Upinthe gods

The former Glaswegian breeding ground of all bands noisy and angular has been stripped back to reveal a Mediterranean- influenced cafe bar.

Words Rory Weller

lvly dktronary Identrfres B<l(.(llUS as 'A god of wrne and grver of ecstasy’ The modern use of language may modified the meamng of Ba(chus' grfts but you (an strll get a good Idea of the rmage that thrs new bar Ill the Merchant Crty would Irke to put a(ross Etymology apart, Ba((hus means the trans- formatron of the (endearmglyl tatty former 13th Note premrses rnto a bright, warm and altogether friendly (afe bar

The un(harrtable mrght say rt's Just the old place Wrth a ll<k of parnt, but Bacrhus has a whole new atmosphere of rt's own The new hues do make quite a brt of drfferen(e, espe< Ially on a SCOlllSlt summer day wrth the wrnd blowmg a For<e Erght outside A

(.OllellldllOll of (‘Itrus tones on the walls and hlonde woodwork gives the p|a(e a real low—key Med feel, (omplete \‘Vllll agua and flora murals and some hefty Po||o(k-sty|e (anvases Whichever goth fool prewously derided It was a good Idea to (over the beautiful floor «some of \‘VhKlt rs mahogany: In tar parnt should get a little of the same treatment Strupprng rt hack rarses the mood of the former

50 Hope Street, Glasgow 62 6AA. Tel: 0141 248 4468

110 mausr 14-28 May 1998

plark hole no end Gone too are the

seen-hetter-days hooths, repla<ed by

large table shelves ‘-.*.r:th tall (harrs

grvrng extra Layers to the spa<e

Downstarrs rs strll to undergo some

work, out when frnrshed, Ba<<hus arm

to a( knowledge

the l3th Note's

legary and use

the room to ‘- u '3

sho\.‘.r(ase young , ». ;

local bands, Dls

and even

(omedy 5 ,. It wouldn't he

too far off the

mark to say that :u' ell Barrhus Is a style bar for folks who

aren't too Into : Hg." -~L'.

the whole stress~ r

ed (hrr deal Owned by the same people who run Frxx ll down Miller Street, It's prt(hrng Itself at the older student/ relaxed professronal (Irentele The small menu Is elementary but fun, mrxrng up (ross-European modern staples wth pasta drshes lrke the (hrrken, pesto and prne kernel penne lfél SO; and (repes frlled wrt‘n gruyere, l)l'()((()ll and

some ' _ u:

Bacchus boasts a good wine list, obviously

mus'troon: If4120~ There's also a surprrsmgry fine ‘\.‘.'lll(’ l:st, speualrsir‘g ll‘ Bulgarian, Austranan, (‘triean and South Airman sarret.es Meals are served noon 7pm, Mon Sat On Sundays, untrl ‘3pm, tney serve up therr hmrtrl‘ ment. the t'uLl S<ottrsh oreakfast '(omplete bottle of lrn Brt.‘ h an r<e hurket' for a fryer Wrtn the World Cup soo". upon us, tney've got an erght foot s(reen d()\.'."rt one end of the har and they ~35» than to rrrtpose ,,., .,.. herg‘nt restnrt:ons "V m parts of tne pia<e so e\./eryone (an see On l-.londays and Tuesdays they hook up the Nintendo to the system and srx foot Manos have peer‘ pro‘rzng very popular Try a hrt o.‘ Barrnus Instead of the usual Nar< assus

q \'.It't

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Bacchus, 80 Glassford Street, Glasgow. 0141 572 0080.

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