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In France 98, all the neutrals will be cheering on

Jamaica. EVERY WORLD CUP needs a team we can all adore. While the trophy tends to end up in the arms of the brutal Argentinians, the stoically dull Germans and the dying-swan happy Italians, the tournaments tend to be remembered for the antics of the newcomers teaming with talent and entirely devoid of tactical nous. It was Nigeria in 94, Cameroon in 90. Even the Scots, each time they turn up with their fornightly passports, tend to bullet into the hearts of neutrals. This time it's Jamaica's turn and, as the Channel 4 film of the team The Reggae Boyz shows, with all true romance come elements of high farce. ’When I came here it was Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, reggae, dread and marijuana,’ recalls their Brazilian coach Rene Simoes. And mistaken identity. On meeting his future employers for the first time, the Jamaican version of Jim Farry thought Simoes was his chauffeur.

Qualification for the Finals and clashes with Argentina, Croatia and Japan means that there’s now more to Jamaican football than pictures of Bob Marley playing keepie-uppie in a Kingston park.

’You see people wearing the yellow shirts everywhere it's a cultural revolution in a way,’ insists the film’s producer Rupert Harris. 'The players are seen as national heroes and role models, and all the mothers want their daughters married off to a Reggae Boy.’ (Brian Donaldson)

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Why does a mention of Argentina 78 still make grown men cry?

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The Reggae Boys is on Channel 4 on Saturday 13 Jun.

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