The List Eating 8: Drinking Guide 1998

OUR ANNUAL Eatmg & Drtnkrng Gutde ts on target to be more successful than ever, and wrll shortly be avarlable for sale as a separate pu't)lrcatron

Although enormous efforts were made to ensure the accuracy of the Gurde, a few rnaccuracres have crept Ill, and we would lrke to correct these We wc)uld also lrke to update readers on a few changes


Black 80's 57- 61 Blackfrrars Street, 557 6136 (Pages 39, 48) References to the drshes offered and prrc‘es charged at Black Bo's were incorrect Among the drshes on the menu at thrs vegetarran restaurant are starters rncludmg carrot and ctorrander pate (£4) and haggts baked tn prtta bread (£4), plus mam courses (all £8 95) rncludrng mushrOOm and black oltves tn iIIO pastry, and blue cheese, pasta and broccolr terrrne, or a range of crepes wrth varrous frllrngs at £6 50, or £8 wnh garlrc strr-frred vegetables Iguana 41 Lothran Street, 220 4288 (Pages 22, 52) Iguana ts placrng more emphasrs on eatmg, and now serves food 9am-- 10pm everyday Mother's 107 St Leonard's Street, 662 0772 (Page 34) The openrng hours at Mother’s have been extended stnce our research was carried out The restaurant is open Tue -Sun, 1 1am--late, wrth happy hour specrals every nrght 6- 7pm The Stockbridge Restaurant 33a St Stephen Street, 225 9397 (Page 13) Openrng hours for thrs new restaurant should read Tue

6 30~10pm, Wed -Sat

12.30—2 30pm, 6.30 10pm The restaurant rs not completely non- SmokrnQ; though there rs a no- smokrng area

Tampopo 25a Thtstle Street, 220 5254 (Page 29) On the nrght of our revrewer's vrsrt, Tampopo was short- staffed The management has assured us that the restaurant normally has at least two staff on duty every nrght


78 St Vincent 78 St Vincent Street, 221 7710 (Page 61) Drnner rs offered at 78 St Vincent at a frxed prrce of £19 95 for three courses, not, as we stated, £14 95 There rs no a la carte menu, IhOugh spec rals are available as part of a table d'ndte meal In .sorne cases, a supplement rs charged for specral dtsnes

Trattoria Del Bosco 148 Woodlands Road, 333 9239 (Page 73) Evenrng opentng hours were accrdentally omttted for Trattorra Del Bosco Correct opentng hours should read Mon-Sat noon 2pm, 6 ~11pm Closed Sun

& drinking



Bann’s 5 Hunter Square 226 1112

Voted best cheap and cheerful rneai Ill Edinburgh by List readers Egon Ronay recommended 10am-1 1pm everyday

The Basement 10a-12a Broughton Street SS7 0097

Restaurant gualtty food at pub-grub prrces, served 'trl 10pm tn Irvely,

colourful surroundrngs

The Bookstop Cafe 4 Tevrot Place 225 5298

New bookshop/cafe Promrses book-browsmg, plus, extensive coffee menu, smoothres and delr snacks

2 Common Grounds 2/3 7

Street 2261416 ¥ 7 4 . Arnerrcan-stylecoffee '- skés’ house on The lvlound '“A‘sflw‘

Food served all day Lrve rnus'tc most eventngs

Cyberia Internet Cafe, 88 Hanover

vegetarran coffee

Street 220 4403 thrs rs Such a cool place to hang out ' Scotland The Best

Dial restaurant/cafe 44/46 George IV Brtdge 225 7179

'Wears Its style wrth a capttal wrth food to match ' Conrad erson, Modern S(()iIISI1 Cursrne


Filmhouse 88 Lothran Road 229



it FILMHOUSE atmospherrc

cafe bar, serving great value snacks, salads, specrals and brrllrant cappuccrnos -- 10am trll late

Helios Fountain 7 Grassrnarket house servrng really tasty food

(wrth shop), 229 7884 Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, Sun $82 10am-4pm Excellent =~ ' s I“ rv Kaffe Politik 146/148 Marchmont Road 446 9873 m Espresso bar Jutce bar J

Food specrals all day

‘Worth the tr':p' 10am 10pm, 7 days

Kalinka RusSIan vodka bar & cafe 65 Henderson Street, Lerth Tel 467 7053 Specral vodkas, homemade food 8 tradttronal lTIUSIC Sunday Lunch wrth ltve "folk" from Countess Dorno/hrrova.

