No donkey trans- formations or fairy queens in Glasgow's midsummer night's dream line-up. Instead revel into the early hours with a hedonistic mix of top 015 on three floors of Queen Margaret Union. This 'super club‘ is open to students and non-

Mrs Wood

students alike, with tickets available from Way Ahead (339 8383). Fopp (357 0774), The Beat Museum (579 5034) and Tickets Scotland in Virgin (204 5151).

The event runs from 10pm—4am, and featured 015 include:

Silicone Soul Craig Morrison is a regular at Uncut (Fridays) at the Arches and is currently releasing tracks on Some. Phar-Out Paul Cawley and Alex Horton make up one of the longest running hip hop/jungle DJ outfits in Glasgow, and can usually be seen laying out their wares at the Sub Club (Thursdays) with Audio Psy-Phi. ThelengaheadsThe resurgence of hip hop in Glasgow is principally down to this lot, formerly of the Volcano and more recently stars of the city's Hogmanay celebrations. Kemal 8: Rob G Residents at Elements, the drum 'n' bass duo regularly play alongside the likes of Grooverider and Aphrodite at their


At the heart of Glasgow's West End Festival lies a musical extravaganza featuring free bands and top 015. The List catches the buzz and prepares to party right through

and the accompanying club night.

Andy’s night

Portishead DJ Andy Smith lives out a night to remember.

monthly nights at Trash. AzMan 8: Panic The Tangent 015 have their roots firmly in the underground, and provide an eclectic selection of quality house and techno.

Twitch He was manning the decks when Pure first opened its doors eight years ago, and he's not showing any signs of slowing down.

Shandy Resident at Glasgow’s monthly techno workout Test, the man with the funkier sound has recently been skipping across the Atlantic to play at large scale raves.

Mrs Wood Voted number one female DJ by DJ Magazine, Mrs Wood blends quality hard house and techno at venues across the UK and as far afield as Brazil and Australia.

Andy Smith The official Portishead DJ has appeared as support for The Fugees and Republica, and has just released his own mix CD entitled The Document.

'MY IDEA OF a perfect night would probably be going to a hip hop night and checking out loads of hip hop bands. I guess the best place would be in New York, some big place in Manhattan rather than somewhere dodgy, know what I mean? That's got to be the place for it.

‘It wouldn’t be now, though. If I could go at any time, it would be in the mid-to-late 805. The ideal line-up for me would be along the lines of The Ultra Magnetic MCs, Main Source, Gangstarr and Tribe Called Quest. You've got to add Public Enemy to that list as well, of course. I'd go along to the club with my best mates who are into hip hop, and we’d spend the day before going round the shops looking for records, finding old tracks.

'I wouldn't want to play at the club, though, I do enough of that. I'd just chill out and take it all in for a change. And I wouldn't be hiding in a back room, you‘d definitely find me out front hanging at the bar most of the time, but I'd get in a bit of dancing as well. Afterwards we’d borrow someone's Lear jet and nip down the coast to chill out on a nice beach in Miami. That would be nice, wouldn't it? (Rory Weller)

Andy Smith 015 at Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow on Saturday 20 June.

11—25 Jun 1998 THE LIST 11