GLIJBS listings


Jim Byers dons his disco slippers and cutsa funkymg to the new releases.


‘Sincere': M1 Cole (AM:PM)

The hottest talent on the UK garage block gets his brilliant ’Sincere’ track licensed to AMtPM. Comes with new mixes, from MI himself, and also Ashley Beedle, but it’s the Original that has the magic.

'Country Clonk': Fuzz Against Junk (Nuphonic)

Former Edinburgh resident Andy Williams and his mates in London come up with a mighty fine, sprawling jam which covers house, disco, funk, jazz and all kinds of mad shit. Excellent, experimental stuff. ‘Delirious': DJ 0 (Filter)

Glasgow’s DJ Q confirms his true class with a driving, funky house track that carries his trademark filtered sounds and rolling bass. There's a deeper remix from The Freaks, and on the flip, a stunning nine minute Derrick Carter mix of ’Glasgow’s Jazz’. Essential! 'One Love': Fred Everything Presents The Afro Love Project (Tronicsole) Canadian Fred Everything shows his class on Glasgow's Tronicsole. Head for the first tracks on either side, both midtempo funky affairs which confirm that this man has real talent.

‘Miles Away': The Problem Kids (Paper)

Rocky and Mark Wilkinson with some bass-slappin', dog barkin’, filtered quality house bizness. The a-side is cool, but the first mix on the flip has more breakdowns and more club appeal.

'90 Degrees': Counter Plan (Soma) Stuart & Orde from Slam going out under a new name, producing more classic Slam tackle. The title track is good, but check ’People's Groove‘ for dancefloor devastation.


'lunit Science': Deep Dish (Deconstruction)

The Washington duo with their much. anticipated debut album. Highlights are 'Future Of The Future', a remix of ’Stay Gold' with new vocals from Tracey Thorn, and the awesome ‘Chocolate City (love spngs)’. Elsewhere, it's a mixed bag of weird vocals, superb beats, guitars and even drum 'n' bass.

'Soundcolours’: Various mixed by Phil Mison (X:Treme)

Twelve of the deepest, sweetest, summery house tracks you could hope for mixed to perfection by the man who cut his teeth at Cafe Del Mar in Ibiza.

'Splinter’: Paper Recordings Compilation: Various (Paper)

A compilation of past, present and future classics, featuring tracks from Crazy Penis, Salt City Orchestra, Those Norwegians and others. Derrick Carter sings on the album's best track.

76 TIIE usr 14—28 May 1998


I Pump at Archaos. I lpm—3am. £4 (£2.50). Paul Traynor with R&B. swing and dance. Drinks promos.

I Jojo's at Tin Pan Alley. I l.3()pm—3am. £3 (£2). DJ Stella playing a club soundtrack to a principally gay crowd. I Qure at The Queen Margaret Union. I0pm—2am. Free before llpm. £3 (£2 members). Contemporary indie. pop and chart.

I Shooting Stars at The Garage. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Insane. drunken shenanigans eased along nicely by the charty choons of Gerry and Iain iii the main room. Staggering drink promos. I The Shimmy Club at Bennets.

I |.30pm—3am. £3 I50). Raymond Davren's party-type affair at the straight night in this gay venue. Drinks promos. I T.I.T at Trash. l0.3()ptn—3ain. £2. Studentish night featuring DJ Rory with house classics and future anthems in Room One; Grahame with student faves in Rootn Two; and extra beats in Room Three. Drinks promos. 26 May: first birthday with give-aways.


I 705 Wonderland at The Cathouse.

I lpm—3am. £2 (£1.50; free before ll.30pm). Seventies disco and funk with drinks promos.

I Bennets ll.3()pin—3ain. £2.50. DJ Sara with upbeat dance. Drinks promos. I Big Daddy at The l3th Note Cltib. llpm—3am. £ I. Big Daddy ensures as he's presenting ‘a half-nelson of funk. jazz. hip hop and petite beats' every week so make of that what you will.

I Chopper at Archaos. 10.30pm—3.30am. £4 (£2.50). House. 90s disco and pop frotn Jim da Best and hip hop/rap night Juice in Room Two once a month. Drinks promos.

I Cul De Sac Cul De Sac Bar. 9-l lptn. Free. Richard Brown. of Glasgow‘s Sonia Records. guesting every week with a huge pile of white labels. Drinks promos. I Dance Cafe at The Blythswood Hall. 260 Bath Street. 7.30—I0.30pm. £4.50. Leroc modern jive classes to chart. swing and soul. Beginners welcome.

I Fab at Reds. IIpm--3atn. £3 (£2). House and garage and anthetns with a twist of soul from DJ Skud. Drinks promos.

I Fused at The Sub Club. llpm-3am. Weekly night of intelligent techno to hard house frotn Domenic Gallacher. Tangent. Stevie Donaldson and JP.

