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ROYAL LYCEL'M THEATRE COMPANY Life is a Dream .S'pnnsm'r'd by Standard LU?)

i/umrlay 1/ Saturday .H/ /.‘.llff'l'.i

CHAMBER ORCl-IESTRA OF EUROPE Sibelius I’aavo Berglund Conductor

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Monday 1/ Ith/ .11 /\ll?{ll'ii

PACIFIC NORTHWEST BALLET A Midsummer Night's Dream Spunsurvrl by Bank Ig/‘Sr‘ullund IIllll'JIdV .m ~ ‘mlliirlay .1.) {unplul DUTCH NATIONAL BALLET

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ORCHESTRA OF THE 18TH CENTURY Frans Briiggen Conductor Beethoven Symphony No 3 ‘Eroica' Sponsored by .\'E(

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Get ready for three whole weeks of and opera, including Sibelius symphonies

electrifying, exhilarating and exhausting from the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, and a performances at the Edinburgh International chance to hear the Czech Philharmonic Festival. Orchestra, as well as performances of

You can enjoy dazzling drama with Smetana’s wonderful opera Daiibor. Calderén’s Life is a Dream - a tragic tale of a Had enough yet? If not, call the Box father and son, king and prince, prisoner and Office on 0131 473 2000 for a full brochure gaoler from the Spanish golden age. Sex and and to book tickets. You'll soon find out just

jealousy. liberty and fraternity, fidelity and how much yourbrain can take.

ambition are all explored in The Robbers by /‘:':3 Schiller. You can also enjoy Eugene O’Neill’s jj: I 34’T://,:i \g i l i x More Stately Mansions, a new play from l.‘ / a j l.L‘§“‘//// \ FM ii ‘7 "i4 , “1/ J19 German playwright Botho Strauss, \\ l l//‘ p M -// , \ , jl / . /7/‘\ / J Racine’s Phedre and Camus’ Caligula. \ ’”"" //‘ l ,/ / ____ fix . "1/ /' /'—fi\‘\\~l The Nederlands Dans Theater II and j , /. / /‘ Eff i;/ .Ll//' fi‘ ‘K \\

III, together with Dutch National Ballet one K K

. . ‘\‘\‘\.\ "'7» .:T_A mayfiy of Europe’s top classrcal ballet companies, -

will be presenting three programmes of work


by Hans van Manen, one of this century’s most exciting choreographers, while Pacific

Northwest Ballet presents Balanchine’s

magical A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We

also have an enormous programme of music

Edinburgh International Festival, 21 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 18W. Registered Charity No. 5C004694.