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Vanessa Smith

Present Supports

_ ; Sat so May \ A\\:':'i‘“\' 7pm,


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Julie Tolentino

Nestiza - Que Bonitos Ojos Tienes What Beautiful Eyes You Have

4 . T“Hrs 23 -

"’53; N Sat May 8pm, £6l£4

Commissioned by queerupnorth98 and Tramway

Club Bent Cabaret

Comedy, music, fun and frivolity

_—7 Fri 29 &

Sat 30 May a if 9.30pm-Iate, £6l£4


Special Ticket Offer - Buy tickets for Julie Tolentino and Club Bent and pay only £10, £6 concession.

t r‘ a m w a y ticket 8. info hotline

tramway: alber‘t df‘iVQ1 . Q _ qua" .nonh Glasgow

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