Invasion: Earth BBC1, Fri 12 Jun, 9.30pm

i't f uaj ClVGUtlt‘ sees ()tt' gaiiar". lit-'oes p'eparwg to sane the Tart".

it s.-:‘, :ztans, ast-ditt l‘ e“orts ant: '1("()( rt-tonmrrssahtt> are the orde' oi T't‘tltiy 'r‘ an (’t)lst)(}(*("tf;1'(‘(l Hie Snatterer Or" ‘y’xtmds, '.‘.i"l( h may or

'“a, lot i)('(}".’!."(§il1(‘()dlll(‘(i‘.'.<lv

Stars In Their Eyes Live Final

Scottish, Sat 13 Jun, 7.30pm, 10.05pm.

l.':attrre.'. Kelly rnt'odutes another l):llt( l‘: of lose's to the naton as the fr‘a'rsts take tiieir plates Among fine l."".( anny impersonations are (her, Neil l)'a'nond and Belinda Carirsle If the ri‘ed.tat.on hasn't \.".'().'l‘, ot't' hy 10pm, fane in to find out the result

The Reggae Boyz

Channel 4, Sat 13 Jun, 10.45pm.

last No‘~.ernher, Jarnaita set ured a spot n the \r'ri'orrd C up for the first tune in therr history and proyrded the neutrals ‘.'..In a tearn to love This t’rlrn follows the stiuad through gualifitation up to the ewe of their dehut appearaht :r‘. the tiriars The star of the shot: ;s \D’alter Boyd, hest destrrhed as the team's C3a//a, wrtn a loathing T'or train ng anti a k'iat k for falling out

\. rolentiy \.'.ith the that h

The Agony Hour Channel 5, Sun 14 Jun, 8pm. l.1;riarn O'C allaghan takes the thanne? to new heights of se'iousness mth the first 0‘ s:xteen \.'.eek|y tiehates on moral, ethrtai <"‘r(ilt‘iinOliS(iliMllllldSi<l(ll1(]tlS today \'.«’e|l, not totlay leSi in ge":eral


BBCZ, Sun 14 Jun, 8pm.

After rnuth persuasion, the Serious l‘r'aud ()ifrte allowed its doors to he S‘-.'.'tll1() open anti gave TV tarneras unpretedented attess In the first of the series, the programme looks at the tnant ral (‘X( esses of the 80s sut h as (ruinness and Barlow C i()\1.'(‘S

Yellow fevered: The Reggae Boyz, Channel 4, Sat 13 Jun, 10.45pm

104 THE LIST '.'.

2S T998

Secret History: Killer Flu

Channel 4, Mon 13 la", 90'”.

World Cup 98 Live: Scotland v Norway Scottish, Tue 16 Jun, 3.50pm.

Tl‘is (()L.’l(2 he The "raft " .‘."l( r‘ keeps the St ots' "ones ai ‘.(" or pat ha t: to O' i‘e't'er ()r hoth Yoa 11 he giatl you if‘.’(‘ in Stotlahtt, thougl‘, as our soatherh irrends he patting at) 2'“ proiessrona: ’()(K'1(‘\.‘S hon \.‘.“ist;r‘ ar‘t: Iar‘ St John

The Rebel

Channel 4, Thu 18 Jun, 1.30pm Staritla;t);.s:\.' eariy shoxz'ng of one of the greatest B"'t sl‘ ton‘edy " 'hs Tony 'r-r'ahttx k Is or‘ fine ir‘dignar‘t ‘or'r‘. as file C ty automaton tarned sattessfti hoho artist, (il‘ti (malton ant: Srnhsoer st r'pt is a Joy

Spoonface Steinberg BBCZ, Thu 18 Jun, 9.50pm.


Lee l-r'a s d((di"‘(’(} "ad o n a. tones o ‘.e \. as ha". 0‘ the ("‘rrrtt'rt‘ns Heart" se" es Spt)o"‘ate s sex'e!‘ years on,

Jex'. s", an. stit ar‘t: te""i 'ra St ~

1" "(is I)‘( -< ah gme" s"e earns anon: t"e tt "(("“."(ii‘()" tan‘ns ant: see sane

t" t: g" 1‘.

°.() (il){)"()(i( " "(" ()‘.'." Klimt"

Dr John S ecial

Channel 4, Thu I138 Jun, 11.30pm. \‘yhen legendary Nev. ()r'et r‘s hiues guru D." Jon". tarne It) 'tontto.“ to

ret ord his t'ine l‘,(“.'.' alhunt, Anutha .7one, he was helped out hy rnernhers of Sprntualr/ed, Supergrass, Prvnai Stream and Paul \"r’elle' This pro- gr‘arnrrie retords the n;eet:ng of rhtnds

World Cup 98 Live: Scotland v Morocco BBC1, Tue 23 Jun, 8pm.

The nerves will he tanglntg as We Stots prepare for anot'n >r' glorious deieat/drav. to ensure anotl‘er ‘ruit.ess tarnpaigh Or is that new; neediessy pessirnrstrt ? BD

Radio 3, Mon 15 Jun, 10.45pm.

