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0 Alcohol and Drug Studies. i 0 Quality Engineering. '

o PGCE Education (Secondary). One call IIISIZIII ZIISVICIS.

0 Advanced Computer Systems Development. o/PAI s L EY


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MSc/Postgraduate Diplomas starting September 1090.

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0 Industrial Chemistry.

0 (Business) Information Technology. 0 Microelectronic Science.

0 (European) IT Support.

(‘Subject to S.A.A.S. conditions.) uk

THE MILLENNIUM A W a r d S We at l’anico belies e that students learn by \v orking on films in an atmosphere that is as close as possible to the working conditions found on real documentaries or feature films. For this reason our i courses all contain a large practical component. and all our tutors i are is ell known technicians currently working in the British Film Industry. I’anico is an educational charity set up by established members of the film industry. and whose patrons include 'l‘erry .lones. Terry Gilliam. Ben Kingsley and Roland (Sift. 5 “.I It is based at the only l'.I\'. feature film production V centre where training is available. Its objectch is +1.9" to prov ide realistic training and work experience ' for those seeking entry

t communitv. . . - ' Y into the film industry. %_ l. ' . I q y‘- A

Awards of up to £5.()()() are available to individuals who have an idea

Glasgow New Opportunities Millennium Awards

Do you have an idea that will improve the quality of life in the city of Glasgow? Ifso, we can help you to gain the skills and

experience to make your idea a reality!

By investing in personal development. (ilasgow New Opportunities Millennium Awards offers residents of (ilasgow an opportunity

to develop ideas that will have a positive and lasting impact on their


that will benefit their community and that relates to one ofthe following ,

Panico Media Workshop. Panico Studio. London WIV SFG

themes: ' l Falconberg Court

0 the sustainable city ° celebrating diversity

tel: 0171 734 5120 Reg. Charity No.l0460ll

° caring communities 0 lifetime of learning

Ifyou would like to find out more about the Glasgow New Opportunities Millennium Awards Scheme. please contact: Tin-1 Co-onorNA‘rOR, CIASCOW New OPP()R'I‘UNI'I‘lI-‘.S MILLENNIUM AWARDS, CSV SCO’I'IAND, 236 CLYDE STREET, GIASGOW GI 41H

Tel: 0141 204 1681 Fax: 014] 204 0668 Unemployed less than 12 months? m Interested in environmental issues? tcoruuol c Keen to learn new skills and gain work experience? While at Green Action you will work as part of a team in Centre 2 1. raising awareness and supporting action on F sustainable deveIOpment and environmental issues. You will c undertake an SVQ in Information Technology. Business Administration or Customer Services. Work undertaken by *5 Centre 2| includes: writing. photography. design. marketing, < developing web pages and researching enquiries. The course lasts for 6 months. To be eligible you must be a resident of the

thou g \VlSli


DENISE BORLAND SINGING 25. Frogston Road West. Edinburgh Iillll) 7A8

@ '3'?

Unlock Your Voice with



From Beginner to Professional

Microphone and Musical Theatre Specialist

Would you like to work for a charity?


Day seminars & weekend courses. Full I998 programme, also recruitment advice and consultancy for smaller charities.

. . . THE LITTLE House .~

0) Strathclyde area. Current benefits wrll remain unafiected. NORTON ST pmup' ,;,/-f c - v. \ . I s - o . {— ‘A 2 Participants receive £5 a week and a travel pass. The next course BATH 3A3 6“; ‘9‘

I’honc Ill 1 I 445 74‘“ lot. rim-445 7492 Email dbslngingtfl aol couk

Group 2k Individual Lessons Available me Jyrs upwards

(D will start in July. Closing date for applications is l2 June I998. Green Action. 236 Clyde Street. 3 . .. Glasgow. GI 41H. Tel: 014] 248 6864 '

Tel: OI373 472469 01373 834497

Whatever the Slylc. we have Ihe Key

90 THELIST 28 May II Jun I998