THEATRE new shows


Mon 1 to Sat 6 June The Discworld live on stage!

Terry Pratchett’s

"7"" .


Starring Paul Darrow (BLAKE’S SEVEN)

Adapted by Geoffrey Cush

‘Pratcheft is

screamineg funny. He is wise. Daily Telegraph

Mon to Sat 7.30pm _ Wed 8. Sat 2.30pm


0131 220 4349


He has style.’



antona on aaedaad

Untitled - JG Bal lard

Project Phase I A Work in Progress by

Stewart Laing

Sat 20lune

8pm, FREE Strictly limited capacity Booking Essential


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80 THE LIST 28 May— 11 Jun 1998



Cool Classrcs

Glasgow: Citizens' Theatre, Thu 4—Sat 6 Jun. Edinburgh: Royal Lyceum Theatre, Mon 8—Wed 10 Jun

Followrng the classicism of Peter Darrell’s Ta/es Of Hoffman/i, Scottish Ballet heads off in a different direction for this eclectic triple-bill. Another Darrell piece is Included, but the buzz Will be created by ex-Royal Ballet star Adam Cooper’s commiSSioned work for the company, and Edinburgh-based Sheridan Nicol’s new piece, Faerie Feat, danced to the Peat Bog Faeries' digitally enhanced folk sound.

Widely experienced both at home and in North America, Nicol relishes the opportunity to have created something Scottish yet with a iazzy feel 'It’s been good to see the dancers getting down on the floor after the ClaSSIC Hoffmann,’ he says 'I might even get them cloing a bit of tap dance on pornte, though some of them are a bit reticent about the ideal'

Qurte a contrast to Darrell’s pOignant

1978 piece Five Rrickert Songs, wrth a score of Mahler songs performed live by the yOting mezzo—soprano Ruby

; Adam Cooper

1dancen I


After dancmg wrth the company, is ClllOylllg the opportunity to experiment wrth dancers he knows. Set to classic Jazz, Just Scratchin' The Surface shows the many influences on his career ’As a had lots of different


Out On The Windy Beach

Stirling: MacRobert Arts Centre, Sat 30 & Sun 31 May; Paisley Arts Centre, Sat 27 Jun

Lea Anderson’s contemporary dance companies the all-female Cholmondeleys and a|l«male Featherstonehaughs have for years made impresSions as big as their names. Now, Just in time for the summer, comes a new dance and musrc work With themes around tidal movement and water

Tour venues have been chosen specifically for their watery associations and include lidos, seafronts and lochs. Anderson has spent much of the preparation time grappling with the realities of an outdoor set, but the company is

Once more onto the beach, dear friends: a Featherstonehaugh soaks up the rays

First impressions: dancer turned choreographer Adam Cooper

experience and this comes out in my piece,' he explains ‘I can also cericentrate on characters, not Just one dance style, wrth a company used to a diversity of movement techniques '

So, look for ballet, Jazz, contemporary and social dance steps in a piece that, as Cooper puts it, ’doesn’t delve into any of the relationships too much -- it's about how first irripreSSIons last ' Cooper himself has made quite an impreSSron wrth Scottish Ballet, a company still looking for a clear path in the absence of an artistic director This short tour, wrth its varied programme, may mark a turn for the better.

(Don Morris)

confident that audiences wrll ClTJOY stepping out and vrewrng the performance whatever the weather The 'stage' setting is a specially deSrgned beach paViIion, wrth an area of decking like a ietty alongside. This allows the audience to have a 360° View of the work, as dancers ebb and flow through the space.

If it sounds as lightweight as a summer dress, beware Anderson has more serious messages embedded in the piece To a commissioned live sound score by long-time collaborators Steve Blake and Dean Brodrrck, the work explores Our relationship wrth the envrronment and the power of the sea. Add costumes by Sandy Powell - famed for his film work including The Crying Game and Interview with a Vampire, and this promises to be qune a waterside picnic for the eyes and ears. (Don Morris)