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THEY'RE EASY-GOlNG people. The l)elgados. You eould let down the tyres on their tour y'an. drink their rider. why you eould probably step on their blue suede shoes with impunity. Mention the words ‘lo—li’ howey'er . . .

'You work hard on a reeordf sighs limma l’olloek (guitars and Vocals). ‘and you still get landed with that bloody tag. Sometimes you l'eel like knoeking erities on the head. I can understand it being Used in an endearing way. but it ean he shorthand l‘or unambitious.~

.\'e\‘er let ll be said The l)elgados laek ambition. Not eontent with putting out their through their own (‘hemikal l'nderground label sinee I‘NS. the (ilasgow- based loin-pieee have been responsible l‘or releases l‘rom Bis. .-\rab Strap. .\logwai. .\lagoo and (‘ha (‘ha (‘ohen It seems a little odd in laet that their own prolile has not been as hiin as that of some ol' their eolleagues.

‘Sometimes it‘s dil‘liietlll l‘ot‘ Us to be appreeiated in our own right.’ agrees l’olloek. ‘When we started the label. the idea was to put out our own reeord rather than just a demo. I‘d say we’re yery pleased with how lar we‘re eome.

Indeed. sueh has been the rise or (‘hemikal l'nderground from the moment those pesky

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reeord s



i";:s Rodger Evans

His kids stillek into the lop l‘iot'ly two years ago (with only the label‘s third single) that operations haye eypanded eonsiderably. 'l'hey

now haye their own ol'l'iees in the liast [find of

(ilasgow and part ownership ol‘ a reeording and rehearsal eomplex in Hamilton. 'l‘hey‘re ey en in a position where they can start looking to ()\ et'seils ltlttt‘k‘els.

ill‘s 1101 [U the stage where we are able [0 leay e (‘hemikal l'nderground to its own dey iees l'or a lew weeks at a time. but it’s still the low ol‘ us who make the deeisions. It‘s a demoeratie set-up.

'I suppose we put our money where our mouth is. It's very easy to whine if you're on a big label and you don't like how things are done.’

Emma Pollock

’l suppose we put Ulll' money where (illt'

mouth is.‘ she adds. ‘lt's Very easy to whine il~

you‘re on a big label and you don't like how things are done. We lieel strongly about the importanee ol' personal attention. l’eople we work with haye to treat the reeords with as mueh respect and passion (I\ we do. That! way the work is enjoyable and you get results as well.~

II' this sounds

idealistie. l’olloek is

The success of their Chemikal Underground record label has overshadowed THE DELGADOS' own musical output. But that's about to change when their second album hits the racks.


eertainly not naiy e about how the music industry operates and the allure that London holds tor many an aspiring band.

’ll' you‘re looking lot” world—wide sueeess last. then I‘d haye to say take your ehanees with a London—based major beeause they'y e got ey'erything set up already. But il‘ you want to be with a label that will stand by you I'L‘gilt‘dless til. eommereial slleeess. l would think tw iee.~

Band—wise. 'l‘he l)elgados hay e a busy summer ahead with appearanees at the l’hoeni\ and Reading l'estiy'als and a liuropean tour planned. 'l‘heir seeond album l’v/umn is otit on 8 .lune. and l’olloek can't wait l‘or people It) hear the new stings.

‘We were \‘ery ambitious with this reeord.‘ slle sit} s. ‘\\'e used a lot ol‘ strings and keyboards. but not in a traditional way. I think people will be hearing our real potential tor the lirst time. Maybe we didn‘t lt;t\ e the resources ()I' the eonl‘idenee to be the way \y e sound in our heads until now.‘

And remember: that sound is strietly hi—l'i.

Peloton (Chemikal Underground) is released on Monday 8 June.