In the ten years since house began, both Glasgow and Edinburgh have become major centres of British club culture. After unravelling the tangled network of connections between the main venues and leading players in the Scottish dance music scene, The List maps out the tracks.

Words: Rory Weller Illustratron: Stephen Chester Acidrtrona' researcl‘: Sarah Lowndes

Club Mercado

Carbolic Frolic

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Hoochie Coochie/ The Cavendish

Ir sl II I, 7; y}, 31h

Sole Music Glasgow-based record label r‘u." by Stevre Mrddleton Has released tracks by Harr:, [)ornrnrc ar‘d DJ Q Soma Record eabel set up rr‘. 1991 by Slam’s Stuart Mclvlrllan and Orde Merkle and manager Dave Clark. Releases recordrngs by top house/techno acts rncludrng One Dove, Ege 8am Yasr, Slam, Daft Punk and Funk D'Vord. Streetrave Set up at Ayr Pavrlron Il‘. 1989, wrth resrdent DJs Boney, John Manch and early appearances by Yogr I-laughton Spawned all-nrghters at Ayr Icerrnk, szrrtgston Forurr‘ and Prestwlc'k Internatronal Arrport

Sub Club Orrgrnally the name of a Frrday nrght at Lucrfer's, Glasgow wrth Sam Pracentrnr, Peter McKernan, Nrck Peacock and Euan Dale The venue on Jamarca Street was renamed Sub Club In 1987 Wrth a lune-up rncludrng Harrr, Yogr Haughton and Segun. In 1990 Ham and Slam started Atlantrs The Sub Club has consrstently remarned Glasgow's premrere house venue. Joy, Red Cell, Aqua Planet, Tangent, Pure, Cool Lemon and Sub Culture are Just a few of the hugely popular nrghts :t has

The Venue

Underground Solu’shun/ Uber Disko

Planet Studio


Citrus Club


hosted Last year’s Sub Cu/ture CD mrxed by resident DJ Harrr was a brg hrt and another rs planned for thrs autumn Tin Pan Alley Glasgow venue whrch opened .n 1987, closed Ill 1991, and reopened In 1996. In early 1990s It hosted Nrck Peac'ock's rnfluentral Club Sandrno Slam as a club entrty started here In 1987. Also hosted UFO and Orb Traxion Studio Edrnburgh recordrng studlo used by Burger Queen, Yogr, Gareth Sommervrlle and Gavrn from Underground Solu'shun.

The Tunnel Glasgow's frrst superclub, owned by Ron McCulloch Home of long- runnrng house nlght The Ark, wnh DJS Muchael Krlkre, Scott McKay and Zammo thumbaI The long-runnrng house nrght Tnumph featured Kevrn McKay and Stevre MrddletonNow home to Cream

23rd Precinct Record shop and label ll1 Glasgow. Mrchael Krlkre and Ham both worked here and released materrai on the label 23rd In Edrnburgh rs now Uber Drsko (owned by Krlkrel

Underground Solu'shun Edlnburgh record shop run by Trrbal Funktron's Srmone.

Traxion Studio

7‘ 7' a

Glasgow venues Edinburgh venues Colin Barr

Blue Boy Burger Queen Colours Dominic Kallison Eastern Ege Bam Yasi Funk D‘Void Harri

Yogi Haughton Joy

Wilkie House

N Calton Studios


:rn —=

The Vaults

La Belle Angele



City Cafe


Michael Kilkie Ron McCulloch Kevin McKay Stevie Middleton Nick Peacock Pure



Craig Smith Gareth Sommerville Taste

Tribal Funktion


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The Vaults Edrnburgh venue that brrefly hosted Burger Queen, Trrbal Funktron, Taste and Colours. Now home to Red On Red and ert.

The Venue Edinburgh club home to Trlbal Funktlon and Pure

Volcano Glasgow nrghtclub where Aqua Planet began. Featured In the frlm

of Tra/nspott/ng. Now demolrshed Wilkie House Venue In Edrnburgh’s Cowgate. In the late 19803 It hosted Spanrsh Harlem and mm, two nrghts that spearheaded the hlp house movement. Now home of many top house nrghts, such as Normal, Sublrme andJoy

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