rock & pop MUSIC

I Trampas Grand Ole Opry. Paisley Road T011. 429 5396. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50 members). Country.

I The Sexx Godz The Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 1527. ‘)pm. Free. Glammy rocky irreverent veterans.

I Jam Session MacSorleys. Jamaica Street. 572 019‘). 6pm. Free. Willi Randy Savage And The Ninja Rabbits.

I The Stills and Coaster The Wunderbar. Shuttle Street. Paisley. 561 7208. 9pm. Free. See Sat 16 for The

8382. 7.30pm. £3. Three local indie/rock/pop bands.

I Smokescreen Canon's Gait. 232 Canongate. 556 4481. 9pm. Free.

I The Most and 087’s The Tap O'Lauriston. Lauriston Place. 22‘) 4041. 9pm. Free. Garage punk-pop from The Most who hail from Glasgow and have a single (‘1 Stole Your Man/Bodysnatcher') out now. heavy soul guitar front the support.

I Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffiti.

\l. ' I! f .w

Mansfield Place Church. Corner of Stills. . _ Q. Broughton Street. 557 8003. ‘).30pm. £6 I lee MUSIC Ktlkennys. John Street. “\g 9‘ (£5). Manilito and his fifteen-piece 552 3505. 9pm. Free. A ~

Cuban orchestra at this popular club night. With DJs too.

I Jazz Joint Henry's Cellar Bar. Morrison Street. 221 1288. 10pm. £5 (£4). Home Cooking presents a soulful garage/house night with DJs Mikey Stirton and Paul Seiji beingjoined by four musicians on trumpet. keys. bass and guitar. Real fusion!

Glasgow I Shirley Bassey Clyde Auditorium.


I Live Music The Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £3. Three local bands (the) battle for your attention.

I The Selector and Proi Liquid Rooms. Victoria Street. 225 2564. 8pm. £7. Classic ska.

I Jazz Joint Henry's Cellar Bar. Morrison Street. 221 1288. See Sun 17. I James Finlay Auld Course Bar. Bruntstield Links Hotel. 22‘) 3046. 8pm. Free. Part of the Amnesty International Fur‘eeI-Mc-r’i’ut Week. See Amnesty


(a iii .

Willie Nelson twangs his way to Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, Sat 23 May


Glasgow I Leo Kottke and Annabel Lamb Big Big Country. Old Fruittnarket. Albion

veterans of the Two Tone ska scene. lronted by Pauline Black.


I Jazz Joint Henry's (‘ellar Bar.

SECC. Finnieston Quay. 287 7777. competition. Morrison Street. 221 1288. See Mon 18. Street. 2875511. 7.30pm. £‘) (£7). See 6.30pm. SOLD OUT. Sadly. Shirl I Perfect Blue Wilkie House. ('owgate. preview for this opening sltow in the Big couldn't tnake it to the recent m 225 5583. ‘)pm. Free. Part of the i Big Country season.

Propellerheads show. but what a diva. Amnesty International l-‘rugr’t-.’llt'-.\'ut I The Groundhogs The (‘athouse. With ‘History Repeating'. she Glasgow Week. See Amnesty competition. L‘nion Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £5.50. No

I Livingroom Legends WJ Christies. West Port. 228 3765. 9.30pm. Free. livei‘ybody‘s welcome at this open true

age restriction. I Scott 4 King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £5.

I Shirley Bassey Clyde Auditorium. SECC. Fitmieston Quay. 287 7777. 6.30pm. SOLD ()UT. See Sun 24.

demonstrated that she is one of the few oldsters who cart consort With ‘the younger generation' and not make a tool

of themselves. And unlike Tammy I Curve King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut. St session. One of the most acclaimed new hands in Wynette‘s contribution to the KLF. she Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £9. the country. named after a Scott Walker probably knew what she was singing See preview for the return of the baiid r alhurn. They'll he playing T iii the Park about. A true showbiz legend. who were doing the frosty goth-industrial but an intimate venue like this should

I Come and Midget King Tut's Wah thing before Garbage swiped the glory. Glasgow enhance their Spirituali/ed meets a

I Jolt The 13th Note Cafe. King Street. 553 1638. ‘)pm. £2. Jolt are the battd formed by es-Senseless Thing Mark Keds and ex—Mambo Taxi BB Mets who graft the boy/girl vocal thing onto some hard-edged guitars.

I Bionic, Yogi and The Jeepseats King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50. Local triple bill.

I Glasgow Songwriters featuring Neil Thomson Blackfriars. Bell Street. 552 5924. ‘).15pm. Free. Folky singer/songwriter. Pltis open mic guest spot. Arrive early to book your place: priority will he given to first-time performers.