I Fleapit Filmclub and Casino Royale at The Arches. 8pm—2am. £4 (£2). 20 May only. Second night of the film- meets-club venture for the FuncT 98 festival. Cult movies on lomm. refreshments from yer traditional usherette. plus film themes and easy listening from the Casino Royale crew. I Genetic at The I3th Note Club (basement). I lpm—3ain. £2 (£5 on 20 May). New night starting 20 May from the crew who brought you Elements. with Rob 0 and Ketnal - two ofthe most impressive drum 'n‘ bass DJs in the city bringing you the finest cuts from the county's better labels. plus their own dtib plates. Hear the future of Scottish drum 'n' bass here. 20 May. the night kicks off with a guest appearance frotn Ed Rush of Metalheadz. Virus. Prototy e and NO-U-Turn.

I lengaheati; at The Living Rootn. 9pm—midnight. Free. Mainly big beat session with some daft tunes thrown in for good measure. all f rotn the Jengaheads (Paradise Island). Been rammed lately. so get down early. Red Stripe £ I .50 and one house spirit 60p. Drinks promos.

I Pushy at The Velvet Rooms. I0.30pm—3am. £3 (£2). Stevie Smith with happy house. garage and classic dance in the tnain room.

I Salsa Y Sabor at Havana. 6pIIT-lliidniglil. Free. Latin divas Ana (Virunga) and Shannon present a delicious blend of hard and soft salsa and merengue. plus a free Latin dance class from the Academia dc Salsa at 6pm.

I Sticky Fingers at The Attic. 10.30pm—3am. £2 (£l). Gerry with indie and retro sounds. Drinks promos.


Edinburgh listings

I Bashment at The Vaults. l0pm—3am. £4. Drum 'n' bass. hip hop. reggae and R 8; B.

I Bionic at The Attic. I lpm—3am. £3 (£2). A new weekly offering from the F.vol stable. presenting baggy Manc sounds and indie beats. Drinks promos. I Catwalk 9pm— I atn. Free. ()pen decks session bring a tape down to The Catwalk with all your details and. who knows. maybe you'll be next on the decks.

I C.C. Blooms l Ipm—3am. Free. Free club downstairs at this popular gay pub. Playing a party mix ofcommercial dance and Iii-energy house. Full to bursting at weekends.

I Ceroc Dance at St Stephens. Howe Street. 7.30—l0.30pm. £tbc. Learn Ceroc. a hugely popular. easy to learn night of modern jive. No need to book. no experience required. just turn tip and let the teachers and DJ give you a great night.

I Chocolate City at Walkers. l().30pm—3am. Free entry. 14 & 28 May. Fortnightly. Scotland's leading black music DJ Yogi Haughton with the freshest hip hop. R & B. swing and soul. I The Deep at The Vaults. Next date 4 Jun. Monthly.

I eh 1 more at eh I. 9pm—lam. Free. Dolphin Boy with quality house on the lst and 3rd Thursdays of the month. T-J Crossley on the 2nd and 4th with hip hop y. housey sounds.

I T e Greenhouse at The Honeycomb. IIpm—3am. Free entry. I4 & 28 May. Fortnightly. Chicago house and funky Detroit techno grooves. With DJs A. I) and J Cammara in a four deck special. Hip hop. disco. funk through the back with Dribbler. The Junior Mac and Super Sub.

I Infiltration at Wilkie House. |().30pm. £4 (£3). 2I May. Fortnightly. Fresh. experimental house and techno with guest George T from Tribal Funktion. Drinks £l all night. Residents are (i. Kasbah. Rob Dylan. Bert. Cal and The Mole.

I In Yer Face at The Tap ()‘l.auriston. ()pin—lam. Free. 2| May. Fortnightly. Techno. hard house. trance and jungle in the re-vamped Tap. First birthday celebrations tonight.

I Jazz Joint at Henry‘s Cellar Bar. I0pm—3am. £4 (£3). Kulu‘s Tigers take a break. giving over the night to DJ Iih'.’ Wunl. with a band to be confirmed. It‘s likely to be Phil Bancroft experimenting with drum ‘n‘ bass and jazz.

I La Fromagerie at The Meadows Bar. 9pm- lam. Free. 2l May. Fortnightly. Iiasy listening. mellow jazz. hi—NRG disco and tasty cheese.

I Lari at The Tap ()' Lauriston. ()pin-lam. Free. I4 & 28 May. Fortnightly. Free techno and live sets in the re-vamped Tap. There ain't no charge for having it Larj!

I Kinky Indie at The Citrus Club. lem-3am. £2. A club Working on the premise that guitars aren‘t going out of fashion. Classic indie and alternative. old and new. Drinks promos all night.

