Darkness into light: detail from Braddock by American Artist Craig McPherson on show at the Hunterian Gallery


“8 Douglas Street. 248 6386. lvlon—lt’ri l().30am—5pm; Sat I0.30atn--lpm. James Gorman Until Sat 6 Jttn. Mixed media works including oils. lithocolours and acrylics.


2nd Floor. l4 King Street. 552 7080. Sat & Sun noon—4pm.

A pertnanent collection of kinetic sculptures by Eduard Bersudsky.


26 King Street. 552 2|5l. Daily l0am-~5.30pm.

Five German Photographers Until Sat 30 May. Photographers live Bertram. '/.oltan Jokay. Andreas Weittattd. Andreas Mader and Christine Hantzclt explore personal and private views of everyday reality in today's Germany. See review. Fortunes Of War Until l‘rt l9 Jtm. Photo works by Eric l.esdema which explore the theory that war is ironically linked to consumerism.

I Belong To Glasgow Tue 2—Sat 20 Jun. The results of a creative photography project rtttt by Street Level with the pupils of three Glasgow schools.


28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue—Sat [lam—5pm.

Never Been In A Riot Until Sat l3 Jun. A collection of research material including text. video and audio documenting the history of art activism.


2060 Pollokshaws Road. 649 7 l 5 l. Mon—Sat l0atn—5pm (closed Tue); Sun

I lam—5pm.

Sir William Burrell‘s world fatnous collection of beautiful art objects frotn around the globe. housed iii a specially designed. award-winning building. Heritage Regained: Silver From The Gilbert Collection Until Sun 3| May. Over 40 pieces of English goldsmith‘s work from the collection ofArthur Gilbert. George Stubbs's Whistlejacket Until Sun 3| May. A unique chance to view George Stubbs‘s portrait of the racehorse lV/ll.\‘l/(f/(l(‘/\'(‘I. which was recently purchased from a private collection.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. H) Dumbreck Road. 353 44-19. Sat & Sun l()am—5ptn; Mon—Fri. call for details as times vary. Cafe and design shop open daily. £3.50 (£2.50). See Glasgow Galleries for current temporary exhibitions.

KELVINGROVE GALLERY 8t MUSEUM 287 2699. Mott—Sat l0atn—5pm; Sun Ham—5pm. Cafe. [D].

A permanent collection of work by such names as Rembrandt. Monet and Vatt Gogh. See Glasgow Galleries for current temporary exhibitions.


Kelvin Hall. Dumbarton Road. 287 2720. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm (closed Tue); Sun

I lam—5pm. A museum devoted to the history of transport.


Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm (closed Tue); Sun llam—5pm. [D]. Cafe. Glasgow‘s best- loved institution re-opens after undergoing a major facelift to celebrate its centenary year. The new displays are set ottt thematically with subjects including The Patter: Visions ()f'T/te City and Crime Am/ l’trttis/tmeitt.

Avril Paton Until Sun 18 Oct. Over 25 paintings. new attd old. by this Glasgow artist.


3 Castle Street. 553 2557. The museum is temporarily closed due to structural damage and will re-open in April 1999.


2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Mon—Sat l0atn—5pm (closed Tue); Sun Ham—5pm. Free. [D]. A museum of world faiths. featuring a Zen garden. priceless art works frotn the world's six major religions and Dali's C/trist Oj'Saiitt Juli/t Oj'Tlte Cross.

The Reformation In Europe Until Sun 1 Nov. An exhibition looking at the religious turmoil of |6th and |7th century Europe.

SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM 225 Scotland Street. 429 I202. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun 2—5ptn. Cafe. [D]. Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and now home to archive material on Scottish education frotn l872 onwards.

I Can’t Paint Miss! Until Sun 2l Jun. Students from Glasgow School of Art and school pupils aged between l4—l8. teamed up to create a mixed media exhibition.


Atlas Square. 557 I405. Tue—Fri lO.30am—5 m; Sat l0am—4.30pm. [D]. Made In T e North The rich diversity of ittdustries itt Glasgow past and present is chronicled in this exhibition. Springburn Park. Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow A look at the changes over the years to Springburn Park.



29 Sciennes Road. 667 0700. Mon-Fri 10am-5pm.

Caroline Leburn Until Tue 16 J un. Recent paintings.


4 Bellevue Crescent. 557 I663. Wed-Sun noon-6pm.

Northern Light Eastern Breezes Sat 6-Sat 27 Jun. Light and atmospheric paintings by Alan Kilpatrick.


42—44 Cockburn Street. 226 6636. Sun-Mon noon—5pm; Tue—Sat

lOam—8 tn.

Natura Heartlands Until Tue 30 Jun. Photographs by environmental. landscape and wildlife photographer David Woodfall. based on his recently published book Natural Heartlands.

listings ART


6 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon-Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am-1pm.

