Picture perfect

In response to SPD’s letter complaining about over-use of photographs of Cafe Graffiti in The List [Issue 332], the Lizzard L0unge go to great lengths to document this night, utilising the wonderful photographic skills of Andy Shaw These photographs are exhibited at the club every week, and are given to The List to use at their discretion.

Both the Lizzard Lounge and The List strive to support the blossoming music scene in Edinburgh, With the Lizzard Lounge working extremely hard to prowde an acceSSIble night where people can see a quality band every week in a club environment.

If SPD has a problem, we'll meet him on Leith Links on Saturday for a keepy- uppy competition

Joseph Malik Edinburgh

Curve balls

What kind of mook decided to give almost a whole page of coverage in Issue 332 to those sad old goths, Curve7 Garbage took their sound and made it a squillion times better, so there's no pomt in the continued existence of this band. Curve are a putrid warthog in the picturesque savannah of pop and Toni Halliday would have been burnt at the stake

1' lo

500 years ago for looking the way she does. And rightly so,

Douglas Kirton Edinburgh

Naked truth

What is it with Christians and genitalia? ’Filthy', 'disgusting’, 'corrupted' and 'revolting’ are some of the adjectives Fiona Mcvitie [Issue 332] uses to describe an Oscar, of all things [Hellfire Club's Erotic Oscar, Frontlines 331]. Do these people close their eyes

when they take a bath, I wonder? She

fw' 132.4" ' V", 1" H ’l I . . . cw: ' 1' I 7 v - .. . it"r he" i V? - v" , . r/ «a; .

I;f(¥;t¢(f'f' P‘” ‘V

David Helfgott: no shine when

should really be blaming her God for inflicting us men with our ridiculous dangly bits. Where would she be without it, biologically speaking?

They are all so hung up on the penis that when they portray their God in art, they insist on concealing his Jewishness from us either With a casual throw of a drape or a well- placed piece of vegitation, lf Jesus had a penis, and had the foreskin removed, I think we should at least be told.

George B. Anderson


Shine from Shinola

I, for one, was a great fan of the film Shine, but there's no way I would go along to see Davrd Helfgott play live [MUSIC preVIew, Issue 332]. At the Oscars ceremony last year, they showed a clip from the film, the bit where he plays 'Flight Of The Bumble Bee’ in the cafe and astonishes the customers. Right afterwards, they parted the curtains and there was the real Davrd Helfgott, who proceeded to play the same DIQCG The duff notes and general shoddiness of his playing was even more noticeable in this back-to-back arrangement; it was clear that he has lost any musical mastery that he once had. I can’t help but think this concert tour he’s doing now has a sense of freak show about it,

Caroline McDonald


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