I The Living Room 9pm— I atn. Free. DJ 4th V presents a fusion of soul. futik and hip hop in this bar.

I Love Breaks at Po Na Na. 1 lpm—3am. Free before I lptn. £2 after. Membership available. Various funky sounds with Simone and Dr Jon.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. I()pm—late. £4 (£3). Swing. hip hop. funk and soul.

I Mexican Borders at The Venue. llpm—3am. £3.50 (£3). I4 84 28 May. Fortnightly. New Latin dance night on the top floor of The Venue.

I Ripped at The Jaffacake. I Ipm—3am. £2. Weekly mix of pop and indie. Vodka is 20p a shot. tequila 50p and selected beers 60p. Mine‘s a Big Hangover On Friday. barman!

I Shag at The Rocking Horse.

llpm-3am. £3. Pop music. prizes and surprizes. with lovely drinks promos (llpm— l atn. selected spirits oilp).

I Skatace at Wilkie House. l().30pm—3am. £3. l4 & 28 May. Drum ‘n' bass. soul. ska and funk. (‘heap drinks.

I The Subway West End 4pm 3am. £tbc. Student-orientated venue from the same people behind the Subway in the Cowgate. The music is suitably varied 7- frotn 60s to ()(ls ~ and the drinks are double cheap. ()pen seven nights a week with DJs on every night.

I Thursday Night Fever at the]llltl Rootii. l0.30pni 3am. £3. Cheap drinks (selected spirits 50p. selected bottled beers £l ) and various sonl/disco/dance sounds.

I Vibe ill The \\'t‘t‘ Red lint. l().30pmu3am. l'ree. l4 k 28 May. Fortnightly. Robert Connor and Silver Storic trip through tech—house and trance. I The Wild Tribute at The Bongo Cltib. ‘me-3am. £4. 28 May. Prince tribute night.

I The Unspoken Thing at Negtx‘iants. 9pm~3ant Free. Trip hop. hip hop. drum 'n' bass and beats 'n' scratches from Iidinburgh's deadliest sonic say iotirs.


I Bizarre at The (iallery. lllpm 3am. Free. i‘ucleat' guitars. chemical heals. Bizarre. unusual. btit always intriguing. Preceeded by live bands. See Mtisic listings for details.

I Boogie Mo Dynamo at The Venue. l().3()pm--3am. £4 members; £5 non~members 22 May. Fortnightly. Proper big beat supplied by Wreckage. Fat Knuckles and Stnack. Note the new fortnightly slot.

I Catwalk 9pm lain. I-ree. Phil Alcock and Steve Abraham take turns to drop mellow. funky garage and house.

I Cathouse at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £3; £2 with Ilyer. Price includes entry to Katch and Voodoo Chile. Popular night of rock/indie-based sounds.

I C. C. Blooms llpm-3am. Free. See Thursdays.

I Century 2000 llpm-3am. £5. ()vet I8s. Commercial dance music for a mainstream city centre crowd. No ripped jeans. steel toe-caps or trainers.

I Club Bezique at The wee Red Bar. Next date 2‘) May. Montth on last In of the month.

I Club Latino at The Bongo Club. Next date 5 Jun. Monthly.

I Divine Divas at The Venue. ‘J.3()pm--3am. £5 (£3). I5 May. livery four weeks. Very popular women-only night on the top Iloor of The Venue. Regularly sells otit so get there early.

I The Drop Out at The Wee Red Bar. Next date 5 Jun. Monthly.

I eh1 More at ehl. ()pmfllam. Free. Local l).ls spin quality garage and house in this intimate bar. (iordon Mac and Gary Mac on l5 May. Jim Byers and (jay

I Lyle on 22 May. Free entry with good drinks )romos.

I Evo at the Liquid Room.

l().3()pm —late. £4. A healthy mix of music. taking in anything froin Blur. Pavement and ()asis to Public Iinemy. Jackson 5 and Undem'orld. A long- running and seriously popular night still doing promos iii association with some of the country's best record labels. Selected bottles £l before ll.3()pm.

I Fire Island Summer Ball at The Vaults. Next date l2 Jun.

I GOld-at The Attic. I lpni—3am. £3 (£2). A trip to the 80s in pleasant and easy- going surrotmdings. Drinks promos.

I Headspin at The Bongo Club. I().30pm—3ani. £5 (£4). l5 May. Monthly. All types of funky beats and grooves. including trip hop. hip hop. reggae. soul. funk. house. big beat and more. With DJs Steve Austin. Al I) and talented scratcher Colin Millar. who has recently been featured on Coldcut's Kiss FM show. Sounds good to me.

I Higher Ground at The Honeycomb. llpm—3am. £7. 22 May. Monthly. Call 04” 8 l6220 for more. Quality garage