North Street. 305 399‘). Mon Thu

()arn- Rpm: Fri —Sat (Jam—5 )m.

River Blindness Photo Ex ibition l‘ntil Fri l5 May. Sight Sayers International have teamed up with Bosnia war photographer Tom Stoddart to create a photography exhibition which captures the trials of Me for people in Al'rrca‘s t'ryer blindness lone.


840 (Email Road. (ioyan. 445 19.1] . Mon—l‘ri 8.30am—9pm: Sat 9am 75pm. Home And Away L‘ntil Thu 28 May. Landscape paintings. both rural and urban. by two contrasting artists. Laurie Gilchrist and Ronnie .\lacl.auchlan. PROJECT ABILITY

(‘entre l-‘or l)e\'elopmental Arts. IS Albion Street. 553 3832 Mon l‘tr

ll)am 5pm.

Silent Conversation llrrtrl l-rr 5 Jun. Drawings and paintings by lan Middleton. New Sites liri l5 May ~l4ri l2 Jun. Paintings. printmaking and interiors designed and created by lemurs (‘astle Hospital stall and residents.


llS Douglas Street. 248 (x186. Mon~ liri l().3()am--5pm; Sat ltl.3(lam— lprn. James Watt l'ntil Sat lo .\lay. Marine paintings in oil.

James Gorman Sat 23 May Sat .lun. Mixed media works including oils. lithocolours and acrylics.


2nd l‘loor. M King Street. 553 7030 Sat & Sun noon me

A permanent collection of kinetic sculptures by liduar‘d Bersudsky.


Picture Post Pin-Up l’ntil Wed 27 May. (‘as‘tlernilk's l’ensioners' Action (‘entre art group worked with artist .-\nne-.\larie C‘opestake to create a series ol' paintings based on images ol women in the media circa l‘)5l).

Eberhard Weber;


21 May 8pm [6/[3

John Tilbury


2o King Street. 552 2l5l. Daily

lllam 5..‘\llpm.

Five German Photographers t‘mil Sat 3() May. Photographers liy e Bertram. Zoltan .lokay. Andreas Weinand. Andreas Harder and (‘hristine llant/ch explore personal and priyate yiews oi eyeryday reality in today 's‘ Germany.

Fortunes Of War l‘ntil l’ri l‘) .lun. l’horo works by liric l,e.sdema which esplore the theory that war is ironically linked to consumerism.

Jason E Bowman I UITIIIIL‘d (TtlI)I(‘) A ( ( A (trrrirrtrSsioti

23 May

23, 24 8. 25 May 8pm £6/[3

Evan Parker

2‘) & 30 May 8pm MIEZ

Hands on: Krien Mohr's M


35 Albert l)ri\e. 287 55l l. Wed Sun noon ()prn.

I‘IOSt l'ntil Sat 33 May. The largest group exhibition ever held at 'l'ramway. bringing together the work ol‘ oyer 5U (ilasgow and l,ondv.)n—ba.sed artists. artist groups and their collaboratiye guests.


28 King Street. 552 six I 3, Tue Sat llarn 5pm.

Helen Beckman and Graham Little

6 June

I l'ntil Sat It» May. 'l‘wo person show ol

Mon Sat 11am 6pm


Sun thtoort ~


listings ART

ain de Glaire from ‘Fotoleis at the Arches'

new work, with drawings of New York by Helen Beckman and sculpture by (iraham little. See review for Helen lieckman.

Peter Richards and Dan Shipsides lintil Sat lo May. l’erl‘ormance—based project by these two Belfast-based artists.

Never Been In A Riot line In May Sat l ‘\ .lun. A collection of research material. Including test. \'ltlL‘() and audio. dtx‘umenting the history ol‘ art activism.

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0141 332 0522 350 Sadchiehall Street, Glasgow

’1 in: Storm” ARI‘S (‘mwt'n u -

desperate Optimists stalking realness

15 & 16 May 8pm £6/f3

14-28 May 1998 rususr as