Dates listed below are for one-off and ticketed shows: see separate section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten da 5 before publication. Folk 8: World istings compiled by Norman Chalmers.



I Sean Tyrell Nee. l);t\\ ll l'itlis t‘tuh. Queen‘s ('lub. Queen Street. 22| 6.18 l. 8.30pm. £3 £5. .\ huge!) .tdiiiiied liisli talent: perloiining songs i'ieshl} minted Hi centuries old. the (ial‘was b tsed man is one oi the leading singers oi) the contemporary loll». scene

I The Blues Poets Scotia Hat Stockwell Street. 552 868i. ‘)pm. Free.


I Dance Riverside ('ltil). l't)\ Street. 248 .H44. Doors open 7 itlpm. £5. l.ive bands.

I Ceilidh Dance The l't'll_\'. ('|_\de l’lace. 0pm. £5. Tickets at the \ enue or in advance iron) the Ticket ('entte. ('aitdleriggs. 227 55| l.



I Arte Flamenco andlatid Parish Church. ll}‘iltll;llltl Road. 357 3868. 7.30pm. £|0.50 (£9.50) l‘ioin 'l'ickellink on 287 55 l l. With star dancers .luaiiita Jimenez and Felipe de .-\|geeiras. Port of I/lt’ lli'.\'l Ifm/ I'At'xllil‘tll.

I Deep End Festival Club Church Street. ol'l~ Hvies Road. 8pm. £6 li'oin

'l‘icketliiik on 287 55| l. Regular hosts Salsa (‘eltica present a llll\ of Latin. tolls. blues and ja/l in the hunter swimming pool. now one of ('jlasgow‘s coolest clubs. I’urt oft/1e Hm [2711/ l'in/Hll.

I The Broads Scotia liar. Stockw ell Street. 552 868i. i30pm. Free. l’olished acoustic roots and song.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside ('liib. l'o\ Street. 248 3 I44, l)oois open 7.30pm. £5. l.i\c' littlitls.


I Sean Tyrell Tron Folk Club. Tron (‘eilidh House. Hunter Square. 226 0931. ‘lpm, £4 i£3) Matestic singer iron) the West or li'eland. See l'hu II.

I Avalon St Brides ('eiiti'e. ()iw ell Terrace. l)oois open 8pm. hand on stage 9pm. Free. .'\ new line—tip ol‘ the \eteran folk/rock hand launch Set um/ Sig/ti. their new album. which is on sale at the gig.

I El Cometa's 10 Liz/aid Lounge. (‘ai'e (ii‘alliti. Mansfield ('huich. liast |.ondoii Street. 9.30pm 2am. Band on stage ll.5()plli. Tickets £7 t£6). lilliil'lilitllolii 550 37 I6. l.ive Latin iii/I esti'avagati/a and resident D].

I CGilidh Dance Teviot Holise. Hi'islt) Square. 9pm. £6. Information and tickets: 650 562‘). The Porridge Men pla} loi' \\'lii//.-Kid/ ('liarit)’.

I Ceilidh Dance (,‘aledonian Brewer}; Slatelord Road. 44‘) 54 I4. |)oois open 7pm. £6.


I Arte Flamenco (‘oin'ei ’i'lieaue. Hyndlatid Street. 7.30pm. £|0.50 t £9.50) li'olii 287 5ST l. See Sat l5. I’itrl (if the lies! lim/ l'ieilii'ul.

