those DJs! Expect a cool. mixed crowd. Membership is available on the night.

I Gold at The Attic. llpm—3am. £3 (£2).

A trip to the 80s in pleasant and easy- going surroundings. Drinks promos.

I Headspin at The Bongo Club. Next date 12 Jun. Monthly.

I Higher Ground at The Honeycomb. Next date l9 Jun. Monthly. Call 04H

8 l6220 for more.

I High Rollin' at Negociants. 9pm—3am.

Free. Busy Friday night with Dr AJ (Astromotel. Higher Ground). Jon Lyley (Tribal Funktion. Scratch). AJ (Blacka’nized) and Gino (Higher Ground) mixing soulful house with hip hop. funk and disco.

I Homeless at The Shooting Gallery. Next date 12 Jun. Monthly.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. l()pm—3am. £4. A healthy mix of live music and DJs. Jabba play live.

I Katch at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £3; £2 with flyer. Price includes entry to Cathouse and Voodoo Chile. Indie dance from the 80s and 90s. I Kerplunk at Club Mercado. l0.30pm-3am. £5; two for one with Snapfax. 5 Jun. Fortnightly. Trendy Wendy and Grandmaster Fly with party tunes from the 70s. Happy hour llpm—midnight.

I Let's Party at JP‘s. 9.30pm—3am. Price tbc. An avalanche of party faves in this swinging party club. ()ver 2ls only. Nojeans or trainers.

I Lift at The Vaults. l().3()p'm—3am. £7 (£5). 5 Jtm. Fortnightly. liuan and Paul with proper techno.

I The Living Room 9pm—lam. Free. Andrew Moisey. Dillon and Christopher Wright with a freestyle tnix of dance sounds in this well-situated bar.

I Madchester at La Belle Angele.

l lpm—3am. £3.50 members; £4 non- members. 5 Jun. Fortnightly. A fun tnix of big beat. new indie and classic baggy with Del Kahuna Boy. More information: 659 5230.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana Cafe Bar. Spin—lam. Free. Gareth Sommerville (Cream. Hard Times. Shindig. Sub Club. Yip Yap. Atomic Baby) with a relaxed selection of hip hop. garage and house in this busy bar.

I Magic Moments at The Cavendish. 9pm—3am. £5. ()ver 25s only. Smart dress. No jeans. no trainers. Live bands

every week. Music from the 60s and 70s. Ground floor only.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. lOpm—3am. Price tbc. Swing. hip hop and soul upstairs. reggae and ragga downstairs at this long-running night hosted by Sir Ossie.

I Manga at La Belle Angele. Next date 12 Jun with Ireland‘s Judge Dread and Kato. Monthly. Call 220 5575 for more information.

I MIB Presents South Central at Club Mercado. l0.3()pm—3am. £5. 29 May. Fortnightly. Rap. funk. hip hop. soul. soca. ragga and R&B with DJs TNT and Mr H. Ex-Mambo (top floor) DJ Jim will also be ap earing.

I Midnig t Blue at Cafe Graffiti. lOpm—2am. £5. Fresh jau/soul/blues night which promotes a healthy mixture of live music and DJs. Regularly pulling over 250 people. Paul Harrison guests on 29 May. Tam White guests on 5 Jun.

I Misalsa at The Bongo Club. Next date 19 Jun. Monthly.

I Moroccan Clouds at P0 Na Na. lOpm—3am. Free before I lpm; £2 after. Weekly. DJ 4th Varmint with disco. funk. 60s. 70s. 80s. hip hop and cheese at this busy bar/club.

I A Night Less Ordinary at The Jaffacake. lOpm—3am. £4; £3 with flier. Wacky. zany gameshowaype fun and frolics with good drinks promos. Expect a freestyle mix of mainstream music.

I Oblivion at JP‘s. 4.30pm—9.30pm. Free. Free hot buffet. 4.30-6.30pm. all drinks two for one. 4.30—5.30pm; all spirits £ l. 5.30—6.3(lpm; cocktail pitchers £4; 6.30—7.30pm. And music too mustn‘t forget the music! A freestyle mix of pop. chart and dance to erase that nasty week's work.

I Normal at Wilkie House. 10.30pm—3am. £7 members: £l() non- members. 29 May. Fortnightly. Hard house and funky techno. Pure Science and Leo Clayton (Pure Sheng) guest on 12 Jun. followed by Tony Sapiano on 26 Jun. Membership available on the night costing £5 with a free mix tape.

I The Outhouse 5—7pm. Free Chill out downstairs after work with chilled tunes and cheap booze.

I Planet Earth at The Citrus. llpm-3am. £4. A busy and long-running night of 70s and 80s sounds where new romantics. punks. glam rockers and disco


freaks relive the era that others do their best to forget.

I Pure at The Venue. 10.30pm—3am. £4 members; £6 non-members. Prices vary when guests appear. Info. on 558 3824. One of the most respected house and techno clubs in the UK. with residents Twitch. Brainstorm. Dribbler and The Bill. Pure now has sister nights in Glasgow. Aberdeen. Dumfries. Belfast and Dublin. Pulls a mixed. friendly. dressed-down crowd.

I Reaction at The Subway. l lpm—3am. £2; free for students with matriculation card. Weekly mix of chart. dance and classic disco.

I Rebel Waltz at City Cafe. 9pm—lam. Free. 5 Jun. Fortnightly. Murray Richardson (a winner of Murik magazine‘s ‘Bedroom Bedlam' competition and a guest at The Bomb. Nottingham) drops smooth deep house grooves in the City 2 bar. Free entry and drinks promos.

