Colin Barr

Cr‘asgov.’ (Lo and oar er‘treoreneur Ran l'resri at Joe Paoara/z 's "‘()‘.'. “x./e“.'et Rooms 1987 89 or‘e o‘ the “st ac o "ouse 'i'gtlfS Also "art the AC (1 Bar at lary {Jerry's a" 1989 Ol)(“‘(.’(}(-l‘CNCP~l1()\.’.“ADd'V‘JC‘VTt".'.lil‘ lars ar‘d K.l<:e Dli"(} Onened llte wrt‘r‘ Mark \‘v’oodl‘oase and Ron McCaLocr‘ :r‘ 1990 Le‘t n 1993 to set an Lounge and l_-\.':ng Room Ooer‘ed Voodoo Roov" rn 1994 wt“: Ham and Kevrn McKay as DJs (J‘s-med Jet ‘or'ner y Voi<ano arttrl 'ts (te'noirton

Blue Boy W U a

A k a lex B‘a( k'nore leasgow DJ and producer Ar‘ early '*l(‘l‘.‘.l)(" of Shannon, who have recorded at Peanet Studro -r‘ lid-nbtrrgh Blue Boy 'an Cmerernr Re<ords aed ‘.'\.().’K(‘(l Bomba Berame a re<iase after nzttrng the log) 1e" wwtn the srr‘gle Remember Me'

Burger Queen

leger‘ :ary l drnburgh gia'n notrse n'gnt, whrrh rar‘ trntz' Jane 1998 Began at lhe Vaults before rnovutg to Club lyle'tado Rur‘ by Huggy and C rarg Burger Queen, wr‘o now nave thezr owe label, Babtrshka

Colours - Nataraf (()"‘t.r"tr(itl()r‘ wtnrn Central S(ot:and o‘ the Ayr-baseo St'eetrave (rew ran by RICK M(Caower‘ w t" DJs Boney and John Manon S(otland's answer to the sur)er<iub or‘enornenon, (ornolete wrtl‘ (zul) tours and r“1x CDs Also a brovnoter under the name Colours 0‘ love ‘l'dznburgn and as S;)e( trarr‘ Cylasgow‘ Dominic _ , DJs wt". Harr. at Sub C‘trlture at the Sub Club, Cilasgow and has "(worded for the ('ty's Sole Musx .ar)el Kallison Eastern

ld'nbargh bar/( .ub entreorweur who was .n\.rol\./ed n estabrrsh'rtg Crty Cate, The Vaults and la Beale Angere Ege Bam Yasi

l.¥e(tro ,oerformame outf't WHIle mutated into a group o‘ o'oneers of the and sound tn S(()t.and Reéeased tracks or‘, Sorna and re(o"ded at Planet Studios

Funk D'Void _

A .-< a lars Sar‘dberg DJed at (home re 1989, and was Drsco erz'tg le‘arnp:on runner-up 1988 and 1989 Re<ordeu as LJrnted States C)‘ Sound for Bomba Records r: the early 1990s After a break, ne rs ba<k on the SC ene, re(ordrng for Sorna and Dng wondxwde


Started DJng at Dr Abdul's Shadow Drsco -n Aberdeen ;r‘ 1983, then be<arne one of the orrgrnal Sub C" ub Ir're-ur) Played at !a(l;'narket at lury Murry's, Joy, Atlantrs and Sub C‘aiture at the Sub Club He has "e(orded for 23rd Pre<rn< 1, Sole Musm and Cilasgow Underground szed 1997's (1((larr7200 Sub C‘u/ture CD

Yogi Haughton

Or grnally from Manchester Sern nar soul-based house DJ and ex-performance art:s‘t Has played at most (:ubs .r‘ Scotland, .rt(‘it.‘(llr‘g Club 9, the Hoochre Coo<hre now lhe Cavendrshr, lattoo (Wrill C rarg Srnrth and Cjaretlt Sommervrlle‘, Kangaroo and Soanrsh Harlem After managmg Calton Studros In 1990 he re<orded for Bomba amount Imoerral He :s now Bomba's A8R rnan


Scotland's brggest gay (lub Held rn Edinburgh, ongrnally at C'alton Studios, now at Wrikre House Intense hedonrsrn frorr DJs Maggre and Allan

Michael Kilkie

Best known as a resident DJ at Glasgow's Tunneé Has worked in the 23rd Precmct record shop, and rewrded for its Lzmbo sabel, enterzng the Top 20 as Urnboza Piays \‘Vl’tll Zammo at Atomm Baby (The Honeycomb, Edrnburghr and Insrde Out 4The Arches, Glasgow Co- owner of Edrnburgh's Uber Drsko lforrnerly 23rd Pre< rn(tl

16 THE “ST 11 23 JLJY‘. 1998

Ron McCulloch

'a a' o C: (rSClC s 8 (1 Beat tt'oaz‘

(" 1"e1t.""e < an, as as s?;,”e ba's a"(: 'estat.'a"ts t"ot.<;"ot.t S<<>t.a"<:, "< t. 1 "g C; asgo'.'.'s C)< tone' Cale a"(: C t. 3e Sar l.er t. <>(" s "or. "ead "g t"e Jeat 11.1 r) (r ‘o' (erttra S(ot a"(:'s 'ao'o "aw " se and exoa'e "g " s < an Kevin McKay

Crasgoxr-based DJ (1'10 ()'C)(lt.C(“ Has "erorded t.."(re" tne "a"‘e l.lt.r' (rae l'ror):(:_.e, (1’10 Crasoon. U"derg'o_.".d "(‘(()"C1S Has Died at l"e ltr'me Ra't Klar) at) at ’\:)a't"‘e'*t

ar‘d Jet, not“ Crasgov. Stevie Middleton

Rtr"sC1'asgo\.'.'s So e l«.r1;.s< (1"(2 l'o"< So e aoe s Has a'so DJed at lr‘e lt.r"‘-e, C) asgo‘t'.

