shout across the Atlantic rather than let the telephone system take the strain. ‘lt’s what we truly believe. It's not a gimmick. The Dark

(‘arnival is pretty much another way of

looking at the basic idea ol‘ right and wrong. good and bad.‘

What exactly constitutes right and wrong in clown world is perhaps a little different from the moral order which the rest of the public recognises. What passes for right in clown world would often lead to a jail sentence in the real world. llere's Violent J

(there‘s a clue in the name) on the matter of

anti—racism: ‘ll‘ I’m talking to some eighteen— year-old kid who‘s otit on the streets. then I‘ve gotta speak a language which the kid understands. I can‘t say “Hey kid. you shouldn‘t be a racist“. I have to say “Look man. I‘ll cut a fucking redneck's throat because he‘s racist". That way the kids understand more.‘

The prosecuting attorney might understand less. but as Violent J. the sell-confessed ‘punk from the ghetto'. often and colourl'ully

reiterates. he “don‘t give a luck. ()1in 10% of

lnsane (‘lown Posse has a message. People have to work; they have to go to school; they have to have a reason for doing everything. Sometimes they just wanna go out and act like an idiot. and that's where we come into play. You can come to our shows; paint your face like a clown. act like an idiot and it‘s all good.‘

There's little worth in pointing accusing lingers at l(‘l’. 'l‘hey‘re milking the cash cow

ol~ contro—versy for all its worth and. if” people are dumb enough to buy the records. then both they and l(‘l’ get what they deserve. ‘I suck.’ is Violent J's take on his musical prowess. ‘I don‘t even know how to play any instruments and I got a gold record. 'l‘hat‘s the shit.‘

'l‘hat. indeed. is the shit. Violent J is 25 and a dollar millionaire. Ask what he intends to spend his loot on and he starts planning the itinerary for his forthcoming liuropean tour. Amsterdam hookers and what he refers to in uncharacteristically delicate terms as ‘oriental health spas‘ figure highly.


But hasn‘t all this been done bel'ore'.’ liver heard ol‘ Kiss'.’

‘Kiss!’ explodes Less Than (ientle J working his way up to a full-blown rant. "l‘hey got the whole makeup thing from us. Now sure they were around 50 years ago or whatever but‘ —- wait for it - ‘I don‘t give a fuck. They still got the idea from us. I don‘t know how but they did. They‘re like l(‘l’ wannabes.’

()K. what about cartoon punks (ireen l)ay‘.’

‘I kick every other groups ass there is. I’ll kick (ireen Day's ass.‘ is Apoplectic J‘s considered response.

Right. so how do you feel about make-up- wearing goth horror and scourge of the Bible Belt. Marilyn Mansun who has followed a similar career path to your good selves‘.’

‘l‘ll kick Marilyn Mansun’s ass. they don‘t

'Kiss! They got the whole makeup thing from us. Sure they were around 50 years ago, but they still got the idea from us. They're like ICP wannabes.’

Violent 1

mean shit to l(‘l’.' screams the man his mother calls Joseph Bruce. You've been warned.

ICP play Glasgow Garage, Monday 18 May. Their debut album on Island, The Great Milenko, is out now.

In the world of rock, Insane Clown Posse aren't alone with their look others need some slap to face the music.


American poodle rockers Kiss are the acknowledged masters of the greasepaint, With each of the four members perfecting their personal facial style bat, cat, etc. Parental warning stickers on their albums failed to deter the irripressionable Robbie Williams, who recently paid homage in his ’Let Me Entertain You’ Video.

Marilyn Mansun

His satanic majesty (aka Brian) favours the Night Of The Living Dead look in order to conceal his natural good looks. Sans slap, Brian is able to lead a normal life, in which he attends the local Rotary Club, before morphing into Aleister Crowley by night. The rest is done With contect lenses and you thought he was Just a cross-eyed twat,

David Bowie

Bowre, on the other hand, doesn’t need any contact lenses to look freakish. Old chameleon features has been back to Boots for countless makeovers, but his Ziggy Stardust persona from the early 70s is the quintessential glam look. The bright orange hair and lightning flash down the fix/0g are a clear attempt to qualify as a Batman villain.

Adam Ant

With the possible exception of Bowie, Adam Ant is the only man in rock who looks better in make— up than a woman. His dandy highwayman/ prancing pirate look inspired legions of playground copycats, who raided their mum’s first aid box for elastoplast to re- create that gashed-my- nose effect.

Alice Cooper

Vincent Damon Furnier, as his mum knew him, was relatively restrained when it came to the old greasepaint. Just an inch or so of mascara chiselled around his bloodshot eyes was all he needed to perfect his ’iust got out of rehab’ look. If pandas ever went goth, this would be their model. Did odd things with snakes, you know.

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