I Deep End Festival Club (‘huieh Street. ol‘l' livi‘es Road. 8pm. £6 l'rom 287 55 l l. See Sat I3. I’url o/ I/lt’ lli'xl li/it/ l‘Y'U/l'tl/


Uast P


The Hebridean Celtic Festive‘. Stornowag, 15-18 dqu' 98

This year's festival offers a feast of talent with late night supershows, early evening concerts, fringe events,workshops, buzzing sessions and the Festival Club, all set against the rich

backdrop of the Gaelic culture and the unspoilt beauty of the islands themselves. This year's line-up includes:

3 m; He div

LlanSJgaflJon Shannon at:


To order your programme: Phone: 07001 878787 or write to: PO Box 9909, Stornoway, isle of Lewis, H32 ODH e-mail: web site: http:I/|tfest



58 THE llST 11-28 Jun t998


I The Woolpackers l'diiil‘iiigh l’la_\house. .\'icoisoii Street 8pm £lll.5ll/£l2.5lllioiii 55“ (‘ountt’s/iock and liiie dance \l.:l\

I Songs and Ballads lite-'1'.tss.tttgit Street. 2 .5pm i'iee S;:tg::ig session '11 the alleitiooii. llislltllllt‘!!l.'.l music into the exeniiig


I Tartan Tent (ilasL'im (iit'eti limits opeii lpm. 'l he \\'oi’ld ('up on the big scieens. and lattii music liom ten stiong Salsa (‘cltica at ipm and 6 illi‘ll! l).is ilc'lsc'ls £55” liotii “87H 2-1“ 2‘)”.



I N893 M85 Kilil‘lx l’.ii.icc, liiilaitit (iatdeiis 7 illpm Ls liadittoiia! .md cotiteiiipoi.i:} music on the non g'anielaii. (ilasgow ‘s .l.i\.tnese peicussioii Ul\ hestia I’ll/7 I” l/It‘ \i' l./.'t/ /r \.'."..'.'./

I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops ls'iiinitig l’aik (‘oiiiplt-s. ( 'oinwall Stieet. Kinmng Park 7 *0 ‘) 10pm £4 tl_l.5ll). i-inal \soikshop beloie the summei holidass on Scots and (‘ape Hieton liddle st_\les. lot beginneis. iiitetiiiediate and advanced plaseis. Young beginneis classes commence eailiei in the exciting Inl'oiiiiation 77900-17 '\lsi) (kli‘h Hi’etoii Step Dance class. 6 7. l 5pm. L i. Itil'oi'itiatioti' 946 MS”.

I Fly Agaric Scolia Hat. Stocl.\\ell Siteel. 552 868i. ‘lpiii l‘iee


I Kavana, McNeill, Lynch and Lupari liditihutgh l-olk (’ltib. l’leasaiice 'I‘heaiie ('abaiet Hat. The l’leasanee 8pm. £6/£5 i£‘\). .\'e\\ giouptiig o: lamotts llTTTsSTt‘IS llltlisk'\ Ils Sc'tilllslt tlt'l‘lll \iicalisls all. the) also handle iiillean pipes. liddle. guitars. bou/oukt. \\lll\lli‘ and coiicei'tiiia SL‘L' i‘lt‘\tt'\\.



I Isaac Guillory .‘s'ew I).m n l'olk (tub. Queen's ('lub. (‘ltlt‘t‘li Sheet. 22 I 6 :8| 850p”). £i £5 .-\ sttpeib gtittaiist and no slouch as a siiigei. the ('tihaii hoiii liotibadoi is a welcome and ieL'tilai

I The Blues Poets seam Hat.

Stockv. ell Street. 552 .\6.\l "i‘tll lice.




I Deep End Festival Club (hotel) St. oil Hires Road .‘si‘m £6 lion) 2%" See Sat Ii I'm: .r.’ Ni: ii. \.’ /.it./ It until I Ceilidh Dance ls’i\e:stde( lab, l‘i)\ Silt't'l. 2-13 il-l‘l limits “PC” 7 l.i\L‘ l‘;llltls

I Ceilidh Dance the lens. (tote Place. 552 0588 “pm £5 Tickets at the name oi in .id\.iiiee iiom the licht'l

(‘eiilie. ('aiidlei iggs. __


illi‘lli £5


Secondhand wonderlandi

Acoustic 8; electric guitars. buses, emps I PA

Vintage a rare specialists All used items tested

0. guerenteed

Spam, repairs. set-up: a renovation:

We buy used equipment Open 10.00-5.30 6 day:


1 556 9956

()‘Hl. ‘ipm. £4 (£3). Join in the


(‘ai'mx'al music lll Kelvin Way liom 4pm.


