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Norman’s day

Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake outdoes Lou Reed with his perfect day.

'MY PERFECT DAY would begin after midday, because I haven't woken up after midday for a number of years now, and that's something I used to do regularly. I'd like to have a lie-in.

'So it'd probably start about two minutes past twelve. Then a nice lunch. If I was in Glasgow, I'd probably go to Cafe Gandolfi. The people there are really friendly and unpretentious, and the food’s pretty nice. I like the décor, there aren't many cafes like that left in Glasgow; even the really old cafes, they’ve all been refurbished and modernised over the last ten years or so. I guess Gandolfi's has been open for about 25 years, and it's still pretty much the way it was the day it opened.

‘This is a really boring perfect day, isn't it? The one thing I wouldn’t do is jet off to the Bahamas, because I’m really not a sun person at all. The idea of sitting in the

sun is anathema to me, I can't do it. So, later on in this perfect day, which would probably be in winter, I'd head up north, probably to Skye. There's nothing like the Isle of Skye on a windy, wet day. I like driving and it’d be nice to drive across Skye. Part of my perfect day would probably be solitude.

Teenage Fanclub: Norman in checked shirt



’In the past I've really en- joyed renting a cottage, a wee sort of croft. So, I’d spend the night there. What I love about being in the country is when you walk outside - you forget about street lights, you get used to them. But when you're in the country, you walk outside and you can’t see any-thing, which is brilliant. To end it, a camp-fire outside with my guitar, and writing about ten brilliant songs.

That’d be a perfect day: coming up with an album's worth of great songs. My

perfect day would also end with me being able to write lyrics easily. But it’ll never . ‘53? happen.’ (Damien Love)

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Teenage Fanclub headline the Longest Day .. in Kelvingrove Park. Glasgow on Saturday -. ZOJune.



Summertime, as they say, and the living is easy. On Saturday 20 June, the grassy surroundings of Kelvingrove Park play host to a whole day of first- class music from Scotland's finest, and it won't cost you a penny. Not only that: for one day only, the park will become a licensed venue with a 750

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11“. . .1 i

capacity marquee but only alcohol from the bar may be legally consumed, so leave those carry-outs at home. The entertainment begins at 2pm, and the line-up is as follows: White (2—2.30pm). The Belfast- born singer-songwriter, fresh from a US tour supporting Mary Black, kicks off the day with his blend of folk-pop.

um 1:14: Juli .1998 ' ..

The Bathers (2.50—3.20pm). Local heroes for over a decade, the Kelvingrove babies are pretty much in their own back garden for a selection of pop melodies featuring Chris Thomson's smooth vocals.


(3.50—4.20pm). Yoko Ono caught this lot when they supported her boy Sean in London, combining West Coast

influences with Byrds- ster harmonies. Speeder

4.50—5.20pm). Guitar feedback from the youngsters whose debut single, 'Everything I Do Is Wrong', was championed by Steve Lamacq on Radio One.


(5.50—6.20pm). 'Hawkwlnd meets Herbie Hancock’ pretty much covers the jazz-funk-dance

fusion of sound from this

up-and-coming collective.

Ground Control (6.50-7.20pm). A glance at the charts proves that hip hop is back on top, and this crew will be playing live as well as mixing and scratching on three decks.


(7.50—8.30pm). Being dropped by Creation on the eve of their debut album release hasn't

harmed the infectious 7: I and eclectic sounds of one of Scotland's more ' intriguing new bands.

Teenage Fandub (9-10pm). Last year’s album Songs From 33'; Northern Britain 1 confirmed Bellshill's finest ‘24. “,3 as the UK’s leading w; exponents of melodic - Byrdsian rodc, a mellow . sound that harks back to

the great American bands of the late 605 and 705. g,