Saturday 23 1 CONFERENCE A

Dunfermline v Hillhead McKaite l’ark. Limekilns Road. l)tinfei'ittline. llaitt. GHK V Grange ()ld Aititiesland. (‘row Road. Glasgow. l lattt.

Heriots FP v West Lothian (ioldenacre. Ferry Road. Edinburgh. I lam. Kelburne v Watsonians Whitehatigh. Paisley. llam.

Stenhousemuir v Forfarshire The Tryst. Tryst Road. Stenhousemuir. I latit.

Prutour Sun 24. Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh. 9am. The largest ever cycle event to come to tire UK has its Scottish leg today with entertainment commencing at 8. |5am before the riders ntake their way to the starting line A prize purse of £ l00.()00 is tip for grabs with more than I00 cyclists involved. including Chris Boardtnan.


Saturday 16

TENNENTS SCOTTISH CUP FINAL Hearts v Rangers Celtic Park.

Kerrydale Street. Glasgow. 3pm. Tltis extraordinary season fittally reaches its conclusion with Hearts aiming to cap their efforts of the last nine months with a trophy iii the cabinet ~~ after the entertainment they ltave provided. no-one would begrudge them that. Except perhaps the Rangers fans who are eager to see a Scottish Cup victory to soothe the pain of losing ottt on ten in a row. The odds may seem stacked itt their favour after the Jambos' failure to conquer eitlter half of the ()ld l-‘irm itt eight attempts. though w ltat better time than now to start their winning ways'.’


Scottish Championship Sun l7. Knockhill Racing Circuit. by [)unferntline. 9am. This w eek's action features two rounds of the Regal 600 series. Supersport 250 and ()00. stdecars. production and support races.


Tennents Jedforest Sevens Sat 23. Riverside Park. Jedburgh. l.30pm. All major Scottish clubs will be competing itt this tournament. with the big prizes being dished out around 7pm.

Edinburgh Ziebart Monarchs v Berwick Bandits Fri l5. Armadale Stadium. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. This encounter was rained off last titotttlt. so both sides will be hoping the weather holds as they strive for ctip semi-final places.

Glasgow Qfm Tigers v Edinburgh Ziebart Monarchs Sun 17. Shawt‘ieltl Stadium. Glasgow. 7.30pm. Local rivalries are reignited with the Monarchs aiming to recapture their away successes front last year.

Edinburgh Ziebart Monarchs v Isle Of Wight Fri 22. Armadale Stadium. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. The islanders make it across to Edinburgh ltoptitg to avoid some capital punishntent. Aittottg their talented line-up are Neville Tatum attd Frenchman Philipe Berge.


Scottish Series Yacht Race Thu lS—lun 2. Loch Fyne. Tarbert. Annual ttational race with overnight feeder races to Tarbert followed by ()lyntpic courses oit Loch Fyne. For the more land-Iubbered atttongst you. there is evening entertainment irt Tarbert village. Full details are avilable froin the Clyde Cruising Club on ()l4l 22l 2774.

88 THE lIST 14—28 May 1998


Scottish International Children's Festival


The Scottish International Children's Festival runs from Tue 19—Sun 24 May

Venue Information

This year's festival is no longer being held at Inverleith Park. but takes place in the following venues: Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street; Filmhouse. Lothian Road; Royal Lyceum Theatre. Grittdlay Street: Garage Theatre. Grindlay Street Court; Theatre Workshop. Hamilton Place arid Wasps Studios. off Hamilton Place.


Tickets for theatre. storytelling. an and dance workshops cost £4.50 for adults and £3.50 for children and concessions. Tickets for films are priced at £2.70 for adults and £1.50 for children and concessions. Special festival Savers are available when you book tickets for three or more events. saving 50p on every ticket (excludes film tickets bill you can count film as one of your three events). For registered education groups; minimum of ten in one group. tickets cost £3 each. Adult helpers. one for every l0 goes free. For private groups: minimum 8 iii a group. £3.50/£4.50 each. Organisers ticket. one for every 8 goes free.

Booking Your Tickets

Tickets are available by calling the Festival Box Office on 553 7700 or by faxing a booking forttt (see official programme) to 555 I304. Alternatively. you cart send postal bookings (by using booking fornt iit official programme) to: SICl“. 22 Laurie Street. Edinburgh. Iii-lo 7A0. ()r itt person from 4~24 May at the SlCF Box Office at the Royal Lyceum Theatre. Grindlay Street. Edinburgh. Booking hours are as follows: Mon—Fri l0am~5pm («l-~18 May); Mon—Fri I0am~5pmt Sat 9.3()am—-7.30pm: Sttit 10.30am—3.30pm (l‘)~24 May).

Theatre Performances Performances are listed by venue. then by date.