I Scratch at La Belle Angele. llpm—3am. £6 (£5). 29 May. Monthly. A proper hip hop night with all that entails. like DJing. breaking. graff art etc . . . With residean Lyley. Dynamic Duo and Ritchie Ruftone. joined by DJ Go (London/Tokyo). Please note there‘ll be a change of venue and dates soon.

I Seen at The Honeycomb. 9pm—3am. £7 (£6). 5 Jun. Monthly. Quality hip hop- related action over two rooms in the capital's best venue.

I Sublime at Wilkie House. l0pm—3am. £6 members; £8 non-members. 5 Jun. Fortnightly. Proper trance with residents Kev Wright and Idge playing to a fanatical crowd. Garage and more chilled house upstairs with Gordon Mac and Gary Mac. One of Edinburgh's best nights. Call 668 3043 for more information. Third birthday party on l9 Jun with various Platipus Records bods playing live.

I The Subway West End 4pm-3am. Price tbc. See Thursdays.

I T.F.I.F. at Club Mercado. 4pm—l0pm. Free. Friday nights have changed forever thanks to Happy Hour 5—6.30pm (£l drinks. £l() bottles ofchampagne) and great. nostalgic music courtesy of Trendy Wendy.

I Triptonite North at The Honeycomb. l().3()pm—3am. £8.50. 29 May. Fortnightly. With Stuart Duncan. Gareth Sommerville. Adrian Davenport and Colin Cook. Pre-club party in Iguana from 9pm.

I Voodoo at The Vaults. l0.30pm—3am. £9 (£6). 29 May. Monthly. Residents Jay Storic and Neil McKay are joined for the night by guests Fabi Paras (Pinch. Gardening Club) and Taste‘s Fisher & Price. Call 0498 703086 for more.

I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £3 (£2 with flyer). Price includes entry to Cathouse and Katch. Full of lovely boys and girls headbanging to heavy metal.

I Walkers 4pm—3am. Free before 10.30pm; £5 after. Group concessions available. Over 21s. Smart dress Happy hour 4—8pm. With local residents Fun music. fun crowd.

I What It Is at City 2. 9pm—l .211. Free. 29 May. Fortnightly. Bob Cairns brings a healthy mix of soul. swing. hip hop and much. much more to this new City Cafe night.

I The Wheel at Moray House.

I lpm—4am. £1 students; £2 guests. A mix of dance and pop. Drinks £l before midnight. £1.60 after. Students and guests only.


I Atomic Baby at The Honeycomb. llpm—3am. £8. 6 Jun. Fortnightly. Big. bouncy. Euro-housy party pumpers from Darren Davies. Michael Kilkie and Zammo in the main room. Garage and deeper sounds through the back with Gareth Sommerville. Busy and dressy. with a good atmosphere.

I Bent at The Shooting Gallery. Next date 13 Jun. Monthly. Call the information line on 467 255l for more details.

listings CLUBS

H it list The best club night: In Edinburgh this fortnight.


Burger Queen Just over two years after they resumed operations in Club Mercado. those cheeky chappies Craig and Huggy have decided to call it a day. Both are set to concentrate on worldwide Oling commitments and a hectic production/remix schedule. In the meantime. this is your last chance to experience the Burger Queen magic. Club Mercado, Sat 6 Jun.

Big Beat With Jalal from the legendary Last Poets performing live alongside a percussionist and DJs Simon and Stuart. As ever with the Saturday nights at this venue, get there early or you just ain't gonna get in. Cafe Graffiti, Sat 6 Jun. Phat Pharm The City Cafe enlists the services of the old phat man in the three-quarter-length Kenny Dop shorts for some of his R&B/sothip hop/Northern/garage/house action. With Murray Richardson and Bob Cairns alternating on Fridays and Haughton joining Yush on the Saturdays, the City 2 is hotting up for summer. City 2, Sat 6 Jun.

I Big Beat at Cafe Graffiti. 9.30pm—3am. £6 (£5). 6 Jun. Monthly on first Sat of the month. Big Beat presents Jalal from the legendary Last Poets. He‘s joined on stage by a percussionist. plus DJs Simon and Stuart. See Hit list.

I The Last Burger Queen at Club Mercado. llpm—4am. £8 (£7). 6 Jun. For more information. call 622 7220. Two years after they resumed Burger Queen operations at Club Mercado. Craig and Huggy have decided to call it a day. This. then. is your last chance to get really dressed up and really lose the plot with those two cheeky chappies before they embark on their international DJ commitments and production/remix schedule. Be there? With little designer bells on? I think so. I‘ll see you under the counter in the cloakroom. Mr Drysdale. Your punishment for this foolish decision is 2001ines! See Hit list.

I Catwalk 9pm—lam. Free. Gordon Whittaker and Farley Smoove playing a varied selection ofcultured beats to shake your thing to.

I C.C. Blooms l [pm—3am. Free. See Thursdays.

I Century 2000 llpm—3am. £5. See Frida s.

I Co ours Of Love at Club Mercado. llpm—4am. £8 members; £10 non- members. Membership applications and club information on 0l698 276 866. 30 May. Fortnightly. All drinks £l before midnight. Bottle of bubbly £10 all night. Proper party garage and house with the fun-loving Colours crew. Ministry man Jazz M guests. Dress up to fit in.

I Disco Inferno at The Venue. 10.30pm—3am. £6. 30 May. Fortnightly. Three burning floors of hot disco action with MC Otis and DJs Love and Nick Silver. One of the busiest clubs in the capital. Now into its sixth year.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

1 [pm—3am. £3 members; £3.50 non- members. A varied playlist taking in soul. 605. new wave. indie. Northern. soundtracks and much. much more. There‘s a very cheap bar as well. Free photographic membership available on the night.

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