Ground Control and folk singer Andy

Big names play for free on Glasgowts longest

veteran Scots band Teenage Fanclub wrll play for free at this year's West End Festival in Glasgow

As part of the Festival programme The Longest Day on Sat 20 June features a free concert in Kelvrngrove Park, followed by a festival club in the Glasgow University's QM Union

Last year's festival featured Belle And Sebastian, although the event was disrupted by bad weather.

This year the organisers have secured another intrigumg line-up. Alongside the Fannies, Scottish poppers Toaster, funk— dub combo Nimbus, hip hop crew

Fox boost for : film festival

EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL has seccrred two international sponsorship deals which wrll allow significant new developments at this year’s event

The SDOHSOTSIHDS, from French and American rnaior distributors Pathe and Fox Searchlight, suggest that the International Film Festival does have genuine international significance to match its title

The Pathe deal wrll allow the c reation of a new SHOW/(«BC for films havrng their world prernrere at the festival, highlighting Edinburgh’s ability to attract new openings.

Andrea Calderwood, formerly Head of Drama at BBC Scotland, was recently made Head of Production at Pathe. She praised Edinburgh's 'unigue ability in Britain to promote film and filmmakers.

Meanwhile Fox Searchlight has confirmed that it will sponsor a film prize. This is a major coup as Edinburgh and Utah’s Sunclance Festival are now the only two events 5 on the international calendar which rec eive money from Fox

The Fox Searchlight EIFF British Short Film Award wrll run for a minimum of three years, awarding a cash prize to the best short film selected by an international Jury.

EIFF Director Lizzie welcomed the company's support Edinburgh has a long—standing reputation for discovery and innovation this pri/e makes good sense. Fox's commitment to British Cinema goes Without saying look at Nil 8y Mouth and The Fu/l Monty '

And a spokesman for EIFF added 'For the industry to get behind any festival is very unusual. Fox only give money to one other festival in the world ~ it is a real endorsement.’ (Stephen Naysmith)

20 THE LIST 14—28 May i998

Franc ke 'rfl‘s


White are scheduled on a bill clearly designed to provrde soriiething for all tastes

Robin Morton, spokesman for the Longest Day team said: ‘We are trying to re-create the concept which brought abOut the Rolling Stones Hyde Park concert many years ago. We are thrrllecl Teenage Fanclub have agreed to play’

A licensed marquee, pending Council approval, wrll provide refreshments, and Morton stressed that people would not be allowed to bring their own food and drink. 'lt is only a free event because it is supported by the sale of alcohol so we


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Teenage Fanclub: park life


Will be taking strict measures to ensure people don't bring their own'

Andy Smith and top DJ Mrs Woods Will be among those playing the OM Union, which will be a paying event when the park programme ends at 10pm.

Other West End Festival highlights include a night of rnusrc, food and fireworks on Sat 13 June, a midsummer carnival and parade (21 June) and The Deep End Club on both weekends in the disused Church Street swimming pool near Byres Road. (Stephen Naysmith)

l Further West End Festival information is available on the internet at http '//www westendfes t. demon. co. uk

Scots architects in hunt to build parliament

TWO SCOTS FIRMS have made it to the final shortlist of five for the £60 million contract to design the nation's new parliament.

Scottish Secretary Donald Dewar announced the shortlist, which includes architects responsible for creating government buildings in Dresden, Cyprus, Tokyo and Beijing.

Mr Dewar said: ’Scotland will have

a Parliament to be proud of and

Edinburgh will gain a building of international distinction.’

The two collaborative Scottish design teams named, both based in Glasgow, were Keppie Design, who are working with Richard Meier and

Partners from New York; and Glass Murray who are working with Australian firm Denton Corker Marshall. The third British outfit shortlisted was the London-based Michael Wilford and Partners.

The international competition is fierce. New York based firm Rafael Vinoly Architects PC were responsible for designing one of the world's most expensive buildings the £1 billion Tokyo International Forum.

Meanwhile Enric Miralles from Barcelona picked up the prestigious National Prize for Spanish Architecture in 1995.

Glasgow-born Laurence Bain is responsible for delivering the commission on behalf of Michael Wilford and Partners. He said: ‘I feel like we've just qualified for the first round of the World Cup and as in the World Cup, hopefully the best team wins but you always support your own side.’

David Stark, Managing Director at Keppie Designs said: 'lt is important the best design wins even if that means an international design.’

The public will get a look at the five final designs when they are exhibited around the country from early June. (Anna Adams)

Anti-nuke protesters gumming for trouble

THE MINISTRY OF Defence condemned as ’highly irresponsible' a group of vrgrlantes who plan to attack Trident submarines armed wrth pliers, claw hammers, treacle and superglue.

Ploughshare 2000 seem unlikely saboteurs They have supplied the authorities with their names and the date of attack, 12 August I998.

On that day the ac'tivrsts who include a retired teacher and Church of Scotland elder will launch a action at the Clyde Submarine Base, Faslarie and Coulport on Loch Long.

The organisation have asked the Government for a guarantee by it August that the nuclear deterrent will be dismantled in time for the millennium. Otherwrse, they have pledged to embark on a programme of non-Violent direct action

However, an MOD spokesperson said the government were not prepared to give in to demands which amounted to 'nothing less than blackmail '

While aware of the plans for 12 August, the MOD warned 'We can orin be prepared to divert police to deal wrth the situation as it arises

’These people are clearly extremists

has i

and we are very concerned that they are openly trying to rec‘rurt people to engage in criminal activrty.’

The spokesperson added ’The British Government are fully committed to pressing for global nuclear disarmament, but these people have a very idealistic View of the world '

One of Ploughshare 2000's leaders is retired Latin, Greek and Russian

teacher Brian Quail, who is also JOirit secretary of Scottish CND. He said 'We are not the criminals here.

’We plan to cut the fence wrth pliers or swrrn in through the water and then

. 43”] “A; f w“ ’f 26 ~ I, . I. ~va “.’ a;

remove the acoustic tiles from the submarines, which disables them.’

Other sabotage techniques include drilling holes, bending aerials and even using superglue and treacle to bung up submarine attachments.

Ploughshare 2000 are part of a worldwrde nuclear disarmament movement, Abolition 2000.

They gained legal notoriety in the courts last year when founder member Angie Zelter was one of three women acqurted after wreaking extensive damage on a Hawk Harrier Jet with hammers. (Claire Prentice)

Nuclear submarines: vigilante threat