Performances at Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street, 228 1404. Tickets from venue and Festival Box Office 553 7700.

Sailors, Bells And The Big, Big Waves Hi 22 -Sun 24 May. l‘ri 1.30pm; Sat 3.30pm: Stilt ll 30am. £4.50 (£3 50). Ages 7- l I. Acclaimed theatre company Arad Goch present traditional Welsh tales



PREVIEW Scottish International Children's Festival

Tue l9—Surt 24 lvlay.

After eight years of fending off everything the Scottish weather could throw at it, the Children's Festival has decided to up sticks and move away from the soggy fields of Inverleith Park, to the more salubrious surroundings of some of the city‘s finer theatrical venues. The Royal Lyceum, Theatre Workshop and the Traverse are all a

_far cry from a windy, rain-soaked

tarpaulin, but as Festival Director Tony Reekie explains, grown-ups wouldn't tolerate a shoddy venue, so why should the little ones?

'We had to ask ourselves at the Children's Festival, would adults put

up with this? If you’re coming along to see a show, you don't want to have to put up with wind, rain and noisy tents.‘

But of course, it’s not just about the inclement climate. Production costs for the original site ran high, and the savings made by the move indoors has enabled the organisers to book some pretty impressive shows. Having spent the past year travelling to equivalent festivals in Toronto, Dublin and Denmark, Reekie is convinced the Festival is moving into a new phase and they now have greater scope to stage more innovative theatre.

’lt's a different festival. Next Tuesday is going to be day one of our new festival, and I’m looking forward to seeing things that actually come from it and what kind of atmosphere it starts to create'.

So, no jugglers then. but excellent theatre for children. This year’s programme includes 150 performances from award-winning companies from Scotland, England, Canada, Germany, Italy, Nigeria and Denmark, together with workshops in dance, media and art, and for first time this year, there are film screenings. Highlights include Baggard Teatret’s Hans Clodhopper where the audience are seated on the performers over-sized skirt and an extraordinary puppet show from Mimika Theatre which takes place in a canvas dome within the theatre.

But as the dreaded council cuts sweep across the city, it’s not all been plain sailing. The Royal Lyceum was one of the worst hit and there was speculation that they would have to withdraw from the Festival. But, seeing the importance of the Lyceum's commitment to children’s theatre, the Festival stepped in with more cash.

Regardless of venue, the shows are bound to make a lasting impression on all who see them and you can leave your wellies at home.

(Helen Monaghan)

on a sea theme. which combine their trademark itttaginattte storytelling with li\ e music and dattce.

Pyjamas l‘ri 22—Sun 24 May. l-‘ri 3.30pm; Sat I0.30am; Stilt 1.30pm. £4.50 ‘50). Ages 4 7. See photo caption.

HANS CLODHOPPER Fri 22—Sun 24 May. Fri 3.45pm; Sat 11am; Sun 1.45pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. Ages 8-11. A witty and imaginative show from Denmark’s Baggard Teatret in which the audience sits on the performers over-sized skirt. Based on the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen, it tells the story of the king’s daughter who is lookin for a husband. She wants someone who will have a lot to say for himsel , so as the clever suitors try their luck, it is Hans Clodhopper who wins the

day with his infectious humour.

Hans Clodhopper lit-i 22-—Sun 24 May. l‘ri 3.45pm: Sat llam; Stiit l.45pm.

£4.50 (£3.50). Ages X—I I. See photo


Groovy Not Gravy Sat 23~Sun 24 May. Sat lpm; Sun 3.30pm. £4.50 (£3.50). All ages. liesttval faves The Chipolatas present a fast-moving interactive show featuring circus skills. stories aitd songs. Sir Janet Sat 23— Sttit 24 May. Sat l.30pm: Stilt 3.45pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Ages 5—8. A wee lasste puts all the brave knights to shame iii this exciting medieval story performed by Wee Stories Theatre for Children.

Washing Day Sat 23-—Sun 24 May. Sat 4pm; Stilt ttoott. £4.50 (£3.50). Ages 371). (Me of Germany's award-winning companies 'l’heaterwerkstatt Pilkentafel's charming play witltottt words iit which ordinary laundry turns itself into a series of magical creatures as ()ld Heini arid Elsie peg out the washing. Performances at Theatre

Worksho , 34 Hamilton Place, 226 5425. Tic ets from venue and Festival Box Office, 553 7700. Scraping The Surface Wed 20 & l‘ri 22~Sat 23 May. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Ages ll+. ()ne for older children is Theatre Territic's gritty solo show. It tells the story of Vic. who rather than jumping out of aeroplanes or driving fast cars like sotne men. prefers shaves. But for Vic it's itot just about personal grooming but the