The Kerrera Saga

The subtitle is ’what’s the use of having poets if we don’t get the use out of them?’. The Kerrera Saga is an eccentric project undertaken by poet and journalist Donny O’Rourke and sculptor George Wyllie (inset right) who for the purposes of this project describes himself as a ’philosopher, pillager, plunderer, etc’. In the spirit of their Celtic and Norse (respectively) forebears, the pair set out by sailboat from the remote island of Kerrera, ’just to see what happens’. On their

return from this perilous voyage, they will reveal to anyone interested with hybrid musical accompaniment ’just what did happen’; and will tackle a third consideration ’what happens next’. Their target audience? ’Anyone interested in random activities.’ How can you resist?

Donny O’Rourke and George Wyllie present their findings at the James Arnott Theatre, Glasgow, Tue l6—Thu 78 Jun. See Drama & dance listings for details.

.if a 3‘12?“ WT :- 5’ rid-fit“ g E at... L9 3:..." ii; The non-football-related highlights of the fortnight.

Music: The Longest Day Glasgow’s West End Festival makes the year's longest day one to remember With a series of free concerts in Kelvmgrove Park. Look Out for the likes of Astrid, The Bathers, Toaster and everyone’s fav0urite groove prowders, Teenage Fanclub (pictured above). A night of pant-swmgign clubbing follows. See feature, page 10. Glasgow; Ke/Vingrove Park, Sat 20 Jun.

Books: The Sopranos Alan Warner's third novel sees a group of Catholic girls drinking, shagging and Singing their way around Edinburgh. As gripping as it is funny. See reView, page 100. Cape £9.99

Theatre: Five Poet John Hegley returns to Edinburgh With a special piece created around the number five and a viSit to ancient Rome, apparently inspired by a car journey along the Roman road from Carlisle to Newcastle. See preView, page 62. Edinburgh: Traverse Theatre, Wed l7—Sun 27 Jun.

Dance/theatre: The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Northern Ballet Theatre are back With a new piece based on Victor Hugo’s ClaSSIC tale of beauty and the beast in medieval Paris. See preView, page 62. Glasgow: Theatre Royal, Tue 76—Sat 20 Jun.

Art: When Worlds Collide Fact and fiction collide in this show of John 'Trash’ Waters' photographs of Divine playing Jackie Kennedy in a re-enactment of the Dallas assasmation of JFK. Also featuring Video film charting airline hijacks through the decades, courtesy of Johan Grimonprez. The bad taste tour starts here. See Art preview, page 80. Glasgow: CCA, Sat 73 Jun—Sat 25 Jul

Film: The Kid/The Idle Class Two of Charlie Chaplin's best loved films receive the Symphonic treatment as Carl DaVis conducts the RSNO in the

11—28 Jun 1998 THE lI8T3