Barry Adarr‘son's "illuev‘te on

Mixing It Barry Adamson

Urban Hulmes: Barry Adamson

tonte'nr)o'ary rni.sit nas heer‘. hoth rtsrdious and

vast Since 1988, the one-tune Bad Seed and inernhe' oi ir‘tellettaal punk group Magazine nas heeh forging a solo tareer Il‘. the smithy oi his soai llis darkEy autohiographital \r'xxork hiends tau, 'ap, goshei, nioyie the'hes, funk antl org hand into a sound that tothd \"y’Oll he dest'rrhed as noir hop It may sour‘tl trite, hut no

Barry Adamson, no Tricky

It IS .n ret'ognrtior‘ of this rrnpatt tl‘at Ratlro 3's tonternporary rhusit r"aga/:r‘e MIX/rig It is OlOdGCriSIIl‘Q an intt>r\.rie\.‘-.' Willi Adar‘tson He'll talk about his work ‘rorh punk t'i'oiign tornposing the soundtratk to" David lyhtl‘s lost l/rght‘xay to

his new alha'n, As Ahoi/e So Be/o;»‘/

‘I'rn very 'riittl‘ attrattet: to the idea ot' darkness in He 'ii.n:ar‘ spirit,’ says Adamson ‘A ot of rr‘y rnt.sit is getting to gr os turn." a tradition that's ’1 film noir I love the idea of suspense, l l()\'(‘ the idea of n‘ystery and the antit ipation of what might he around the tor'r‘~er I’ve heeh touthet; hy oeauty in all its forms, hut | illi(l ii yery dit't'itult to write about But t'iat's who 1 ar" and now I an‘ and n‘ayhe

there's no getting away from that one '

Adan‘sorr, w'io \.‘~.ra_s hrought up by his Englisl‘. 'hot'ier and lainartah latner ll‘ [\IidlKlit‘SiOl'S Moss Side and Hulrrxe areas, orrgn‘ally intended to go into grapnit design, hut punk thar‘ged has plans forever

’When the punk explosion nappened l l‘ea'd ll‘e Bt.//tt)tks' 'Sprral St rattl" ar‘d

The Darnned’s ’New Rose' plate

r ernhrated those reto'ds and thought, “There's a need to go" There was something there for rne '

Sinte that :nusital awakening, Adamson has worked '~.‘xrtl‘ sut '1 tritreise taier‘ts as Howard Devoto, Nrtk Cave, Iggy Pop antl Jarvis C(Xkel', antl (idli‘liS to hehg deeply rn‘luented oy hrs tollahorators' explorations of alienation "t iee s ke the hatoh got passed to 'ne,' he says IPeter Ross:



Late Tackle Special Radio 4, Fri 12 Jun, 11pm.

Martrr‘ Basrw gets to 1 "ant e t"is wee-t \.‘.'itl‘. a spet 'a. ass 0" st ('1Ill‘ll(;()tii()ll t"e( hampslh/sees (31.0818t"(itl(i(’Kil"izil"()(<i( 'swos'. prornrner‘t Srnths far‘, l’at New“, and ex—B/ue Peter oh;ett o‘ :rst, Janet Ellis

Centurions Andy


Radio 3, Sun 14 lun,«1.15pnt.

Tne haragtx‘ o‘ pop a't s tereh'atet: as pa"t oi the Invent/rig Amer/ta Oh 3ser es H;s 'C,a"‘:r)hel 's Soup C ans' 2s (()."s1(i(”'t‘(1 ant: "(‘-("\.(i Hafet: as proof of nrs genius or t"a" ata"- nood l- titer may we get to hear "ov. D<i"‘l(‘:" Mir 1 "atet: " " t"e \‘-.'ear'r‘g stakes

Late Flowering Love Radio 2, Tue 161w, 9pm


ar‘el a St (H’s taxes a GUI <:°_ a s..h tt

flunk ahoaf t"e t).t‘-'-{)(Ls 'a 'it; " o.e Start-s, goes ize "w tuiti‘tJ fr) stt:tt " the rumours f'ia'. T' v 'it-: 't-::' don". l‘a‘.e 'tt‘ :"gs (2' files .‘ w

I rid'g _t; :it- Sta

What If . . . ? Radio 4, Thu 18 Jan, 8.0201“. A t;"ea°_ :>a'l<>i.' gant- air: "of a Lat:

(“Vi i)’ (1 '(:(:'(/‘)'i1\.- '<!'..' '-(; I I)’.(/' u

s . it" ta" t" f:‘ f" s darne a' t. (team (2" ir>'\" Srr‘i'." l,’a, ‘~" T"e "'s‘. form _.:; ‘ri' drst

Romain; ‘8'“ t" ".ad "at new «

s'h'f st; sod", .'.t t f t-“etf .101. f: s

i.ia.t;r, t) . ha,

Beast Inside Radio 1, ur‘ 21 Jun, 9m“.

l'o'“ Bad-gax/ "g 'a:: n'afs ° g'“~ "g ‘o' f'it” “(Vi it) :)a"T‘,’ " '.'>t' 80s it;

today‘s no I,

(t1 '.'ti..t:it' (1' . (l)>t1(.i)>

o‘ too, T'Wt' 3east-t' 3oys a'e o't ti' T"e uno' ds "cost .' ta g'oaos 1.1a",—

S T"(‘i" SW)"; .. f' (1

,.\""e llonns it

". e "eh "0'" °."(- o‘ l.'2o"<",.'«, Dist 3't>'_"t-"s, (1"t} f't- ' eat: 0’

Dt" Jar' Bl)