' I Ceilidh Dance Assembly Rooms.

(ieoige Street. 220 434‘). 8.30pm. £8 l t£5 ). \ltisic liom the Robert Fish Band. i



I The Longest Day Kel\ ingiove Path. 2 l0pm. Free. All—day music. See lt'illtll’t‘ l’ur/ of I/ic' West [17“! /‘('.\lll‘il/.

I French Proms Kibble l’alace. Hoiatiic (iardens. 2 5pm. Free. ('lassical. lolk and a variety of music in the .-\ll|;tiic‘t‘ Francaise's Fete de la Musique /’ur/ n] [he rim lilit/ It'd/till.

I Dougie MacLean Hute Hall. l'iii‘.ei‘sits ol‘(i|asgow 8pm, £l3 li‘om 287 55| l. Scotland's lti\i)tli'ilt' songsmith, /’.n/ or [he ii'ml lim/

/'t \H‘.'(i/.

I Deep End Festival Club (‘lim-eit Stieet. oll Hires" Road. 8pm. £6 l'rom 28‘7 5.5 l 1. See Sat l5. I’d/i u/ the Wm! Iii/Ill lest/nt/

I Dream Harder Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 552 868i. 3.5llpiii. l'TL‘C.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside Club. Fos Stieet. 248 H44. l)oois open 7.30pm. £5. l.i\e hands.

Edinburgh I Palaver Troll Folk Club. Tron ('eilidh House. Hunter Square. 226

choitises with the accomplished vocal l'emale llli't'c‘stilllc', who tonight eoiieentiate on traditional Scots songs. I Ceilidh Dance (’aledonian Brewery. Slitlt'ltiltl Road. 44‘) 54 I4. Doors olien 7pm. £6.

Glasgow I Midsummer Carnival Parade starts t'i'om Botanic Gardens about 3pm.

Samba bands. steel bands. costumes. eta/mess. lnl'ormation about joining in as a pet loi mei' oil 946 8 I8 I. I’urt of I/lc’ lleil I'f/tt/ / (WI/rill.

I Deep End Festival Club (‘hurch Street. ol'l' lines Road. 8pm. £6 l't'om 287 55 I l. See Sat 1 ‘s. I’m-i u] l/lt' lies/15ml li'U/ltll.

Edinburgh 3 I Fete De La Musique A Feast Of Music ltistittit Francais tl'l'lc'tisst‘. l3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366 aiid l-iiiitmaiket (itillt‘l'). 2‘) Market Street. 225 2‘8"» Noon 5pm l‘i'lliliilttl'kc‘ll

6pm midnight liistitiit Francais. Free, Music bonaii/a ranging i'i'oin .-\liicaii. tlamenco and classical through iota/I. .iiid teggae.

I None Of The Above Hottgo ('Iub. .\e\s Stieet. 558 7604. 8.30pm -inidnight. £6 t £4 i. :\n alchemy oi iiew acoustic sounds l'ioiii India. (‘hile and even linglaiid. I Songs and Ballads TllL‘ Tass. High Stieet 2 5pm l'iee. Singing session in

the .tlteiiiooii. iitstiiiiiieiital music itito the



I New Scottish Music (illiililc‘ss Room. RSAMI). Renlrew Street.

‘stipm. l'l‘t‘c'. Iiil'ormation: $32 4l0l. ('onceit b} students on the BA ; tScottish .\iiisic) course. l'eaturing iecentls composed music in the tiaditioiial idiom. including students' 5 i)\\ ll L‘tiillpiisllltiiTS.

I The Dockers Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 552 868 l. 9pm. Free.


I Did Blind Dogs iidinburgh Folk Club. l’leasatice Theatre (’abaret Bar. The l’leasance. 8pm. £6/£5 t£3). ()ne of the most popular Scots lolk hands. strong on instrumentals. with i'iddle. pipes. sax and stiiiigs. and convincing vocalist Ian Hen/ie.