebrated prograiiiirie which opens cans of worms, lifts the lid and generally dishes the dirt on the great and good turns its suspicious eye on explorer and filriiii‘aker Jacgues Cousteau, who died 'as’. year 't 's alleged that Cousteau had connections with the Nazis

Secret History: The Porn King, The Stripper

And The Bent Coppers Channel 4, Mon 18 May, 9pm.

Forget Larry Flyiit, screw John Holmes, the original King of Porn

was Jim Hurnphreys The porn biz

brought him unimaginable wealth in the 60s, some of whic it he used to

' ensure that the London fuzz gave

him no trouble


Channel 4, Tue 19 May, 12.03am. DaVid Aaronowtch and Nigella Lawson talk to Toni Morrison, author of

Beloved, who is generally regarded as

one of America’s greatest contemporary novelists Studio guests include Elizabeth Wurtzel, author of Prozac Nation

The Human Body BBC1, Wed 20 May, 10.20pm.

Brand new series tracing the origins of human life from the fertilized egg to death and decay Using state-of-the-art photography and spec ia'ly devised medical imaging the programme reveals how bodies really work and takes Viewers on a voyage through the seven ages of existence it you've ever wondered what the insides of testicles look like, then you'd do well to tune

Jo Whiley

Channel 4, Wed 20 May, 11pm.

Jo 'look no shoes' Whiley hosts another episode of the talk shew which takes music very, very serioust indeed Tonight's guests Inc lude loveiy Natalie imbruglia, whose tot) trot) song 'Torn' has ,iust reached “luii‘bei One in the States


Jo Whiley, Channel 4, Wed 20 May, 11pm


Primal Scream enjoy a jazz-delic freaky, freeform wig out, man

Be-Bop To Hip-Hop

Radio Scotland, Sun 17 May, 10.05pm.

Despite the scorn heaped on Jazz by The Fast Show, the musical form is hip again. Artists such as Blur’s Graham Coxon and Spiritualized main man Jason Pierce are falling over each other to declare an interest in black polo necks, strange beards


Primal Scream, everyone’s fave rock ’n' roll enthusiasts, are no exception and have gone on Radio Scotland's Be-Bop To Hip-Hop show to talk jazz with presenter David Sillars Tracks by the likes of Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Ornette Coleman get an airing on the Primals' recommendation, and the band have even recorded a Jazz tune —- 'CycIOrama: The Scream Welcome The Iceman' * especially for the show Thing is, those cats dug it so much, it’s going to be their

next single.

Here's a taster of what the Scream team had to say ab0ut jazz. David Sillars: Bobby, you're into jazz aren't you? Bobby Gillespie: Well, I'm into mUSic. We‘re all into reggae, punk, hip hop, jazz, rhythm and blues It's all music to us We don’t have any lines drawn up. 05. We're gonna hear a Primal Scream track now. We're going to go for 'The

Hammond Connection'.

BG: I think it’s a great mod rhythm and blues number. It’s pornographic rhythm

and blues. They play the track.

05: ls anyone a fan of any Jazz musicians who they feel don't get enough

exposwe? BG: Sid ViCiOUS

05: There’s reasons fOr that, though, Bobby.

BG: Have you ever heard that album he did All Cowboys Are Faggots? lt's fucking great, It's a lost classic, believe me, man. This was a lreeform freak-out.

Nice. (Peter Rossi


Beat Patrol & Electronica

Radio Scotland, Suns, 8pm 8 9pm. Nev." t:me s'f>ts for I‘.'.(3 :if Radio Scotlanti s coolest siren-.s Beat Patrol is the ;:'ace to hear indie, '.'.ith the emit'iasis crn Scottish acts C" Sli’i 17 Hay, Their ".("l.'. 'et'tzx aibu'i‘ K’t king A [Dead Pig azhic .'t features l'(‘\‘.”i).'kllif;8 of their songs by such artists as Kid Loco, DJ Q, Third Eye Foundation and Arab Strap Electronica is more of a dance tip, with previous” guests including Ron: Si/e, Slam and Pure

Crossing Over

Radio 4, Sat 16 May, 11.30pm. Billy Bragg visits A'iierica to sing the songs at l‘ISl‘i"()\\l()(i~1j','(Jiltlil'é‘ songs that

.::-':.'.ai v.iil be (illtlifl tiac ks f.’().'T‘

"ever rec order: in Bragg ‘.'.i!‘ 'e'easé- a't ' =, “a: '1';

been out' 'ii-s clack}? ter iv.,.'i:, (xiv. sortietl‘fl“: (It t‘e' 'at'te' i‘=s style and


The Late Book About

A Boy Radio 4, Mon 18 May, 12.30am.

BdHykISScNKflP/ star Stephen Tompkinson reads extracts from Nick Hornby's latest novel in which he continues to explore his obsession with avoiding adult responsibility

Goodness Gracious Me Radio 4, Thu 21 May, 6.30pm. Having experienced critical success with the telly run of this excellent Asian sketch-show, the team get back to their radio roots With a brand new series Listen out for Mr Everything Comes From lndia's heartfelt rendition of 'Rantit The Red-Nosed Reindeer' In Concert - The Verve Live

Radio 1, Sun 24 May, 9.30pm.

Tune iii to one of the defining cultural moments of the 90s as The Verve play to over 30,000 Urban Hymns owners at Haigh Hall, Wigan The good thing about listening to this on the radio is that you won't be able to see any arse holding up a Zippo during 'The Drugs Don't Work' (PR)