They're not funny and they don't wear red noses. INSANE CLOWN POSSE live in a misogynistic rap- metal world where they beat up redneck racists and think with their genitals. Welcome to the Circus Of hOI’I’OI’S. Words: Jonathan Trew

THE HISTORY OF rock music is littered with men in make-up. lirom Kiss to Alice (‘ooper. _ their grease paint has stained the dreams of countless adolescent l'antasies. bttt l’evv leave quite such a lurid smudge as Detroit's Insane ('Iovvn l’osse. A horrorcorc‘ rap—metal dtto consisting of Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J. |(‘l’ have outraged Middle America. They‘ve been

dropped by their Disney-owned record company and. predictably. have thus endeared themselves to large numbers ol~ teenage boys who just can‘t get enough of their gut—churning lyrics. Unlikely as they are to win any prizes for political correctness. l(‘l’ profess to have set . out their own moral code which they call the Ezgg'gilzoggszoa'g l)arl'\“(‘arnival. . . Violent , are Insane l he Dark ( arnival is what me and Shagg '

Clown Posse live by.‘ roars Violent J as though trying to