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Call Scoot for details

West Side Story

When the glossy new prodnrtron of leonard Bernstern’s legendary

rnnsu al hrts (flldSQOUJ thrs fortnrght, it \‘\.’|ll he a horne<ornrng for one mst-rnernher At 22, Glasweglan Celra (Jraharn nnsett Is rnakrng her professronal debut wrth the show She plays Rosalra one of the Hrspanm rrnrnrgrants In thrs tale of star-( rossed love In SOs New York hut she also nnderstudres the female lead, Marla Havrng toured wnh the show srnt'e last August, Graham rs lookrng forward to tomhrng base before the show transfers to

london As the song says, she wants to he Ill Arnerrta but for now, C1l<18()()\\'\\/!ll do

West Side Story Is at the K/ng's Theatre, G/asgow, Tue? Sat 73 jun


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