Nick Peacock

DJ, o'totog'am‘e', broot.(e' and ‘reaxy (:a"<e' “\ Di s."(e 1982, "e 'a" Jt.,'t. at (r asgozz's Sub C t.:> 1" Han‘ a"d C)s(a' a"(: "as DJeo at C at) Saw: "o T" Pa" Aney, Ra " am: Sat) C no He r‘ox'. DJs at (1|(3S(}()'.‘~. Ba" 10 a"(: o"o<:t.< es as U" ne'sa

l)r'r‘<::):es t" C; er‘ C1 D1)()"S and Stt.a't l‘.1a(l~.l a"


Se": "a "ouse te< ""o " (;"t at he Ve"t.e ld'nburg" s r‘(e 199C) 1" Czlasgox'., Pare “orrs a "‘()"thr,' n.(;"t at Sub C ab a“d o<<as~o"a e'-.e"ts at 1"‘e .»\"(hes Ra" by DJs l\.'.'t< '1, Bra nsto""‘, Dv hr) (-' a"(: lr‘e B ‘l to: a a a Ke t" l~.1(l‘.o" a so DJs week“, at (Jot "‘o Sat: trn


A -< a Paul lyr‘“ Re eased '1 ate l"e l-.1t.sr<' ast yea" on 1 ‘ter Re'“ xed ‘or So"7a, Criasgox'. Undergrot.“ : a"d Soe l‘.lt;s( Reszder‘t at U"-( at lne Art "es, Crasgow

1 "st 'e(or(:ed as last l."(} l'dC ks on Blue

Bo‘y’s Clem ". abe‘

Slam Hugely r“ tre'”. a, (r asgoxa-oased DJ/

orodtxt o" oartr‘ersno o‘ Stu-art l‘x..l( l\.1‘i'ar‘

ar‘d C)"de lsle'kle Sta'ted DJ “1; as S a!" n

198/ at l '1 Pan Alley, t"er‘. at 8 aurr‘arxet at lur‘)’ l\1u"'\,*'s Ha'r: Strl ‘.'.rt" Harri, SIa"‘ started Joy at the Sub C at) n 1988, and

then Atfantrs, wl‘xh ra" 199C) 94 In 1991 .S'ttrart and C)"de set at) the Sorna .abe: Sat" at" ll‘e Arr hes, Cl'asgov. ‘or s x years, 1992 98

Craig Smith

Ldnburgr‘ "ouse/ga'age DJ Has DJed str‘(e tt‘e ate 80's when, he guested at C rel) 9 \‘Ver‘t o". to guest at Hoo( hze C oo( hze, lne C tras C ab and lattoo Resroer‘t at Solet'usro" wr‘ (h "‘()V(‘(2 fro": trie \.’at. ts

to tl‘e ll()7‘(“/(()"‘.D, <i"(} s '1()‘.‘. (alled Substance Sugned to In l)("“.(i".(} Rerords

Gareth Sommerville

l(:r'bu'ghbased DJ \“J'as ves.der‘t at the Ka"da'oo

C far) ;" 1988 oe‘ore DJ r‘g /a'"r"o at Martina, a"d at l'es":y Sguee/ed C rtrt.s C .ub He started V r) Yar) r‘ 1993 at la Be'ie Ange e w t“ C "a g S"‘-tl‘ guest'u; wtl‘ K‘ kre ar‘d /a"‘.r"o ar‘d works ’1Ul)("'l)Sr\() Has re'easeo frat Ks on Sagan troe Re(o"ds now de‘t.“(t

Taste -

Sunday (Ia-r) rrgnt "‘ ldrr‘bu'gn ‘o' the -'"ost dedzrated nedo'nsts Began at l"e Vaults am "<

'esrdes at Honey(o"‘.b Tribal Funktion -

Fortnightly brittflddYC uo “to”. r‘ [(1 nbang" He (1 at ll‘e Venue ~a"d orey ous‘y at ll‘e Vaults One o" S<otia"d's r)L.s'est house/hr) "op/dram, 'r‘.’ bass

" g'rts Regtr arty attract "g gtrests st.(l‘ as Canoe ar‘d DJ Sr‘eas, {her at) s "on: sax years o-d Res'de'”. DJ Creorge 1 has re<orded or‘ C3 asgo‘w LJ"(:e"g"ot."d re(ord ‘abel as well as states de labeis

Now olays at Atorrm Baby Ho"e\,'<o"‘o

From top: Yogi Haughton, Michael Kilkie,

Kevin McKay,

Twitch from Pure,

Lars (a.k.a. Funk D'Void) and Harri