My beautiful launderette

A new adjunct to the Sundial laundrette means that the LOST SOCK DINER is likely to clean up.

.'.o'r:s Rory Weller

Demucat'on "a gone to 00: n recent yea's, you're got soap stars as creotore snigers, f'orrne' drag oea ers as yoot’ TV presenters ano teen ECO ooosters act ng n doog; thouers One pace that the ommoa"; t)';.rr:ng has worer n gram fash on ,s me Lost Soc.-< Dner, Scotlar‘o’s first ever LaonOro-dlner It's a ‘ufiy '.‘.rork:ng .atmo'ette, :t's a damn coo. other, t's the ‘utore t'or yOu' sma'ls

The rnan behno t as s Ste/en Biamre, an Eo‘nbmg‘h entrepreneur no starteo of" sea ng ear-r rtgs to "air sa ons oe‘ore outttr‘g rnoney :nto a m“ M-‘t ,0--


recording stuo‘o olrectly under the Sondra: Laundrette at the bottom 0‘ Eo'tnoorgh's Brougntoe: Street For years n-e'o Ioor< aoove run“ meditattng on the thought that the tus'on of cotnes .vash 'tg Dorm-g wrth 9000 food and org TVs .nterestzng, woold be a winning comoo Dectotng to

Le Sept

7 Old Fishmarket Close Edinburgh

Lunch and Dinner Monday to Thursday. Friday. Saturday and Sunday open all day

telephone 0131 225 5428


conve't h; daydreams nto reairty, Biatkle soid the recommg stao'no ano bought the jciflk snoo next door to the Sundtai Ther‘ he b'Oug?‘t m Ahoy Stone, the man resoonsb e ‘o' the Catwalx at the other eno of B"< UghtOn Street, to design the o'ace to h s spectfrcatrons Mooerr‘, orrgr‘t and any, éookrng more ‘zKe a styzish oar tt‘ar‘ an.

'The name came from acid. Not from taking it, just from the fact that it was funky and a strange idea. We thought LSD: Lost Sock

Diner.’ Steven Blaikie

extensIOn to a raono‘rette, the Lost SOCK Drner boasts a won trail, state 0‘ the art some system and nas pars to Internet “nodules and v.on n< phones

The watis nao to oe rnatt not geoss and Btarkae Intends go ng over IT‘Q gruDOy rnarKs every Sunoay to <eep ,t ioo»<.r~g t'resh He r‘asn’t bmgnt Out the Sundraz, out has paro t'Or them to have a make-Over, keeomg contvrmty between tne two premises ‘.'./‘ are

c: .' oeo oy a s omg g ass .'.a

'T"e barre ca're t"om ac o,’ says 8 a (re ’Not tron: ta-crg lost from t'ie fact t"at st azas ‘<y a" strar‘ge eoea \‘Je troognt LSD Lost Soc< D ner'

Ar‘o ‘txfl-c/ ar‘o strange t s too It's not rte'e you (an toc< n to oeeo ‘rreo' sot. o tr: .er~':o" 'nayo or sn‘nacn and feta p e raooeo' m f-‘o as you '.'.a't ‘or t"e SDI" c/c e to this" The t'ooo wens createo 0y Roo r“ Borne '.'.t‘o as a patter tne \.‘.'ate"ront oar for sixteen years ano r‘as nee" a close ‘rteno 0‘ Ba ‘-< es For o.'e" t.‘.erity years

"ti/e starteo ot'f thr-cr‘g oaco'w Datttes, not t's gone n‘o'e me say we want t,’ says Bone

The rre'w s Scott sr‘ ttmoeo " :rt Mechterranean and Awe" (an o‘loences natt‘ ttie orer £3 50 The p0rt ons are “age magma: .re‘y se ecteo, soeeo / nreoared ano are: an e to st: " or take azzay T"e‘/".*e got a" extensro sar't e rnent, .mth ter‘ or so ‘AI ngs a.a: abe 0n s'x tyoes o‘ oreao o as the

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The Lost Sock Diner: wash and coffee to go

v‘roga‘. .C: New. Yo'-< \.“.«"'a;) a arge tort! a staf‘ed .'.’|ifl one o‘ t"e fullngs T"e Lost Soc< Diner s so pareécom rig ano ‘r'rer‘ctr,’ that yoo may or ten‘pteo to rm: tr‘ eye". "er your flay? oar; s en‘oty

Lost Sock Diner, 11 East London Street, Edinburgh, 0131 557 6097.

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