Erotica nobbled

It’s hardly surprising that the organisers of the filthy Erotica exhibition think they can get away with plying their disgusting wares in Glasgow. The first

thing I saw on opening the last issue of

your magazine was a golden penis with wings what was worse, the organ in question was clearly aroused. On the adjoining page, you had seen fit to illustrate an article on the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition with a picture of Charlton Heston. This really is going too far. Christianity should not be corrupted by the false idols of Hollywood. I shan't be buying your revolting magazine again until you clean up your act. Fiona McVitie Glasgow

Nursing a grudge

Oh, how I wish the media would stop referring to nurses as 'angels' [’And Finally' News Review, Issue 331]. Calling nurses ’angels’ reinforces the belief that they are selfless entities, dedicated only to sewing others with no regard for themselves, and allows successive governments to get away with inadequate staffing levels and below inflation pay rises after all, the angels will still be there, won't they?

Referring to nurses as ’angels' also insults every other staff group Within the NHS, who work just as hard With just as much dedication, for no public recognition or thanks.

Kirsten l-Iey


Martha - meet Withnail

I went to see that new British comedy the other night you know, the one with the ridiculously wordy title [Martha -— Meet Frank, Daniel And Laurence]. After reading your review, I didn't expect much beyond a bit of gentle intrigue and a few laughs,

Well, it was OK, but I’m amazed your reviewer failed to comment on the FLAGRANT plagiarism in it. Rufus Sewell (who has gone to seed BIG TIME, incidentally) plays a foul- tempered, hard-drinking, professionally miserable unemployed actor who spends most of his time railing against his fate, and has the impertinence to do so while wearing an ankle-length black coat.

I mean, why not go the Whole hog and give him a predatory ovenNeight uncle to contend with? If I was Bruce Robinson, I’d sue.

Emma Askew Glasgow

Writing on the wall

Are your clubs and music listings pages sponsored by Cafe Graffiti? Every time


more must be based in Scotland.

Edinburgh, EH3 7DD.

Tel: 013] 226 6051

Applications Wanted for £50,000 Touring

Barclays Stage Partners, in collaboration with the Scottish Arts Council, is providing funds for a consortia of theatre companies to tour quality drama to middle and large scale

venues (capacity ZOO-2,000 seats).

Applications are invited from consortia of at least three presenting or producing theatre companies, of which two or

Proposed productions must be performed at a minimum of three venues in Scotland and at least one in England or Wales. All forms of quality drama will be considered.

Applications should be submitted by 30 june 1998.

For copies of guidelines, please contact Carol Ashworth-Novak, The Scortr'sh Arts Council, 12 Manor Place,


CD "E m §

2/. Z. > 75. L]. 7-. /

22 TIIE lIST 14—28 May 1998

Another piture of Joseph Malik

I open the magazine up, there's always at least one picture of Joseph Malik, some Salsa Celtica variation or associated group gurning up at me. How about givrng some space to someone else or would that interfere With you lot's guest list prrvrleges?



Music Editor’s rep/y: First, / bet that’s

not what your mother named you, i"

and secondly, if any other club or music promoter would like to supply us with print—quality photos then we’ll be only too happy to

consider them

Cooking the books

A year ago, With our hopes soaring, we cast our votes, crossed Our fingers and rejorced the night away as New Labour swept to power. That

Tony Blair, we noticed, was a slick customer with an insincere-looking grin, but nothing, we were sure, could be worse than the past eighteen years. I wonder how many other readers are still so sure.

These days, we don't even have to open the papers to discover another broken promise, another erosion of the values Labour once stood for. The eVidence is right there on the front page. Take the arms to Sierra Leone affair. After the usual ’deny-everything' strategy failed to keep the pesky truth from emerging, Robin Cook decides his best bet is to pretend the Government didn't win votes on the basrs of an 'ethical foreign policy’. If he was half the man he'd like us to believe, he’d resign right now. But of course, he's got wee Tony backing him all the way, still grinning.

What a shower. No wonder the SNP are looking so tidy in the opinion polls for a Scottish parliament.

Gerry McCaskill Edinburgh


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