I Live Music Glory Box. Curlers. Byres Road. 338 6511. 8pm. Free.


I Songwriters' Showcase 'l‘ron (‘eilitlli House. Hunter Square. 8.30pm. £1. Information: 661 5275. Weekly forum for lidinbtirgh-based singer-songw riters. with anybody welcome to perform a fifteen-minute set.

I Live Music The Liquid Room. Victoria Street. 225 2564. ‘)pm. Free. Part of the Amnesty International l-‘urgel-ille-A’ur Week. See Amnesty competition.

I Jazz Joint Henry's Cellar Bar. 3

cow poke sounds and ear-bleeding climax to their set.

I Cannibal Corpse, Krabathor and Confusion Corporation The Arena. Oswald Street. 221 3010. 7.30pm. £7 in advance from Virgin Records t(ilasgow/liditthurgh). Ripping Records. Iidinhurgli and 803 Records. Flip (basement). Queert Street. 204 1846. Death metal gurus from Tampa in Florida who continue to leave a trail of gore and outrage I11 their wake with their current album (r'u/lr'rv ()fflSltit‘it/(h Niiice. Vocalist Corpsegrinder (George to his mum) is a guttural grunting vocal technique virtuoso.

I The 0875, Sonic Gain and Mainline Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Battle ofthe Batids heat.

I National Park Glasgow School Of Art. Renfrew Street. 332 0691. Students and guests. Local psychedelic popsters. I Johnny Logue Brel. Ashton Lane. 342 4066. ‘)pm. Free. Napoleon 4 mainman with his regular acoustic set.

I Big George And The Business (the) Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. ‘)prn. Free. Baloooz.

Edinburgh I Bigger Than Bob and The Italian Job The Tap O‘1.auriston. Lauriston

Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £5. US band Come play those terrifying grungey blues with more intensity than most and will sound all the more threatening after the perky punk pop of Stamford-based youngsters Midget. If you want to do your homework try Come's current album Gently Drum The Stream but you‘ll Itave to wait a few weeks for Midget's debut album Jukebox.

I Dean Johnson, Shifter and Little Miss Strange Strawberry Fields. Oswald Street. 221 5911. ‘)pm. £3. Dean Johnson is a1-iverpudlian singer/songwriter with a few lo-fr albums under his belt showcasing his mix of styles and black humour. He appears in Glasgow after a recent collaborative session with Wet Wet Wet of all people. whom he was introduced to by Squeeze's Chris Difford. I Kersland and Marsha Blane School For Girls Subcortica. Nice 'n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. £2.50 (advance). £3.50 (door). Plus DJ Couchboy. A monthly club favouring live techno acts over DJs. and featuring the Kersland Sound System who recently produced the “Whose Land Is It Anyway'." CD.

I Counterfeat Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £4. The Little Feat tribute band lay down some blues

I Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Permagrin FuncT. The Ferry. Clyde Place. 553 0606. 8pm. £5. Welsh wizards of twiddly make another welcome appearance spreading their imaginative eccentric combination of sweet pop moments. pastoral capers and prog keyboards. A taste worth acquiring. We need more bands with a singular \ ision. I The Misfits The Arena. Oswald Street. 221 3010. 7.30pm. £8 in advance from Virgin Records (GIasgow/Fdinburgh). Ripping Records. Edinburgh and 803 Records. Flip (basement). Queen Street. 204 1846. The veteran US punk metal band fortned in 1977 by Glenn Danzig reformed a couple of years ago without the tattoed muscle titan but with the other founding member Jerry Only and long- serving guitarist Doyle. releasing an album American Psych“ last year with full heavy metal honours.

I The Cobramatics Club F.1 Pussycat. Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 ()141. llprn. £3. See Mon 18.

I Acoustic Jam Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)637. ‘)pm. See Mon 18.

I The Selecter East Kilbride Arts Centre. Old Coach Road. Iiast Mains. 013552 61000. 8pm. £6 (£4). Well. if The Mighty Mighty Bosstones will insist on foisting their version of rude boy rock on

boogie. us. we might as well hear frotn one of the Morrison Street. 221 1288. See Tue 1‘). Continued over page . , i , Y; .2 '- 1‘; I‘ I“ l 1 a“ 4‘ ,fl‘ls. I .g . , o L‘ ‘l s z, i :: 3‘. ' if x“ .i if!” :2, ' r" ../ ; v A ' . ’50.... :1. .' Isa/i. ' 5. a 1' V l.‘ , I . . x” ‘1 I I "u. S . (1 .¢"1.,’ I . i r " it“ {'1' .r '5‘

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14—28 May 1998 THE usrss