Holland. US. l()98) Jennifer Jason Leigh. Albert l-‘inney. Ben Chaplin. llSmins. Throughout her life. Catherine Sloper (Leigh) has tried to win the affection of her stern father (Finneyl: when impoverished Morris Townsend (Chaplin) comes along. their love leaves her threatened with disinheritance. Holland's filtn has a style virtually interchangeable with any of the better 'l‘V adaptaions of this sort of stuff albeit with a more generous budget. fairly exquisite lighting and a remarkable cast. See review. (ilasgow: (il-‘l‘. lidinburgh: l-‘ilmhouse. The Wedding Singer ( l 2) (Frank Coraci. US. NOW Drew Barrymore. Adam Sandler. Christine Taylor. ()7 mins. After his bride dumps him at the altar. Robbie (Sandlet') puts on a happy face at his day job -- singing at other people's weddings. When his waitress friend (Barrymore) also suffers nuptual disappointment. an unexpected romance blossoms. Packed with a sublime 80s soundtrack. and featuring some of the (host amusing fashions since [Jungle Nights. this is a genuine out-of-nowhcre delight. Sec feature and review. (ieneral release. Welcome To Sarajevo ( IS) (Michael Winterbottom. UK. l‘)‘)7) Steven Dillane. Woody Harrelson. limira Nusevic. l()7 mins. The horror of the conflict in Bosnia breaks down the professional detachment of reporter Michael Henderson (Dillane) who decides to smuggle an orphan otit of the country. Based on the true story of [TN journalist Michael Nicholson. \‘y’intcrbottom's film gains further authenticity by being shot on location. An angry. polemical film that barely manages to contain its makers' shame and righteous fury at the West‘s complacent response to Bosnia's suffering. l’alkirk: Town Hall.

Wild Things ( l8) (John McNaughton. US. 1997) Nevc Campbell. Denise Richards. Matt Dillon. lll mins. An ‘erotic thriller' that cratns in more plot twists than the liverglades has watercourses. (his effort from Henri: I’m‘lritil ()fxl Serial Killer director McNaughton has little to

l l

recommend it. Spoilt schoolgirl and goth outsider accuse teacher of rape. but the frame is revealed in court and further complications follow. This is commercial western cinema at its worst: glossy and crude. (ieneral release.

The Wings Of The Dove ( (5) (Iain Softlcy. UK. l‘)‘)7) Helena Bonham Carter. Linus Roache. Alison lilliott. l()8 mins. An intelligent. emotionally devastating adaptation of Henry Jaines‘s novel that confidently side-steps the pitfalls of stuffy costutne drama. Prevented from marrying her humble lover. Kate (Bonham Carter) plots to pair him off with a rich. sickly American. liverything about this film emphasises quality. including the costumes. photography. Use of Venice as a setting and above all the peerless performances. (ilasgow: (ii-'l'. Kirkcaldy: Adam Stnith.

The Winter Guest ( l 5) (Alan Rickman. UK. 1997) Phyllida Law. limma 'l'hompson. (iary Hollywood. l |() mins. 'l‘here's something about the way Rickman’s directorial debut moves from one pair of characters to the next that suggests it's based on a play. but that's not a criticism. The film works out themes of loss and emotional dependency against a snow-covered Scottish landscape. weaving its icy metaphor through the characters' inner lives and the film's computer-enhanced images. The cast is

excellent. with Law proving herself one of

the country's hidden treasures. l5alkirk: Town Hall.

Wishmaster ( l8) (Robert Kurt/.man. US. l998) Tammy Lauren. Andrew l)ivoff. Robert linglund. 90 mins. ‘Be careful wltat you wish for.‘ the saying goes. ‘for that wish might come true.‘ And that‘s not what you want if the es il l)_iinn has come out of the bottle. lt's ancient monster versus wide-eyed. all-American girl in a horror throwaway that falls short of edge- of-the-seat excitement. although the over- the-top nature of it all suggests a long and popular video life. See review. (ieneral release.

Stoned again: a nasty death awaits in Wishmaster

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