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Watcrstonc‘s Glasgow



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Sauchiehall Street


IIiis outspoken journalist and

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(Little Brown £16.99)


The lnvisibles: Bloody Hell In America

Gert 1'0.” so" P" II {8.99)


The Sopranos Alan Warner (Jonathan Cape £9.99) ' w


\.'.'iitteri I)‘," trte ari'eeaiiTi, stert (i'a'it I.I().'I‘S()", iI‘IS, tale ‘eatiue‘u one o‘ 1"‘e '.‘.oisf-(iress(‘-(: tearirs ". \(l'l‘( "i story an 0 en: (oe‘ior‘iaiior‘ ‘.'..tI‘ for) I":" tary Iirass \IHIt more (o'is;>:'aty file >' es t-“ar‘ art e'i'. 'e sewes o? The X~///es, t jeaxes tie ir'éiiiessioi: ti‘vat I‘e's tame.“ r'iore (are on the poi) ( t/Itire re.e'eii<es that litter the story tIra'i or: I'iiit‘"ltliii‘IS'1L(‘l)(l('t‘(}(itl(l(I|<iI()(lll(‘


All that Catholic guilt just isn't good for a girl. As you’d expect, an upbringing under the Virgin Mary's watchful eye has turned the girls of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour into raving, alky, kleptomaniacal nymphos. The

ALI Sopranos, the latest offering from Alan Warner, the current pick of

the toilet goss dead right.

Hail Marys a-go-go. (Claire Prentice)

Batman/Aliens Ron Max Bernie \‘Viightson (Titan (999)

If there's one saying (irat e to this were of Iia( Luao'lt, it's Elie oooorttirirty to see Strioiii"ey \'.’ea‘.'e' 's it‘.’()( aotis

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COMING IN ]UI.T... ]1:'A NH] '1 'E W] .\"l 'ERSOX A'l ' 'l 'HEk/r/i‘ Watcrstonc’s 153-157 Sauchichall Street Glasgow an 0141 332 9105

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Iil'st novel

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I 8 Elton: oeyoiio (Ill'YllMIlQ the Dark Kri'o‘fl r‘ tl‘e "‘i'(l(I'(" ~AI.I‘

7.00Pl\/l _ Preacher: Ancient

History Garth Ennis Steve Pugh Carlos Ezquerra Richard Case (Titan £9.99)

'Saw‘t 0‘ KliiP'S, flit" nest of Me tI‘Iree sto' es 'iere, starts as a starioarrl bounty "ex'e"(;e tale, oet'ore takii‘r; a

{(1, 'eao'inr; to Heir :tseif Tee set ()t‘tl, based or: the true story of

Izzo le.'i ‘aris azlio rearrange


Scotland’s literary crop, takes us through a nonsense-packed day in the big city as the (butter-would-melt) choir girls do their utmost to screw up their chances in the national singing finals.

While not demonstrating the same literary merits as it's predecessors Morvern Callar and These Demented Lands, The Sopranos is nevertheless a hilarious, gripping, at times moving, and freakin astute observation - considering it's written by a bloke - of teenage girls at play. He even gets

In between tormenting the class nerd, the girls find time to slug alcopops from lemonade bottles, throw up into their satchels and get off with random wierdos. But it’s not just a Carry On-style romp, as Warner, via surprise little plot twists, takes in all the key emotional stuff that comes with puberty and effectively portrays the West Coast small town mentality.

features .'.-’.'i a s'tototni, s t :;"‘::~:-' w; t-rtotirt'i, bat 'f'ie f’ii'rl reirt‘tirre', Souflrev‘ s'.ereofy:>e ‘.'."iIe (i=(i' ,z' r; ' ifs oz'xr .oler‘re, aw: i‘. _ e.<-r rim/1

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The Compleat


John lylarc [)el'.llatteis'Jon J. '.I;itn (Titan £24.99) 'I.Io<)"s"a(:o‘.‘. (om -s new "r; a "e‘f/ prte tar; <l"(lri(l7‘tf'1"(; e"<i<>'s<~'e' '3) i'()'Y‘ Ray Braootiry a"(i l.I:<' at-

l.loo"< o< ‘-\ It's easy To see .'..' y fr; s very long, “(SILK :riatory, 'ites-o‘~ oassaqe soa< e-‘a"tasy abso'oer: a' r: reoyerl flier" so '- llo.‘e? sir aooroa< If, :)a( '~ er: alias o' a“: <,‘l/.'"I)o|:sr': a'rri beaaizf'aiy ‘.‘.‘ater(olotiretl, :t lives at) to 1' e y.)(' that hailed the (grapfnr novel as a r-ez'.

literary ‘orrri (Alyiv


SLISc‘i.’T."<i Beaumor‘t, Bear: Dorau. ,t,‘ y / Iastar I.Ial)l>ott, Deirdre M) ()y, Ala" l./lor'r:so'i, Claire Preritte, Pete" Ross, Alison Stroak