World Cup and plate and knife and . . .

If you're looking for a quiet spot to get away from it all as the country goes football crazy then the THREE QUARTERS SPORTS CAFE is not for you.

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lhe lhree Quarters Sports (ate on ldrnhurgh's (trassmarket re(on( rle the two extremes ()wned hy Stottrsh rughy players (tregor Townsend, Rowen Shepherd and Derek Star‘lt, the lhree Quarters rs modelled around some of the sports hars whr( h the tr'ro enrountered whrle tour‘rng South /‘\frr(a, New /ealand

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The Thre Quarters ports Cafe: mre TV screens than you ca

and Atrstralra With (‘Jtilli telexrsrons and large streens on the ground floor and n ne on tne serond anu rne/z‘anrne levels, armr harr sports fans are able to \.‘.‘at(h almost any spo'trng (ontest from around the ‘.'.or|(r lhoughtfully, there are even i\.' sets hehrnd that enthusrasts (an lxeep up \.'.rth the

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\Vrth the \"Vorld (up an lrante Just around the (orner, :t seems as though Messrs lo\‘.'nsend, Stark and Shepherd have made a smarter manoeuvre than most of those hy the S(ottrsh frfteen durrng the last lrx'e Natrons tournament llox'.e\.'er, the \’Vorld (up rs not the only event guaranteed to get hums on seats, the two l/\ (up frnals a \.‘.'eel<ends ago sav. the lhree Quarters pa(l\ed to (apa( rty llelpfully, (ustorr‘ers (an hook tahles s(reens so that they're guaranteed


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dao o‘ "it"‘ti's l're rr‘a‘n r"enu, se".e(l rtoor‘t s‘prn and S llEpr'r, sltl‘l rrtto

Yarrotrs sport r‘an‘ed seztrons,

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dr‘.'rsrons In front of We trarrrtronal p::h grup B tearrts ‘.'v.’ar!n seafood salarls (ornpete ‘.‘.’rtn star t)ltr‘,’('lS rle hreast of Ba'har‘.’ due» sened '.'.':th plu'n and '-.'.hrle tr',’

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defende's su< h as (l 'llllSliltfll'l‘! and (ashe‘r. nut stir-fry ();rt.'.rtl‘ no'rna‘ feedrng hours, a s'ta( '-. 'rrer‘u p'arrs the gaps ‘.'.rtl‘. pal-.oras, ()rrenta' hsh and f'r‘ ed haguettes

Needless to say, the s «we a'rrp‘; derorated ‘.'.'rtl‘ murh in the of raglw shrrts, has Ypall 'rrrtts, pg t'tgnt posters and other Med spo'nrzr; pmap‘rernalm Perhaps rno'e .'.e<'_)'r:-:~ to some the ‘a<t that the l'rree Quarters (afe s azrn ng ‘or a

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populat or:

Three Quarters Sports Cafe, 4 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, 622 1622.

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