“NdebeIe-57 Horne-Street- 22161 141

A cafe and sandwrch delr wrth an rrnpressrve range of culrnary delrghts from Southern Africa

Pancho Villas 240 Canongate 557 4416

lvlextcan-born owner 1.1ayra Nunez says 'lf you're going to eat l.lexlcan, then don't be bland ' Lunch untrl 5pm, dtnner untrl 11pm

Passepartout 24 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbrrdge 332 4476

Cosmopolrtan cursrne wrth datly set prtce dinner menus from £12 50 (booking adwsablel, lrght lunches, coffees, beers and tunes


La Piazza 97-99 Shandwrck Place

221 1150

Stylrsh Italran restaurant wrthout desrgner prices Open 7 days 11am-midnrght

Smoke Stack 53-55 Broughton Street 556 6032

Much more than burgers and steaks at thrs stylrsh but frrendly new chargrrll restaurant

Tabula Rasa 90 Haymarket Terrace 474 3446

It’s Latrn rhymrng slang fora clean plate Yours wrll be' Try It'

Back Alley Restaurant 8 Ruthven Lane 334 7165

World wrcle Cutstne, weekend breakfasts,

Happy Hour, lunch menu, eventng specrals and Glasgow's best burgers'

Balbir's 51 West Regent Street

331 1980

Not brg, not desrgner, not sexy, jUSI brrllrant ngh gualrty Indran cursrne at affordable prtces

Brel bar: restaurant 39 Ashton Lane, 342 4966

Belgtan beers (draft

Leffe and Hoegaardenl,

frne wrnes, rusttc food;

cool muSIc, relaxed


Gallery of Modern Art Cafe Queen Street 221 7484

Arts Restaurant of the Year, Thursday, Frtday and Saturdays from 6 30pm Last orders 10pm

No smokrng

Grassroots 20 Woodlands Road. 353 3278

Scare-free food, organrc grocenes, excellent bread, frne cheeses, herbs and sprc;es, wholesome foods —- yum, yum.

Kama Sutra 331 Sauchrehall Street 332 0055

Buffet on down for a gurckre at lunchtrme, £5 95 Monday evenrng buffet £9 95 (untrl 10 30pm).

Le Petit Pain 239 Byres Road

337 1118 (phone/fax» Coffees, gualtty sandwrches

and pastrres to go

or to stay Outside c‘aIerrng

Miro's 36 Kelvrngrove Street 353 0475

The new look Mrro offers a fresh vrew to European dtshes. Open from noon trll late, 7 days a week.

7 ()Id Fr’s/urrar/cer Close Edinburgh lunch and dinner Monday to 'I‘hursday.

Friday. .Saturday and Sunday open all day


0131 225 S428

rntrmate surroundrngs, WIII1 a chOIce

from 5 30pm, 7 days a week.

Lane 334

The 13th Note King Street. 553 1638 i Bar/cafe/venue wrth a totally

Mojo 158a Bath Street. 331 2257.

Much acclarmed

stylrsh bar a unrque M 0 blend of modern

brasserte COOkIng rn an rntrmate settrng. Rab Ha's Restaurant 83 Hutcheson Street 553 1545

Tradttronal Scottrsh Cursrne offered rn

of pre-theatre and a la carte menus

78 St Vincent, 78 St Vrncent Street, Glasgow 62 SUB. 0141 248 7878 'Most InVItIneg prrced restaurant to have opened tn Glasgow. , ,' Conrad erson, The Herald

Stravaigin 28 Grbson Street.

334 2665.

Fresh Scottrsh Ingredrents, authentrc and orrgrnal recupes, award-Wrnntng cookrng, lrvely and Informal atmosphere

vegan menu of wholesome food wrthrn a relaxed atmosphere.

Tron Theatre 63 Trongate. 552 8587. 'A whole lot more than great theatre'. Voted Glasgow's best bar The Lrst Readers Poll.

The Ubiquitous Chip 12 Ashton


5007 One of Glasgow's frnest restaurants servrng modern

Scottish fayre.

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