New Acquisitions Until Tue 30 Jun. New works by various artists including Williatn McCance. Sir James Guthrie. D.Y. Cameron. Willy Wilson and Sam Bough.


IO Royal Terrace. 556 I010. Mon—Fri l0am—6pm; Sat l0am—lptn.

Mixed Exhibition Until Tue 30 Jun. A wide selection of watercolours. paintings and sculpture by Scottish. British and European artists from 1750—1950.


38 Home Street. 228 4141. Exhibitions open fifteen tnittutes before first screening of the day until llptn (Sun—Wed); lam (Thu—Sat).

The Rules Of The Game Until Sun 21 Jun. Two installations by Glasgow-based artist Kevin Hutcheson: The Art 0/ Seeing With One 's ()tvn lives focuses on the cinema experience attd The First Page. And The last Page looks at the activity of reading the first and last page only of a book.


Market Street. 529 3993. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. £4 (£2.50); fatnin ticket

£ l0.

Missing Links Alive! Until Sun 12 Jul. Art exhibition tracing the first footsteps of our ancestors using 21st century robotic technology.

William Gear And COBRA Until Sat 20 Jun. Works on paper by the late Scottish artist William Gear. plus works by his European contemporaries frotn the post- war COBRA rou .

Edinburgh: Portrait Of A Capital Sat O Jurt—Sat l1 Jul. The story ofthe capital is told through paintings. drawings and prints from the City's fine art collection.


22—28 Cockburn Street. 220 I260. Tue—Sat l lam—5.30pm (5pm Fri).

Chad McCail Until Sun 3l May. Chad McCail‘s line drawings ofcross- sectioned houses observe human behaviour itt all its intimacy.

John Ayscough Until Sun 3| May. John Ayscough uses photography and painting to deconstruct tnale stereotypes.

Bad Language 8: Travel Until Sun 3| May. A group show of work by artists frotn Bonnyrigg‘s Orchard Centre.

Fanni Niemi-Junkola Sat 6 Jun—Sat 4 Jul. Video-based work by Fanni Nietni- Junkola dealing with notions ofcontrol and violence.

Zoe Walker Sat 6—Sat 20 Jun. New work in the project room from Zoe Walker.

“Hit list

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Geoff Weston Not one for the softofocus button, Weston‘s photographs of pools of vomit have provoked 'sickest show in town' epitaphs from the press. Decide for yourself in a show that tackles male culture, class divide and the need to throw up. Edinburgh: Stills Gallery until 20 Jun. Scrolls From The Dead Sea One of the most important finds of the 20th century and Glasgow‘s cultural coup of the decade, the Dead Sea Scrolls written some 2000 years ago get their only British showing in the city. Glasgow: Kelvingrove Gallery until 30 Aug.

Bernard Mininot French and very conceptual, Bernard Mininot installations ponder space and perception in a show that brings phiIOSOphy into the gallery. See prevbw. Edinburgh: Fruitmarket Gallery 6 Jun—27 Jul.

Robert Capa The man who has delivered some of the bleakest memorials to 20th century warfare from the frontlines of the second world war to the Indochina War is given a retrospective that shows he’s one of photgraphy's greatest practioners. Edinburgh: National Gallery of Modern Art 30 May—12 Jul.

War Is Over if You Want It Artists Paul Carter and Billy McCall show their disappointment in a show that tries to get to grips with being nurtured on the underbelly of 605 idealism. Glasgow: Transmission Gallery until 73 jun.

David Austenllndlan Botanical Prints Pods and petals form an impressive line-up of botanical prints dating from 1790 to 1850. While contemporary artist David Austen delivers a 20th update of vegetation and word-play. Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden until 7 Jun. 4

photographic works by Duncan Bremner. inspired by abstract light attd colour. The selection includes 'l)ialectic'. a piece previously exhibited at the RSA.


6a Dundas Street. 558 9363. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 10am—1pm.

Colin Thoms Until Sat 30 May. Recent paintings.

20th Century And Contemporary Scottish Artists Tue 2 Jun—Fri I7 Jul. Paintings by a selection of Scottish artists.


l8a Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon—Fri

l lam—5pm; Sat l0atn-lpm.

Joan Renton Until Tue 9 Jun. Recent oil and watercolour paintings by Joan Renunr


88 Hanover Street. 220 4403. Mon-Sat lOam— lOpm; Sun noon—7pm.

Gris Gris: The Exhibition Until Thu 28 May. An exhibition of work by American artist Trac Falke.

Light Prolections Fri S—t-‘ri 26 Jun. A selling exhibition of sculptural


Corstorphine Road. 334 917l. Mott—Sat 9am—6pm; Sun 9.30atn—6pm.

Wild Art Until Fri 19 Jun. An exhibition of children‘s pictures in celebration of Scottish native species.

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