Smacking up your frontal lobes over the next couple of weeks, here’s the cream of the crop.

Fringe Poster

an/re, a -year-o( pupl, a Edrnlmrgh's Royal Bllltd S< hool heat off (ornpetrtron from 3914 other entries to \Vllt a prize of £250, plus £750 for hrs s<hool Andy, who rs almost (ornpletely hlrnd, (reated the l)rrght-(.olonred (ollage wrth help from hrs teachers. It wrll he prrnted as the marn poster for the Frrnge by sponsors Ma<donald Lrndsay PIndar,‘ and wrll also appear on

' T—shrrts. Andy has deoded to spend hrs money on en(,y( lopedras of pop musr< ot’ the 70s and 80s. Rock on, we say.

Theatre: Passing Places Yeti't” (l't‘t""‘()"‘ 8 "Us" (:"(2 tJ" {'12. o" S;()ff s" <11"‘f1."‘awsarm» I)("‘(".'<‘:°. .t'1):)‘)(".<i:\)'”sl>" '."z' 8((2'3. s" "‘a e :)s‘,< "e l" s s that, attessne fw-a'xe Crdst;:>.'. \ lneafna hwy“) Sat 90 '..'a, Dance: Dance Turns 1.20 o" in. as s (“(10 "(E (()"°. "“le'ti' , fi<i"t(’ f;'()t.lts

.s'. lo "two" as :za'~ o‘ in» les'. .a l"<-at'es o'es'. <; oas seaso" l\a"‘t)e'° :)'ese"ts a t' n e-o <1"(1<i

'e. ‘.e(:< ass: see e". , ta" 8 :>., a Da. es [)a"<e ( o'r:)a". west-"is a (loaned) , (" "( age) a . t;o'<:_.) :) ete, [mg/2:, for: See 'e. page {)5 i‘drnrrtxgr‘ lé“>f‘.<}. lrvvaf's; I'll 7") Xi Sat .76 17‘}, Dam“), 3.2%." 2/ Sat 30 '.la, Ramoerf Comedy: Steve Coogan A "os'. o"

("i<i'(i( f("$ "()"1 t'k" "‘tl" f" "‘<)'('

John lnman/Danny La Rue

Two krngs of camp hrt S(otland thrs fortnrght. Danny La Rue makes a rare Irve appearance rn Glasgow tonrght, whale John lnman arrives In Edinburgh \Vlllt the touring far(e My Fat Friend. Camp followers shoold he rn (lover.

Danny la Rue rs at the K/ng's Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 74 May, My Fat Frrend rs at the King’s Theatre, Ed/nhurgh, Tue 79 Sat 23 May

pe'sor‘a fies Va": most M)” ("e (":eese o‘ A a" Pa'f' t:(;-;- to ("e

oa" ;(>'<)as , s'.'.e "I; ("(a'v" o‘ lo", le" r‘o, ( ooga" see”‘s to "at 1' <- B' ‘. s"; (owed, "‘a'-;e°_ (owe'er: See ‘eata'e, page 1-1 (msgox; f-?o,a (omert lla/z, Mon it‘s’r’ltrv 1' 9 '.’/'a,, idmlmlgh /"a,,'>oase, Sat 71’) Zia, Music: Big Big Country (1

,r;o.'. (1 Mr: (('():)'(1. 'V

.o" (2'

na'sfs "to ’e'o'f"t-'<;t.'1"l.<~a'

ee"‘e"t o‘ <o;.."°.', " red " f" so're f "e Uses a“. sis as .'.e as S r: (1' 't g per; a H ta'e o" ege'r: o‘ Cn'a'n Pa'so"s he so." : o‘ me one" spates his tr‘e ".'.'es°.

t: ,oa' 1‘.'.a"<: (1"(2 " if e

See Leo Rota e me. e.., :,ar;<- J

(rrasooxg l'r-n O (I m.

fq-(9IV\()!>()VII) ,7! ,..(‘)‘V.:

' Jr." I l TV: In The Red 5 {""‘(:" R to" o'r: a' '2

Now deposed as the Krng of Krts< n, R ( "a'r: so" o' "(1} a S< off

Pedro Airnodovar has turned to an ‘a.o_.' to 1' s a sat ' ta tw- m, Lrnlrkely 80ter e for hrs latest work <" 7* J'H' "30 '7" ' <'-'- ' Brrtrsh (rune \.'v.'r!ter Ruth Rendell (EU-V" ' ‘i' "r K ' (‘ ' ‘"

Does thrs rnean hrs latest rnovre rs ‘3' ' ‘3’ " ' "' ') I"

fo "r; Set- (we. :)age 101 BM .7, leo Va, Football: Scottish Cup Final

a -:J '. "<: ( ose .o .' e We" a .-i-ar;

now part of an unusual sob-genre Euro frlrns based on thrrllers by female, EthllSlt-ldllQll(i(.](? authors7 Patrrma Highsnrith Insprred hoth Wrrn Wenders tThe Amer/(an Fr/end? and Rene Clement (Purp/e Noonr OlJVIousy, mth Alrnodovar, there's more shagging than m the orrg.nal

'3 “HBO”, (1 (‘.(':) tu'“ 'f} '.' 2"

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(()(13:.'(t . ' (1'{‘(1{:(".. ' .'t' ..t‘).

Coast s tit)" 'ai o" o’ i't- Ga" e See

Ln/e F/esh opens on Frr 75 May m," mm 87 0 (mm: A, A, See prey/mar, page 23 and fey/e34 pm,” 5“): 37,},

page 25

.28 :. “1’18 THE lIST3