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Northern Ballet Theatre follow up quess storles Irke A Christmas Carol m and Dracula with thrs latest adaptation of a 19th century novel. Expect

bright colours, bold choreography and a‘~darnn good story. Swatre preview, page 62. v

The Hunchback 0/ Notre Dame Is at the "gear/e Royal, Glasgow, Tue 76 Sat 20 Jun. .


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P A N n 0 R A , S Pandora's Box Duncan Bremner

8 En nonrg‘r-oaseo \‘.l'fI(?." A :ce Thompson Has a tray mt." taaroeo A year after grand“??? from 0 X percent'oe Her aunaro-v.rnmng debut novel, Just/rte, as set in a E0 “DU‘QVP COI‘QQG OT A“! en‘cl, rmgntmansn onct partly rest) rec: Dy t'ne ltlargtsrs oe Sao’e. Nov. GlaSQQ-VDOM Dbl‘ml“ 8“?”‘l‘el 5 w W ll‘O'Y‘DSOtt \.'.v‘.ose previous Jobs rnc'we keyboard player urrth The (“way a 5m“ "g lgm 0"" the ' \‘~.’oooen:ops ar‘tt eclrtor of The L/st puonsnes her secoro novel a EG'PDJ’Q" (“BX-(“"0 8"?”‘r‘0r (l!SI;.t'l)it‘.(_), na‘ ac :natory azltotltrnmt ‘.‘.'!t05(.‘ characters tame the r Cl'r’le'lty 599"“ “NM” Of 551’“? names ‘rovr‘ the Bible and UK? great rnyths Be careful hot: you open rt '1'1‘1/"9 to “01“” l 9“t 0'" mm 0’ ‘.'.l1()K'TO‘.'.S‘.‘.t‘dIyOtfll onleasl‘ O" I”? (OWDL‘IQ' “’99”, H 5 Pandora’s Box /_s pub/rsned by L/tt/e, Bro.'/n on Thu 7 7 jun, at [7299. Gem“ 5010 Sm“ Ugh" Pro/“I’On-S To be renew/ed next rssue. “35 NS" ODG'WO, "C‘alhll'lg “940W

nsprreo ny ’trxe crty at mght, ano nox'; i.grwt and colour affect our perceptron of oeaaty' o a:ong ano oe oa/z‘eo Pnotograpnrc .vork b/ Duncan Bremner rs on cusp/a; at C/bena,

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for anotner sngng, crar‘car‘g supergrot..p LCD are the '.'.'annahes armrng for the charts tl‘ therr st.rnrr‘ery debut, ’Zor'oa's Dance', an ClCCI'OmC versror‘ o‘ the Greek classm What sets LCD apart rs tl‘ey're no' real Dolmecl ’t'ne xxorlcr's first ever rtuai bartcl', Nee, Teo, Eu c "1d Zecl exrst Oniy n the realm of monrtors, modems and megabytes. 'Zorha's Dance’ :s released as an ennaececl CD srngle, feat/reg a (Ol‘“0;l19F-dl’ll(“cited nucleo n nanrct‘ the ‘aoncatecl four moor) e t'terr (llgrta' (Lapr‘ragnts IO {"9 acceleratrng beat, Naturally tney nave tl‘e‘r o\.'.'r‘ \.'.e'osrte,' the we dates may oe a nlie conxr‘g. ’Zorba's Dance’ is re/eased by l/rrg/n on Mon 75 jun, LCD’s .vebs/te can be found on nttp.//c3. vrng. co uK//c cl/