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Far left: Immigrants from Europe arriving in Israel, Haifa, May 1949. Above: On the road from Namdinh to Thaibinh , May 25 1954. Below: Ernest Hemingway, May 1944

principIc was. according to his contcinporar} Irwin Shaw. to 'rcinain dchonairc‘.

Ana} from the social Iiothotisc of Paris. it was the Spanish (‘i\'il War that gaVc (‘apa thc titIc oI‘ ‘thc grcalcst war photographer in the world. In I938. the British inaga/inc l’it'lurv I’m! puhlishcd eight pages ol‘ ('apa‘s photographs oI’ \x'ar's I‘aII-out gricxing Iainilics. dcad soldicrs. dcsolatc rcluch‘s. hoinhcd-out buildings. The horrors \xcrc inadc cxcruciatingly human. 'IIc slimth Ihc

I ' . . . . Capa IS a consequences oI \\'tll'. s;t}‘s Long. ‘I sing a

' hand-held camera. ('a ia’s ihotogra His new not pioneer of I I ~ I

, , carcliulh conccchd hut thc\ haVc immediach photolournalism His iiainc cstahlishcd. I'apa saich I‘or X'cn‘ who was also an York in I930 lo coVL‘t‘ assignments Iol‘ If]?

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arChEtypal faSt' presidential campaign in 1040. He then took

talking, fast- himself to Various I'rontlincs of World War II

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the fast EHd Of atrocitics \x'crc rcproduccd in the world's prcss.

society-I Philip Long \Vith Iiuropc rcacquaintcd with peace.

( apa. along \\'IIII IcIonx' photographcrs IIcnri

(‘articr-Brcsson and (icorgc Rodgcr. I'oundcd Magnum. thc now world—

lainous coopct'alch photography agency. in l‘)—I7. But other “air xoncs

caIch. ('apa trawlch to the newly crcatcd Isracl and photograpth thc arrixal ol‘ rcl‘ugccs and thc on-going u'arl‘arc with the Arabs.

Back in Iiuropc. allcgations that hc was a communist caused the ICIIIPUI'LII'} suspension of his American passport. In I054 (‘apa went to Victnain and I'ound death. .\'cchCss to sa_\'. his final hrcath was drawn on thc I'rontlinc.

Robert Capa: Photographs is at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh Saturday 30 May until Sunday 12 July.

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