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N64 Fighter’s Destiny (Ocean) £49.99

Fighters Destiny: Stitch that ya bassl.

()()l'l(] hy Il‘e cutesy so‘tx'.ia"e, Nintendo hoard rneetiitos 'vtust he candy-assed a‘ You can last 'll<i()l'l(‘ tl‘e chief exec 8((itttl)(‘l';lt(; around fl‘. a day-c;lo itxard st: t eating multi-c oloured fruit, \.'~.hile Sony oosses c'ash through the ‘.'-.':ndo\.'.s aimed '.'‘; samurai s\.'.ords and ltill‘t haKas

Small tno'ider then, that they‘re iast dot "ound to re~easinq the first prooei‘ it”) heat-em-up for the N64 Hopes are "e\.ritahly uoinu to he hiql‘, hut fighters Destiny is very disappointing ll‘ the graphics stakes It doesn't (oinoai'e at alt favourably \‘.|ill Sou/ 8/ade o' the TeX/«en (James fo.r PlayStatioi‘, and u'yen the N64's Visual (apal), that's a crying shame

Since Bush/do Blade, it's necome lilt) to wake your l)(‘<il-(‘l“-tll) that little hit dif‘erent, and Fighters Destiny's f7ash o‘ originality s to he found :n :ts S(()l'é't() system You need seven points to \.‘."'t a bout, mtl‘ various moves earning a different number of points this leads to more tactical play, taking the (‘Y“l)lt(lS|S of tedious pound'nc; If you're (l()ll‘(] to succeed at fighters Destiny you must become a flash on, ‘.‘.lli("i means putting in the hours This ("eates lonoeyity

However, (icwelooei‘s Imaoineer


Gran Turismo

lSCEE) £44.99

Sub-standard racing sims clog up the PlayStation software range like a massive spud up the exhaust. So, when a solid-gold classic like this comes along it's an event as noteworthy as David Coulthard saying something interesting.

Industry types are already calling this the PlayStation game of 1998, and up against the likes of Resident Evil 2 and the forthcoming Tekken 3, that's , Ciuite a claim. But Gran Turismo 1:” 9' -

, . .: . .‘ yin-g.- _;r“a.! ’Si ."i 1‘

has the engine power to meet the "V hype. '

Stick Gran Turismo in your machine and the first thing you'll notice is the quality of the graphics they're outstanding. No pop-ups, screen glitches or clipping errors to speak of, and the replay option is the closest thing to film that the console has produced thus far.

There are two play modes: Arcade and Simulation. The former is cool enough choose a motor from a limited range and compete over four tracks. Win those and you can progress on to further tracks. The Arcade mode also has a split-screen two-player option where you can thrash or be thrashed by a mate over two to 30 laps, and a time trial option which is kinda tedious.

Gran Turismo's real glory lies in its Simulation mode easily the most complex and involving aspect of any racing game out there.

You begin with 10,000 credits and no car, but all you can buy with such a paltry sum is a used snail-wagon of some sort. Having bought your car, you still can’t

2,. .‘5? eg-

1;}. ‘. .‘ an :51? .(I- 1 a: flu. I.” V, n t t- .. w‘thV‘.tah<t“¥¥§*f$‘rl'. s.- .; .- -. ;

compete in any races until you’ve earned a licence. Cue a visit to the licence centre, where you'll be put through your paces, demonstrating the kind of ability that entitles you to one of three kinds of certificate B, A and International A. The better the licence, the more races you can enter.

Having acquired your licence, you can start competing in Sunday tournaments. Start winning races and you'll get credits which can be spent souping-up your current rust-bucket or bagging a funky new motor. It's a case of gradually oh, so gradually working your way through the range of twenty race types, 21 different tracks and around 300 different cars. It requires a significant time commitment.

All other racing games in development are now eating dust - Gran Turismo is in pole position. Lap it up. (Peter Ross)


would have done Me“ to speed more time making this olayame and

attrac tive (il‘(l less (i‘lt‘tl‘Q for originality Fighter's DUSl/lll/ is the best fightzno ()dlttO for N64, out that's not saying much PR-

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(i‘.'. \‘.'. <‘:'(} 8( "(i008

Tomb Raider Unfinished Busmess (Eidos Premier correction) £14.99 U awe-f

O"e sec "et Lara C ro‘t "as "o "eeo to .."ea't't s t"e e"or"‘o.;s s..((ess o‘ Tomb Raider a“d loin!) Raider // "‘ass 2e sa es are I st eo .‘tl‘ t3‘e'r' co"‘l) "at o" o‘ olat‘or'i‘, wax/le-so '.;"(; ai‘c: corroat, am s":a"t, sassy, savage ('ro‘t s a "e'one ‘o' t"e '\.':r't..a age, e.e" i‘ he" Parto"esut. > orooo't ons “a'dTy e"c: t"e"‘sel‘.es to oett i‘c; out o‘

" ..s. o‘ t ' c" “m .' 'o..<;' i' e ll'.(‘ |.s :>..t or" 'vs/tec: a recto' s

a :)o':..s, o‘ coarse, Business "as a "ea se"se of These e1) soues do" t)et<)"(; t > t're "a'rat '.e t't t"e St on assemo‘ed a"c: t"e 'Y‘d " ‘oe .a"(:..'s"ec:, s "o woe“ (r "c; "firstefl/ to {None t"e dar'tr ‘or.'.a'u 'I"‘e'e ar > "0 "rec. e"e"‘:es arc: "‘ost ozsaooo "-c; y "o "one l-(i‘()"(‘ :)t.rc".ase, out nisried Business s ‘o" co""*‘.ttec:


.' 0 (;d' (’8 k3 HS <1 mm

C"(>‘to ou sts o" 3, A8 Championship

Manager 2 (Eidos Premier Collection) £12.99

Tomb Rainier. Unfinished Business: More up front

108 THELIST 14 28 flay 1998

Nov: yo.. ca" oet t"e or c; ."(il c;a"‘e cneaoe' and r) ooer t"a" ere", a“o Lara- \. "o "s s"o..i d not "estate to o c ‘-< 1.0 a (Olly/"1]": anaav Your re at o"s“ i) tr‘ the "ea' \.'.or d st.“e", out you” "ave a 1) ast { ast ".Q your throw" death- de‘y "c; c"a Ee'oes tt‘at soa" s:xtee" eve s and ‘o.." coi‘t "e"ts, ..""a‘.'e1 ‘r‘c; e'womas and c<>r‘(:;.e""g "‘ai‘y ‘oes some anima', some n..'*‘.an, so"‘e i‘either oe‘oi‘e soiv no the "due of the Sc '0"

For this oac-caue, tne des.c;"e"s ".ax'e added ‘c or extra evels, reture'no Lara to Eoyot to exoiore the handsome Tomb Of The Cat, a" 2 to At ant s, where she

\".’ th the seaso" just over, Eidos (:I'” to out; that oainfai t'oui' sneer. footie "ee zone anti! tl‘e \‘v’orld Car; kicks o‘t’ mt“, tl‘is badget or (ed rnamoeiee'tt

Football management games can, provoke stro'ic; react'oi‘s ‘roe‘ oeople, (lfd‘fr’lt‘l) either appreciative comments on your decusior‘ to Wake Port Vale play the sx'reeoe' syste” or cries of, ’Wliy are you wasting your time playing it in the ‘irst oIace7'

And t's not a'1 easy question to answer Before playing this, you wouldn’t believe that yOu could turn a prewously sleek Voodoo chip-boosted accelerated Pentium into the raphica!