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taglrne rs ’sornebody's gotta pay"


Alien Resurrection

(18) 104 mins e w a

Srgourney Weaver returns as a cloned erley, wanderrng along corrrdors and experrenr rng sho< k stares frorn droolrng rrronsters In ear h of the four rnstaIrnents, Weaver has found new :Iepths rn the rhararter, and here (ornbrnes the toughness of a rnachrne wrth glrrnpses of hurnanrty The frlm rs too Jokey, however, and you keep wrshrng the mature rnovre underneath had been allowed room to breathe (Fox Pathe) (AM)

. Tomorrow Never Dies

2 (12) 114 mins «first

The at tron seguenr es are pretty rnur h up to sr ratr h rn the latest adventure for the IttVIIi( rble James Bond, thanks to the addrtton of no~'r<r.'rserrse, hrgh- krrkzng I‘orrt; Kong star 7.qu lielle Yeoh as hrs ally Prerr e Brosnan plays the role wrth a harder edge than rn Go/derreve, and the result rs a more dangerous yet debonarr Bond for the 90s The rnedra rnanrpulatron plot rs a brt of a dud, though (MGM) (AM)

The Man In The Iron


(15) 84 mins s

All for one and one for all must agree that thrs rs awful DrCaprro's stab at Durnas’ sv.ashbu< khng tale was savaged, brrt 'nterest rn the


th:s versrorr :s a I‘.(“.‘.’ Irtv.’ Th'ee .'.Iusket<‘»ers' adventures S‘.'.'t‘:llt;)(‘(i t y laughable dialogue, wooden a;trr:g, poor sound, arnateurrsh lrghtrng and rnrornprehensrble edrtrng You'd be a real dumb ass to rent thrs (Frlrn ZOOO) IPRI

Heist (18) 97 mins s s

In keeprng Wlilt the rer ent (rrrne rnoVre output, Herst sets Itself up as a norrrsh thrrller v-thh as Impenetrable a plot as possrble Before the end, you realrse there was I;ttle to get even the r'rrldest brt tonfr;se:i r‘ve' few weeks get togetlte' to {Hill wff a ::ar;:‘:: :lra'nond ur‘tr' tl‘e ‘3)(‘\.’lirli3l1‘ 7'22sf'ust

(EM! paranoras treer; rn .".(‘ irerl's

Unfortunately, rt's the audrenre rFrIrn 2000) (80)

The Tango Lesson

(PG) 97 mins

Thrs rs erther Orlando drre( tor Sally Potter‘s postmodern take on Me rnusrral genre or an hour and a naIf's se f-rndulgent (obblers whx h :ould have frtted neatly rnto a frfteen rnrnute Channel £1 graveyard slot A frlrnrnaker (Potter) can’t get her rnoVre made by Hollywood, so turns to somethrng more personal —r her tango obsessron It looks beautrful, but I'll strr k to Hrgh SOC/ety for my rr‘rusrral frx rArtrfrt ral Eye, also retarl £15 99) IBD)

Margaret's Museum

(15) 96 mins

The prosperrty of a l9‘10sr’lova S<-:;trarr yrllage relres on the liltdl :oal rnrne, but the death toll rs hrgh for the rnenfolk Helena Bonharn Carter rs annoyrng and unronvrnr rng as an rndependently sprrrted young woman whose rnarrrage rs threatened by the prt One moment twee, the next genurnely tragrr, thrs rs maybe one for Catherrne Cookson fans who don't rnrnd a brt of bad language (Metrodorne £14 99r rAMr


(U) 94 mins ~

Iranran rnaster frIrnrnake! t\::::as Krarostarnr guestrons what «s reaI aloturnentago and v..".at .s fab'rtater: rfl(il()llll't{illsftis{vl‘<ii27‘(;si;.1i‘y'()i(l!l unemployed rnan passrng hrrnself off as a frlrn drrer tor Krarostarnr :r‘rxes real footage of the man's trraI vath drarnatrsatrons of past events rusrng real people), so rs rt a prer e of deceptron about a prere of dereptron7 Ultrrnater Close-Ups for us on human gurrks rs surprrsrneg rnovrng riir'l \ereo £15 99) (AM)

War And Peace (12) 405 mins

\Vrnner of the Best FTI'I'I'IT;". irrr‘n Osgar r". 1968, Serge: Bonda'tfru». s ';‘|\,ii“y’ adaptation :2" I:a"tfy :t' "':s unsure'dy boos t:: 3‘e H s \ gse- '7

camera takes tne vrevmr rr:;.":t I'ii() the

Let us prey: Kurt Raab in The Tenderness Of Wolves

The Tenderness 0f Wolves

(18) 79 mins

A human shadow hurries along the wall during a long tracking shot as director Ulli Lommel pays homage to German Expressionist cinema and, in particular, Fritz Lang's M. The child killer at the heart of Lommel's film, however, is inspired not by Ddsseldorf's Peter KUrten, but Fritz Haarmann, who distinguished himself by selling the flesh of his victims as pork to the citizens of Depression-era Hanover.

This macabre humour Haarmann inventively capitalises on a side-product of his perversion to make some extra cash doesn't provide relief from the horror as much as add to the mood of ambiguity and unease. Haartmann himself is effectively seductive on screen, but he makes the viewer's skin crawl: his shaven head reminds us of Max Schreck in Nosferatu even before this paedophile is seen carrying out his own vampyric acts.

Made during a break in production from Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Effi Briest (Fassbinder takes producer credit, and his ‘stock company' of actors feature heavily), The Tenderness Of Wolves was for some time banned in the UK on account of its graphic nature. However, it also implicates a society that aids Haarmann a police informer in his crimes, and so makes for an interesting counterpoint to the current tabloid hysteria over paedophilia. (Alan Morrison)

Avar/able to buy (Connorsseur Video) from Mon 8 jun, priced f 75. 99.

unrrrrtrated should rrnagrne Iohn Woo's slo-rno gunplay (ornbrned vvrth a super-real, '(ar‘toony' style But rt's a :I:ror‘-:: case of eye-randy over

most spe<ta< ular srenes dodgrng explosrons at the Battle of Austerlrtx, dan: rrrg at St Petersburg balls Bolder

than other (osturne drarnas, rt's l2est

\'/<ii( hed rn (Irapter-su'ed (hunks (writer‘t The plot an assassrn falls rrr Presenter: here :7: a Errand box .'.:°..h ‘:>ve wrth hrs rntended vr: trrr‘. rs sr.l>t-tles Ila'tar‘ {3?} 9%} -‘«?.‘: 'lrsarrrrim‘frng pseudz‘r-rr‘ystr<‘al hr>kurn


Crying Freeman

(13) 97 mins STAR RATINGS :’:.r ; , _. w I, . ,,, , , Unmlssable : » \ 5 ~;; . \ '.._ "s‘ at .~ {1. g.‘ "‘1"”"~""=" 'v ' *"3 Worth a shot 'a's , ' t' . '. fatar ~" BeIOW average

You’ve been warned

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