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Learn to samba in ten easy lessons. WHY WORRY ABOUT the Scotland-Bra/il

score when you can samha the night away instead. .\li.\ing some hasic samha steps with the street-style l‘rom north-east Bra/il. here‘s )‘our guide to one or the most inl'ectious 'l‘eel— good‘ dances in the world. (io on try whipping tip a sweat like the natiyes.

1 Wear trainers or sol‘t-soled shoes. Saltire- painted l'aces are optional.

2 Balance is all important. so best not attempt this at home alter ten pints.

3 |)on‘t do it on a lull stomach: deyouring a \‘indaloo adds the wrong kind ol‘ spice to your ellllol'ts.

4 Samha sideways throw those hips to the left. then right. in quick (as you can manage) succession.

5 Samha crouch for this one. throw hoth hips l'orward. crouch a little with hips hack at neutral. then try throwing hips to the left and forward at the same time. Repeat alternating hetween left and right.

6 Samha on feet put your right foot lorward. halancing all your weight on your lel‘t side. throw hips to the Mt twice. (‘hange sides.

7 New is a dance seen in a lot of street carniyals in north-east Bra/i]. (‘rouch right down to the floor. rising up and throwing the right leg forward. ('rouch again. come tip and throw left leg l‘orward. Keep changing oycl'.

8 Build on this hy jumping left on the left leg. with your right leg out to the right. .ltnnp hack to the middle. 'l‘hen jump right on right leg. with left leg out to the lelt. Repeat: lel't

middle right middle.

9 Alternater. for the l'oothall tan with two left t‘eet. stick on some Saly'adorian axe music and engage in a hit of l‘reestyle jumping around. Very popular at carniy'al time.

10 It‘s last and litlrious. so. lor the sake ol~ all concerned. do rememher to deodorise.

((‘laire Prentice)

722/) lips supplied by 'lilmis’su Dmningm n'lm I'll/I.\'_/i'(’(’ Sum/m classes (II [he Hut'uml (VIII). 50 Hope .SII‘H'I. Glasgow. ('rery 'liu’

() 7])HI.‘/i()//()H'(’(//)_\' Brad/[ctr (r/rt’t' (‘/l(/) offirud/iun (/um'e Illll.\'i('.

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.171 u, i. ii

IS YOUR FINGER numh from phoning lirance for match tickets'.’ .\'eyer l’ear. hecause the world-lamous llampden Roar is going to he temporarily shil'ted north ol‘ the ('lyde tor a few weeks when the 'l'artan 'l'ent sets up tor husiness on (ilasgow (ireen.

With all the atmosphere of a World ('up stadium. the Tent promises hig screen action and liye entertainment. a licensed har and plenty ol‘ food to keep the most rayenous ol the Tartan Army from going home hungry.

On days when Scotland take on their (iroup .»\ opponents. there will he opportunities for would-he Keyin (iallachers to show off their skills. Kl’ .\'uts are sponsoring a KP-uppie contest. while ('arlton Athletic are running a charity penalty shoot- out against celehrity goalies. as well as a 'Ronaldo Run‘ which imitates a certain .\'ike 'l‘\' ad. lilsewhere. ('lyde .\lotors are ol‘l'ering a Vauxhall car as top prize in a kick—a—hall- through—a-hole competition score through the smallest hole. and you can head home in the car.

l.i\'e music also peps up the mood on match days. which line tip as l‘ollows:

Wed 10 Jun





\ L

1pm Doors open

3pm 'l‘artan Amoehas

4.30pm Scotland y Bra/i]

6.15pm 'l'artan Amoehas

8pm Morocco \‘ Norway

11pm l)oors (‘losc

Sat 13 Jun

7pm Doors open

8pm llolland \' Belgium

10pm The .»\hha Experience/70s trihute

hand Brickhouse/l).l 'I‘iger 'l'im Midnight l)oors close

Tue 16 Jun

1pm Doors open 3pm Salsa (‘eltica 4.30pm Scotland y Norway

_‘, «.6. y _.

:-, . -‘ N71

.5; .714»; g..- s -3“ i“

6.30pm Salsa ('eltica

8pm Bra/il \' Morocco

l)oors close

Fri 19 Jun

3pm Doors open

4.30pm Nigeria \' Bulgaria

7pm |.ine dancing with Sydney l)e\ ine

Midnight doors close Sat 20 Jun

3pm Doors open 4.30pm Belgium y Mexico 7pm ('eilidh with ’l’artan Amoehas and


Midnight Doors close Tue 23 Jun

1pm Doors open

3pm ltaly y Austria

6.30pm Big Vern ’n‘ The Shootahs 8pm Scotland \‘ Morocco 10pm Big Vern

Midnight l)oors(‘losc Fri 26 Jun

2pm Doors open

3pm Argentina \' ('roatia

8pm (‘olumhia y lingland

11pm Doors close

Sat 27 Jun

1pm Doors open

2pm (‘ar \\'ain

3.30pm Runner—l 'p (iroup A \ \Vinner (iroup B

6.30pm ('ar \Vash

8pm \Vinner (iroup .\ y Runner—l 'p

(iroup B Midnight l)oors close

All tickets cost £7.50 per person. with the exception of l’riday 2o .lune (£3.50). and are ayailahle now from (‘andleriggs 'l‘icket ('entre and Tickets Scotland at Virgin .\legastore. .-\rgyll Street. (ilasgow.

’l‘he all-important 'l’artan 'l‘ent ticket hotline is 0870 2402012 lot' credit card hookiltgs. open Mon l‘ri. 0am 5pm.

llurry along. hecause the teams haye tossed the coin. and the show's ahout to start.