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' Dates listed below are for one-off and ticketed shows: see separate section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before ublication. Jazz listings compile by Kenny

" Mathieson.

. J’JJyJJS 5314/ Glasgow

I Bacchus Jazz Bacchus. 8‘) Glassford Street. 572 0080. l0.30pm. £3.50. A

J 0.! IJJJJJ’ change ofprograinine here. with live

band Hi Heel Sneakers replacing the planned Not The World Ctip night. which

D S I N G L E mm“ forward two weeks. 0 UT N 0 W 0 N Edinburgh

I El Cometa All-Stars Kutu‘s Jazz

FL A M A N D lgoint. prfi‘figgetlg; Banx Morrison . a .5 i I x 1-3;] ._ -l ., J A M eiiiaiiagaiiza-froni The El Cometa All-Stars jazz it up at Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh every Thursday. All-Stars. plus guest soloists. R E C O R D 8 ° 8003. 9.30pm. hand on-stage ll.3()pm. I G ' £6 (£5). Live I atin-iau grooves from lil

Cometa's i0.

Henry's (‘ellai' Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 331 l288. l0ptn. £4 Very popular soul— ja/l hand. featuring singer Nikki King

Edmburgh I Jazz Syndicate Kttlii's Ja/z Joint. and some of the coolest grooves in lt)\\'l‘. - I Midnight Blue Cafe Graffiti. East Henry's Cellar Bar. 8 Morrison Street. London Street (Mansfield Church). 557 221 l288. l0ptn. £5 (£4). Contemporary j M l I 8003. l0ptn. band on-stage around jazz. with roots in the classic (i0s Blue . 10.30pm. £5. Solid ()0s soul-jazz grooves Note sound from this high-quality se\tel. Edmbm‘gh

from the MB Players. plus guests and I Lizzard Lounge (‘at'e (it'allili. l-‘asi

- DJ“- W London Street (Mansfield (lunch). 5* 1'

_ I Jabba Kulu's Jan. Joint. Henry's 8003. 9.30pm. hantl titrslagt‘ ll..‘~0pin. . l Cellar Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 32l |288. Glasgow ' £6 i£5). llip Hoppers lilaclai‘ni/ed are

l0pin—3ani. £3. Progressive approach to I Jury's Hotel Jazz Bus Jiii'y's Glasgow : tonight's live guests.

' jazz-hip hop fusion. Hotel. Great Western Road. 2 (rpm. Free. I Jazz Syndicate Kulu's Jan Joint.

An afternoon of traditional jazz and blues Henry's (‘ellar liar. 8 Morrison Street. Si . from the West lind l-‘estival (a taste of ' le l288. l0ptn. £5 i£4t See Sat I3. _ more modern jazz will also figure in the

festival's new weekend club. The Deep Glasgow

I Kayenta Ktilu's Jau. Joint. Henry's

Cellar Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 22l l388. ian fusion limit of the West ltnd

Morrison Street. Ill l388. l0ptn. £3 (’i'csceiit. 335 53m». \ hoiian/a of music

(£2). Drum 'n' Bass -Tlie .la// Element, of all kinds including all stills of hands. hoth professional and .iitiat.'tri. l‘lie

l0ptn. £3. Newjau-folk-rock fusion l-‘estix‘al's longest liai (‘oiitinries outfit. ; programme). events take place at The l'i‘iiitiiiaiket Gallery noon 5pm. then at liistitiit

? Edinburgh Edinburgh l‘t‘tlllc‘étls‘flpiii midnight.

THE WORKS. ABERDEEN I Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffiti. East End Club in Church Street). I DS Murray's Cyberjazz Bret. 39 i I Fete De La Musique l lllllltt;ll'l\t_‘l I Altered Beats 98 Preview Phase 1 (iallei). 45 Market Sit-sci. :25 33s} and I Altered Beats 98 Preview Kulti's I I Kayenta Ktilir's _l.i//. .lornt. llc‘iiis’s Jazz Joint. Henry's Cellar Bar. 8 ('ellar Bar. R Morrison Street. 22l IZRH. h’lorrison Street. Ill 1388. l0ptn. £2. lltpiii 3am L‘s See Son l4. Hip Hop The Frees!) le lilenieni.

London Street (Mansfield Church). 557 , Edinburgh Ashton l.aiie. 8pm. l-iee. Cutting-edge Kulti's Jan. Joint. Henry‘s ('ellar liar. 8 liistitiit l‘ianeais tl'l-.cossc. l i Randolph : Edinburgh

will be performing an acoustic set in

v Edinburgh - I Altered Beats 98 Preview Phase 1 I I Cathie Rae’s Singers Night Kulti's Kiilti‘s .l.i// Joitit. llc‘iit‘}'s (‘ellar' liar. 8 ; Jazz Joint. Henry's Cellar liar. 8 Morrison Morrison Street. 22l l38\‘. lttpin. L3 Street. 23| l288. l0piii—3ani. £3 (£2). ' i£3). See .\lon l5.

Cathie Rae holds court with the Brian

Kellock Trio. pltis guest singers: l).l Ritchie m

Tickets for this event will be available = twit‘wm““” Edinburgh only by personal application to the riiunsniiv 18 j uttered Beats 98 Preview sums

Ja/z Joint. Henry 's (‘ellar Bar. 8

i Glasgow , MorrisonStreet.22l l288. l0ptn. £2.

I Bacchus Jazz Bacchus. 8‘) (ilassford See Tue lo. ' ' Street. 572 0080. 10.30pm. £4. l.atin ' percussion specialists Festiva hold the floor. - ~ - - Glasgow Bernard WI“ also be Slgnlng Coples Edinburgh I Hung Drawn Quartet Kihhle l’alace. ' ' I El Cometa All-Stars Kulu’s Jan Botanic Gardens. 7.30pm. £4 on door. Of Joint. Henry‘s Cellar Bar. 8 Morrison This greenhouse is an unusual setting for

Street. 22] l288. l0ptn. £4. See Thu ll. .i_i.i// gig iwatch the drips when you

_ choose your seat). but the lltiiig Drawn n Quartet are an unusual tan. group. The

saxophone quartet have a penchant for

Edinburgh iokev titles in their times as well as their J I Midnight Blue Cafe Graffiti. liasi name. but their music is serious enough. London Street (Mansfield Church). 557 with clex er and imaginative . 8003. l0ptn. band on-stage around arrangements and inventive jar/.1. soloing VIRGIN MEGASTORE’ PRINCES STREEI’ EDINBURGH° 10.30pm. £5. See Fri l2. i front all four players. Euan Ashley and I Basic Collective Kulu's Jazz. Joint. Raymond MacDonald (alto sases).

56 THE lIST ll-ZS Jun 1998