Joe Paparazzi's] Velvet Rooms

Bar10 lllllE

Budda 5 “NE E Champi October Cafe Maxaluna Voodoo Rooms Cul De Sac

The Tunnel

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l l Archaos Glasgow's newest superc lub, where Spectrmn rColoursr resroes every Frrday. The Arches Glasgow theatre and club venue. Hosted Slam on F" days for srx years Home of ( ool l.er‘.‘or‘., Love BoutIOue and U'l( at Hosts Pure one- offs fOur' {Wes a yea" and \.'.as f..'st Glasgow. 'torne 0‘ Cream Arena Glasg‘ow venue WM 3‘. nosted It, Tangent and Pussypower Bar 10 Premrere Glasgott' pre-club style bar for [)Js, movers dl‘.(l shakers La Belle Angele/Designer Frames Gallery Owned by Karlrson Eastern, thrs Edinburgl‘ club hosted the house nrght Tattoo 1991 92, wrtl‘, Gareth Sommervrlle and Yogr Haughton as resrdent DJs and Crarg Smrth guestrng.

14 THE llST 11—25 Jun 1998

The Arches

Glasgow Under ground



Sommervrlre promoted er Yap here 1993 9/

Bomba Glasgow record shop and label. Released early work by Ham 8‘ Lars Sandberg (Funk 0' Vordl Yogr Haughton rs the A&R man Also employed Blue Boy Budda Glasgow style bar

Calton Studios <now Studio 24) Thrs Lo‘rnburgh venue was ongrnal home of Joy and Satrva Yoga Haughton managed and DJed here rn the early 90s.

Carbolic Frolic Hrgnly popular acrd house club that ran rn l;drnburgh, 1992 93 Proneered the dressed-up club thrng DJ Andy erlrams cut h1s teeth here, and now records for Nuphonrc

Champion Defunct Glasgow club Choice Glasgow club, now called Apartment Establrshed by Colrn Barr, It hosted the frrst DJ appearances by underage lVllchael Krlkre and Lars Sandberg tlunk D' Voro,

City Cafe Edrnburgh style bar popular wrth DJs, movers and snakers Owned by Kallrson Eastern, also one-tune owner of La Belle Angele and The Vaults

Citrus Club Edrnburgh's influential house venue, where Gareth Sommervrlle, Yogr

Sub Club

Fury munys Rain/Reds

l-laughton and Crarg Smath l)led at Tattoo 1992 93.

Club Mercado The Edrnburgh club formerly known as Buster Brown's Home to Burger Queen and Colours Cul De Sac Glasgow style bar owned by Ron McCulloch

EH1 Edmburgh style bar

Fury Murry's Glasgow venue In 1.988 rt hosted Harrr’s Blackmarket club, where Stuart Mclvlrllan and Orde Merkle also played.

Glasgow Underground Glasgow record label run by Kevrn McKay, whrch has released records by Musrque lroprgue, DJ Q, Andy Carrrck, Harrr arid George I, among others

GSA Glasgow School of Art has been home of Knucklehead and other nrghts srnc'e 1993. Home of the frrst Glasgow student radro statron Sweet 1le Hattonrigg Glasgow home of semrnai house nrght Club 9 run by erpy, who later rnsprred Colours Yogr llaugliton was resrdent and Crarg Smrth guested Honeycomb Stylrsh Edrnburg‘n home to Taste, Atomrc Baby, Sole l-usron and Substance and Groove Theory




Tin Pan Alley

Slam Events

Hoochie Coochie Influential nrgnt at Ldrnpurgh's C aveno'rsl‘ from 1988, where DJ Yogr llaugl‘tor‘. played the fz'st house or‘. the last Coast

Iguana Frirnburgh style ba'

Joe Paparazzi's Now Velvet Rooms Probably Glasgow's frrst club to play acrd house at Colm Barr's liresn Ngnts Kangaroo Club Opened around 198/ at Nrcky lam's :n Edrnburgn Garetl‘ Sommervrlle DJed at tnrs ground- breaking nrght, playrng house next to hrp hop next to rare groove

October Cafe Glasgow style bar owned by Ron McCulioch

Maxaluna G asgow ster bar ova/net: by Ron lvlcCullocn Now closed Negociants lidlnpurgl‘ style bar/c lut) Planet Studio Recordrng studro 1.". Edrnburgh's Broughton Street, used by Ege Bar“ Yasr, Sharnen and lirnrtrrbe Rain/Reds Glasgot'. club where l'he Cage ran 1". 1991 92 wrth Dls Harr: and Oscar Slam Events Glasgow organrsatrOn whrch promoted the frrst legal all- nrghters anywhere In Bntarn Has programmed the dance element of T rr: the Park for the last two years